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McDonald’s shuts down employee advice website


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“ELGL is this really cool group of “young ones” that are our profession’s future, as a profession and as an association, in my opinion.” says Bonnie Svrcek, ICMA Past President and Lynchburg Deputy City Manager

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Transaction Wire

City commission selects candidate ‘C’ as new city manager

Two Lake Oswego lawyers seek Oregon House seat: Oregon politics today

After 15 years, Capt. Dan Atkisson calls it a career

Town, city workers’ earnings rise, records show

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Land Crunch Hits Builders in ‘Brady Bunch’ Country – Faced with a dearth of developable land, home builders across Southern California are dispensing with the single-family homes that have defined the region’s development for half a century

In Blue-Collar Toledo, Ohio, a Windfall of Chinese Investments – The location of Toledo and its low housing costs have helped lure Chinese investment. Toledo is hardly the only United States city pursuing investors from China, but the Chinese have noticed its location, housing stock and space.

For ESPN, Millions to Remain in Connecticut – Critics of tax incentives to ESPN say the money would be better spent on smaller companies in greater need.

Our Favorite Maps of 2013 – These impressed us for both what they illustrated and how they did it. Full article »

In a Noisy Brooklyn Park, the Best New Feature May Be a Wall – Combating the legacy of Robert Moses requires creative solutions.

50 Nifty

Fast Food Protests Arizona

Atlanta Makes a (Modest) Push for Transit Regionalism – But one website for all riders in the metro area is only a start.

Can a City Really ‘End’ Homelessness? Phoenix says it has among veterans. Next it’s aiming for the broader homeless population.

2 States May Seek Refunds From Health Site Creator – Vermont and Massachusetts, frustrated by problems with their online exchanges, are considering withholding

New York Soon to Trail Florida in Population – In the Census Bureau’s latest estimates, Florida and New York will likely be separated by just a few thousand.

L.A. County steps up effort to catch farmers market frauds – Produce inspectors check fruit and vegetables to make sure they are grown by the seller. Violators can be fined or suspended.

Mending the split: An elevated park to unite both sides of the Anacostia – Neighborhoods are weighing in on an idea that could offer art, a playground and more.



How Michael Bloomberg Became The Most Influential Mayor Of The Century (So Far) – The billionaire’s personal fortune (ranked 10th in the nation byFortune) allowed him to bankroll his three runs for New York City mayor, freeing him to hire people he believed were the best and the brightest, rather than friends of donors.

Raise the gas tax – An increase can pave the way for better roads and transportation infrastructure.

N.Y.C.’s strange political brawl over carriage horses – The fight centers on whether to ban the carriages out of concern for the horses’ welfare. But it has the trappings of a good old-fashioned political brawl: a well-funded network of activists, a powerful union, ambitious mayoral candidates and prime Manhattan real estate.

Lawmakers Cite Progress on Budget as Deadline Nears – The $1 trillion spending bill would give once mighty appropriations panels a chance to reassert control over federal spending.

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7 Tips for Building a Social Media Audience – Self-proclaimed “social media gurus” are a dime a dozen these day

The Meanings of the Selfie – The actor-writer-director James Franco writes about selfies and why Instagram posters and viewers alike are so obsessed with them.

Facebook in 2014: Fighting for Social Supremacy – You’d be hard pressed to find a more popular, yet polarizing, service than Facebook over the last decade. In less than 10 years, Facebook has collected a billion-plus users, hosted a presidential Town Hall, been the topic of a major motion film, and connected people from every corner of the planet. Its global brand recognition may be the best in the tech world, rivaling only Google and Apple, both of which had a substantial head start.

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ELGL Weekly Job Postings12.26.13 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Y’all vs. You Guys Remix)

Five Things LinkedIn Has Forgotten About People – I love LinkedIn as a tool, and I write incessantly about it, but I get frustrated at its social ineptitude.

How To Tell Your Boss “No”–Without Saying “No” – The trick is to push back more diplomatically—getting your point across without actually using the word “no.”

New York City’s Police More Diverse, but Blacks Lag – Critics charge that police behavior in minority neighborhoods has hindered efforts to attract black officers, and has sowed broader resentment of the police.



Light rail station, urban transition among goals in Forest Grove Comprehensive  – Forest Grove Planning Commission chair Tom Beck said the city should lay out the goal for a light rail station in its 20-year plan

New Money – Is bitcoin the currency of the future? Some Portlanders think so

Growing pains in a city aspiring to be fair: Editorial – Fairness also isn’t free. Portland’s planners now project that the city could add 132,000 housing units over the next 20 years, most of it in the form of multifamily housing – forget the rambling house and yard with kids running around. But where will these units go? Whose tree-lined streets with fenced-in yards will, if not offset by amenities such as nearby parks and flourishing commerce, be overwhelmed by densely packed multifamily housing?



Cover Oregon Yanks “Long Live Oregonians” Ad Campaign – That was short-lived, Oregonians.

Ex-DEA agent talks about budding new career in pot – Patrick Moen used to make his living fighting drug crimes. Now he’s working for a marijuana-related business in Seattle.

Everett has advantage in race for Boeing site – The skills of Boeing’s Washington workforce salvaged the 787 Dreamliner program when other less-experienced locations let Boeing down. The state has passed tax incentives for Boeing that no other can match.

Neighbors seek ban of big rigs on 39th Street – More than a year has passed since Greg Martin and a few of his neighbors in west Vancouver’s Lincoln neighborhood started distributing signs reading, “No semis on 39th!”

Donations pour in for Little Free Libraries – Book donations have poured into Salem’s Little Free Libraries after two sites lost nearly their entire collections earlier this month.

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Why China is stepping up its presence in Detroit auto industry – Detroit auto know-how, as well as the city’s cheap real estate, is a draw to Chinese investment. The amount is relatively modest, and Chinese companies aren’t talking yet about making cars here. But that could change.

Biking’s growth raises temptation to tax — Early blasts of snow, ice and below-­zero temperatures haven’t stopped a surprising number of Chicago cyclists from spinning through the slush this winter, thanks in part to a city so serious about accommodating them that it deploys mini-snowplows to clear bike lanes.

Rams seek tax refund, say they overcharged fans – Rams attorneys have filed a tax appeal with the state alleging the team collected a few dimes too many per ticket. They’re asking for a refund of about $400,000 — despite the fact that the team can’t return the money to ticket buyers.

Retiring Cleveland Heights Mayor Ed Kelley looks back over 16 years at the city’s helm – The 56-year-old Kelley is a lifelong Cleveland Heights resident. His father, the late Ed Sr., was a fireman, and his brother, the late Michael Kelley, was an attorney, perhaps best known for his asbestos litigation. The Cleveland Heights mayor currently works as director of administration at Kelley and Ferraro, the Cleveland law firm started by his brother.

The Cleveland Public Library Found a Lost First Edition Copy of ‘A Christmas Carol’ – It’s one of only 6,000 copies printed.

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