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Tim Tebow Predicted Florida State To Win 35-31

Transaction Wire

Salem area real estate broker Bruce Cuff enters Republican race for governor

Sarasota city manager may get special job evaluation

Deputy retires after 32 years

Sheriff Baca to retire, sources say

Visalia to consider filling deputy city manager’s job

PSU appoints new deans to College of Urban and Public Affairs, School of Social Work

A.C. Gonzalez, Obvious Shoe-in for City Manager, Now Possible Shoe-out

Transitions: Towns welcome new leaders

Portland Commissioner Nick Fish files for re-election


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Have We Reached Peak Road? Paved mileage seems to have leveled off between 2008 and 2011. Full

Should Planners Encourage Diverse Neighborhoods? In an opinion piece for the Vancouver Sun, a trio of academics argue that, contrary to popular belief, socially mixed neighborhoods can be damaging to the supposed beneficiaries: low-income groups

America’s Next Great City Is Inside L.A. – For decades, Downtown has been the dark center of L.A.: a wasteland of half-empty office buildings and fully empty streets. But amid the glittering towers and crumbly Art Deco facades, a new generation of adventurous chefs, bartenders, loft dwellers, artists, and developers are creating a neighborhood as electrifying and gritty as New York in the ’70s. Brett Martin navigates his way through the coolest new downtown in America

Halt to Gay Marriage Leaves Utah Couples in Limbo – With Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage reinstated for now, many wondered whether their window to marry had closed.

“I’m Firing You! And Telling the World Your Sins—on Twitter!” – This powerful Dallas police chief has an unusual and very public way of disciplining wayward employees

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BCS National Championship - Florida State v Auburn

Income gap takes shape as a focus ahead of midterms – As Democrats plan to put a focus on economic inequality, the GOP faces pressure to show it can help the poor.

For Cheney, Realities of a Race Outweighed Family Edge – Abruptly ending her challenge in Wyoming’s Republican Senate primary, Liz Cheney, the elder daughter of the former vice president, cited “serious health issues” in her family.

High-Speed Train in California Is Caught in a Political Storm – A high-speed rail line from Los Angeles to San Francisco, which Gov. Jerry Brown has made a personal crusade, is reeling from a court ruling on its financing and from slipping public support.

Should Cities Ditch Their Mayoral Mansions? This outdated tradition may cause new mayors more headaches than its worth.



New Pittsburgh government set to launch as Peduto has laid out some lofty goals – On Saturday, incoming Mayor Bill Peduto began his move into the mayoral wing on the fifth floor of the City-County Building in advance of today’s inauguration, when he will officially take the reins of city government.

Cheney campaign: The final hours – Two days before Christmas, Liz Cheney’s campaign assembled for a full-team conference call. As the members of Cheney’s close-knit political circle checked in, the feedback about the state of her primary challenge to Sen. Mike Enzi was upbeat and the takeaway message was clear: full speed ahead. The candidate joined the line a little late, but nothing else seemed unusual.

Internal GOP battle looms large in Virginia race to replace Rep. Wolf – The possible race between Barbara Comstock and Richard Black may draw notice beyond the 10th District.

Clash of Priorities Sets Up Showdown on Pre-K Push – Mayor Bill de Blasio wants the state to approve a tax on the rich, but Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo wants to cut taxes.


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Why I Was Wrong About Twitter – One year ago, I sat down with my publisher for a conversation that I was dreading. I had finished writing my first book, and it was time to discuss my (nonexistent) presence on social media.

Three Food Companies That Might Want to Rethink Their Social-Media Strategies – If you thought SpaghettiOs’ sudden bout of extreme patriotism last month was the last word in misplaced corporate Twitter sentiment, you clearly haven’t been eating enough riblets.

Social Media: The Job-Seeker’s Real-Time Resume – 94% of hiring managers use social media in their recruiting efforts and 78% hired a candidate through social media

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Job Postings: 01.02.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Church Sign Remix)

The Best Career Advice I’ve Heard: Just Don’t Be an Idiot – Early in my career, someone told me that “not being an idiot is a sustainable competitive advantage.” Unbelievably, it’s the truth.

A Female CEO at GM: Sign of Progress or Just a Blip? Mary Barra takes the reins at General Motors this month. Is her ascension a part of a larger change for women in traditionally male-dominated industries? Yes and no.

How To Get The References You Need To Land The Job You  – What others say about you is often far more important than what you say about yourself–and that’s especially true for job seekers. Here’s how to get the references you need to land the job you want.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Working Parents – On December 31, 2012, I nursed my two-week old son and made a single resolution: Survive the first year of parenthood. And now, just over one year later, I’m proud to say that, perhaps for the first time in my life, I stuck to my new year’s resolution.

In Jobless Youth, U.S. Is Said to Pay High Price – Unemployment among young adults takes a toll in missing tax payments and increased expenditures, a study finds.

Teaching gratefulness – Even in our fast moving, high-tech world, thank-you notes are still welcomed by gift-givers of all ages.



City Declares Labor Impasse with 1,600 Workers – The City of Portland today declared an impasse with a coalition of seven labor unions, signaling negotiations over a new contract have broken

Beaverton City Council to hold hearing on fee increases, elect new council president – Proposed increases to the city’s water system development charges, which were postponed by city leaders in 2009 due to harsh economic conditions, will come before the council again.

Marijuana festival: Hempstalk denied Waterfront Park permit by Portland parks for ‘demonstrated inability’ to control crowds – The Bureau of Parks & Recreation denied a permit request for the two-day festival, scheduled to be held at Portland’s Tom McCall Waterfront Park in September, in a scathing letter sent to event organizers last month.



Murray talks innovation; Sawant raises defiant fist – Mayor Ed Murray and City Councilmember Kshama Sawant were sworn into office before a packed and cheering crowd at Seattle City Hall Monday afternoon.

No snow in C.O. is good news for some – Dry roads are leaving snow plows behind garage doors at public works departments across Central Oregon. But the crews aren’t just sitting around waiting for snow.

Bend Airport planning to expand copter area – City council set to vote on study funds

Few cite PTSD for marijuana – Despite some lawmakers’ fears of widespread abuse, less than 100 people have applied for medical marijuana cards citing post traumatic stress disorder as the reason.

County had its ups and downs – In his “State” speech, Chairman Sid Leiken says a public safety plan will be on the coming year’s agenda

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State sitting on more than $35 million surplus from economic development funds – It’s not a huge amount in the context of the $70 billion biennial budget, but it’s not peanuts, especially given that last fall, Republicans championed a property tax cut costing $100 million over two years.

OUR OPINION: City manager hiring process should be inclusive, open – The city needn’t rank first among comparably sized Midwest cities on pay for the manager, but it must be competitive. Also, the salary Sioux City offers must be reflective of the candidate’s experience and accomplishments and include consideration of the candidate’s current pay.

Detroit Pensions Are Frozen, Then Thawed – The city’s emergency manager issued the order on Dec. 30, but it was not released to news organizations or posted on Detroit’s website.

Chicago Gun Ordinance Ruled Unconstitutional – A federal judge ruled part of Chicago’s gun ordinance unconstitutional on Monday, stating it illegal to have a blanket prohibition on gun stores operating in the city. According to The Chicago Tribune, “U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang found that the city failed to convince him that banning the sale of guns by licensed dealers was necessary to reduce gun violence.”

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