13 from 13: Top ELGL Original Content from 2013


We have used our solar powered T-81 calculator to sort out the top 13 stories from the past year. Based on more than 120,000 web views, here are the top stories…..


  1. The Rest of the Story on the Hillsboro Police Recruitment Video

  2. The Rest of the Story on the Whitehorse Council Meeting Ad with Chris McNutt

  3. MI: Clay Pearson, City of Novi, City Manager

  4. California: Brian Angus, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission, Chief Executive Officer

  5. Rest of the Story with Mike Maciag, Millennials Face Hurdles Breaking into Public Sector

  6. Defining Sustainability: STAR Communities

  7. Communication Breakdown: What the Media Thinks About Local Government

  8. WA/UT: Jon Amundson, City of Richland, WA and City of Orem, UT

  9. IL: Randy Recklaus, Village of Clarendon Hills, Village Manager

  10. Kentucky: Laura Milam Ross, Kentucky League of Cities

  11. The Rest of the Story on the Deschutes County Property Tax Fairy

  12. MO: Jennifer Gray, City of Des Peres, Assistant City Administrator

  13. The Five-O-Nine Experience with Dan Englund


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