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Meet The Eight People Who Are Ruining Chris Christie’s Week



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Defining the Worst Type of Street Design – Part street, part road, ‘stroads’ are unsafe, ugly, and bad for local economies.

‘Great Society’ agenda led to a great philosophical divide –  Fifty years later, the battle continues over whether government programs have helped or hurt the poor.

Distressed Cities and the Lessons of California – A new study finds reasons for optimism for municipal finances. But California is the outlier.

The Deliberations of War – In his fascinating new memoir “Duty,” former Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates provides highly revealing insights about decision making in both the Obama and Bush White Houses.

Newspaper to Put All Reporters Through Social Media Boot Camp – Audrey Cooper, the first female managing editor in the paper’s 148-year history, will require all staff to enter what is being described as a startup-style incubator. In a plush off-site office procured from the paper’s Food and Wine section, journalists will undergo two months of rigorous training — in effect, a digital and social media boot camp.

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U.S. Cities Haven’t Given Up on Selling Naming Rights for Transit Stations – Despite only a handful successful deals nationwide, Boston is trying again.

How Mass Transit Helps Convey the Future in ‘Her’ – The film may be set in L.A., but cars take a back seat.

Utah’s marriage purgatory – The state’s same-sex newlyweds should keep their status.

New fault maps show higher quake risks in Hollywood – Newly released data on the location of the active Hollywood fault will lead to curbs on development in the rapidly growing area.

Satan Statue at the Oklahoma State Capitol? The building already has a statue of the Ten Commandments, so a satanic group says it should get space, too.



In Annual Speech, Vermont Governor Shifts Focus to Drug Abuse – Gov. Peter Shumlin devoted his entire State of the State speech to Vermont’s “full-blown heroin crisis.”

2 Parties Place Political Focus on Inequality – As Republicans and Democrats offer different prescriptions, income inequality is taking on unanticipated prominence at the beginning of a midterm election year.

Meticulously Crafted Image of Christie Is Imperiled – Embarrassing revelations suggest that the same elbows-out approach that Gov. Chris Christie’s administration brought to policy battles at the New Jersey State House may have been deployed for a much less noble end.

L.A. is facing a grim tomorrow, panel says – Los Angeles is a city facing economic decline, weighed down by poverty, strangled by traffic and suffering from a crisis of leadership

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Youthification. It’s a Word Now– I recently had someone ask me, “What if your consumers aren’t on social media?” My knee-jerk reaction was “Then you shouldn’t be there,” but what’s more likely is that you’re just wrong.

Tech Attire, More Beta Than Chic – Internet-connected watches and glasses, many of them less than fashionable, face hurdles to winning over consumers.

Borrowers Hit Social-Media Hurdles – Lending companies are mining Facebook, Twitter and other social media to help determine a borrower’s creditworthiness or identity, a trend that is raising concerns among consumer groups and regulators.

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01.08.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Trebek Raps Remix)

How Spelling Mistakes and Bad E-mail Etiquette Can Help You Get Ahead – Imagine that you’re the 22-year-old co-founder of a small but growing tech start-up. 

Why Groups and Prejudices Form So Easily: Social Identity Theory – This classic social psychology experiment shows how little excuse people need to form into groups and start discriminating against others.

7 Productivity Hacks That Successful People Use Every Day– If you feel like you’re consistently finding there’s more ‘work’ than there is ‘day’, you’re not alone.

When It’s O.K. To Love Someone at the Office – Small acts of kindness and compassion in the office, like offering to cover for a co-worker during a doctor’s appointment, can lead to less worker absenteeism and increased employee satisfaction:

Google launches private ferry service for workers – Add another item to Google’s (GOOG) long list of employee perks: ferry service. The Internet company has launched a free service aboard an 83-foot, Wi-Fi-equipped catamaran to carry some of its workers on their daily commute

Tech women are busy building their own networks – While women in tech find themselves outnumbered, they’ve responded by becoming highly organized.



Hillsboro City Manager Michael Brown’s 3-year contract good for continuity, council president says – Brown also received a 3 percent raise to his base salary, making his annual pay $173, 213. Additionally, Brown is entitled to a minimum 2.5 percent cost of living adjustment, which amounts to $4,330 annually.

City Council approves reforms to strengthen police oversight – Portland’s City Council Wednesday afternoon voted 4-0 to approve the city auditor’s package of proposed reforms intended to strengthen oversight of the city’s police.

Tigard leaders brace for 2014 projects – But upgrading Main Street is far from the only thing City Hall is working on this year, said Liz Newton, Tigard’s assistant city manager. There are several projects in various stages of development, such as the city’s water partnership with Lake Oswego, which is currently being constructed in West Linn.

Staffers become students at city hall – New Lake Oswego University program begins Lake Oswego city staffers are hitting the books this week in a college-style course that will continue for the next two years.

Should Lake Oswego, other suburbs leave TriMet? With TriMet seemingly speeding toward a financial crash, Lake Oswego, Tigard and other “satellite cities” in the transit system should consider jumping off as soon as possible, according to a new Cascade Policy Institutereport.



Boeing got the vote it wanted, but at what cost? Boeing’s stingy treatment of its highly skilled workforce offers a vivid example of how America’s new economy has created gaping economic inequalities and steadily squeezed the economic life out of the U.S. middle class

Clark County may ban pot until feds legalize it– County commissioners say they want to follow Pierce County’s lead on handling marijuana

County anticipating a budget without service cuts in 2014-15 – Lane County leaders may be able to maintain a “status quo” general fund budget with few or no cuts.

Eugene seeks solutions, mayor says – The city acts to solve problems that the federal government won’t, Kitty Piercy proclaims

Friends of Civic thrown out – The school board narrows its collection of stadium proposals to three: The city, the Y and Fred Meyer

Tax increase doesn’t curb smokers’ habit – On Jan. 1, the tax on a pack of cigarettes increased by 13 cents in Oregon, which puts the state almost in the middle of the nation in terms of its tobacco tax.

New Mayor in Seattle to Overhaul Police Dept. – Two days after his inauguration, Mayor Ed Murray announced a plan that includes a new interim police chief, a nationwide search for a permanent chief and community outreach to parts of the city where trust has eroded.

City Council recommends nonpartisan commission positions – Change would require an amendment to the Jackson County charter

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Little bookstores making big impact – The former bargain book buyer for Borders now owns the thriving Bookbound, a 2,000-square-foot independent bookstore in Ann Arbor, which is exactly the kind of business the former retail giant devoured before it went bankrupt and closed in 2011.

Minnesota’s Puritan side: We still have ‘blue laws’ — but for how long? For much of the 20th century, it was illegal for a majority of Minnesotans to work on Sunday. Loud noises, horse racing and most buying and trading was banned that day, with the exception of the sale of newspapers, drugs and fruit. Even those activities had to be done in a quiet, orderly manner.

Towns grow without Borders – Borders’ exit from Oak Brook kicked off a flight of businesses from a shopping center in a high-traffic area, Kallien said. That left a 140,000-square-foot retail space more than two-thirds empty, he said.

Michigan to investigate response to power outages in December ice storm – Michigan regulators will investigate the way two major utilities handled a December ice storm that knocked out power for up to a week for 661,000 customers across the state

Did Detroit get another crazy council? Few things have amused me over the years more than the antics of the Detroit City Council.

What Should Be: A Downtown Crestwood – How do you know you’re in Crestwood?  For several decades you knew because of Crestwood Mall. As the TIF retail sprawl ball keeps on bouncing farther out, older communities must confront what to do with their dead malls and empty big boxes. Crestwood is facing this dilemma. It has wisely rejected a gamble on a heavily subsidized silver-bullet game-changingredevelopment of the mall site.

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