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How to track Santa’s big trip with NORAD, Google



2014 Membership Drive – Join or Renew

“ELGL is this really cool group of “young ones” that are our profession’s future, as a profession and as an association, in my opinion.” says Bonnie Svrcek, ICMA Past President and Lynchburg Deputy City Manager


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City of Wilsonville – Organizational Member

Cosgrave Vergeer Kester – Organizational Member

Andrew Kenny, UC Berkeley, Legislative Director, City & Community Affairs

Beth Otto, City of Tigard

Cassandra Ulven, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue

Daniel Hauser, Oregon Department of Agriculture

David Snider, City of Sandy

Gulgun Mersereau, Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP

Julia Hajduk, City of Sherwood

Liz Newton, City of Tigard

Susan Luce, Multnomah County

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Do bigger governments lead to happier people? Notre Dame political scientist Benjamin Radcliff explains the surprisingly large effects government policies have on human happiness.

Snowden says his ‘mission’s already accomplished’ –  The former NSA contractor’s leaks have altered the U.S. government’s relationship with its citizens and the rest of the world. Six months later, he reflects.

Gay Marriages in Utah Can Continue – A federal judge has allowed gay marriage in Utah to continue, denying a request by the state that wanted to stop gay marriages until an appeals process plays out.

When You’re Mayor for 20 Years, All Signs Point to You – Outgoing Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino leaves his successor with a particular problem.

San Francisco Wants You to Fall in Love With Its Sewer System – Why the city is putting toilet-humor ads on public buses, like “Your #2 is my #1” and “No one deals with more crap than I do.”

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Catching Rays in California, and Storing Them – The state mandated utilities to install storage batteries to discharge power around sunset, a reversal of what most had seen as the norm.

Bratton Gives Revolving Door One More Spin – William J. Bratton, New York’s next police commissioner, will resign from three boards to avoid conflicts of interest.

Reverend makes biblical case for immigration overhaul – Because of conservatives’ visceral dislike of Obama, it’s a tough sell, but the Rev. Jim Goodroe speaks out about welcoming the ‘stranger.’



The Year in Rob Ford – Never forget.

He won’t use it. But in symbolic move, Obama signs up for health care. The White House said Obama didn’t need the insurance but wanted to show solidarity with those affected.

Upstart Groups Challenge Rove for Republican Party’s Money – At least a dozen groups are set to back Republican candidates for the Senate, threatening the strategic and financial dominance of Karl Rove and his nonprofit, American Crossroads.

Florida Race for House Sets Stage for 2014 – In a special election for an open House seat, Democrats in one swing district are working for a victory by Alex Sink that analysts say could stoke momentum nationally.

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When You Compose a Tweet, Photos Now Come First – A change to Twitter’s iOS app on Monday automatically surfaces the user’s photo gallery instead of a keyboard when the user begins to compose a tweet. If a user does not want to include a photo, she can tap on the blank text box and the photo gallery will be replaced with the traditional keyboard.

8 ways robots stole our jobs in 2013 -The different ways automation began rendering new classes of jobs obsolete this year.

11 News Sources Using Instagram Video – It’s social media to the rescue, once again. Just as Twitter heralded a brave new world for bite-size storytelling, Instagram Video now challenges digital innovators — and traditional news outlets — to use the platform to its full potential, packing 15-second video segments with vital information and titillating tidbits.

Social Media Mixology: Which Networks to Use Together – Being master of all the networks is a godly feat, but knowing how to use Tumblrto up your Twitter game, for example, takes you to a whole new level. Here are some of the easiest ways to pair your social networks together to grow your audiences and find new content.

Wi-Fi Doesn’t Just Enhance Amtrak — It May Actually Encourage New Riders – But merely providing the service isn’t enough. It needs to work well, too.

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12.20.13 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (#WorstGiftEver Remix)

Why Mark Zuckerberg Gets Away With Hoodies – How is nonconformity interpreted by others? Do we see it as a sign of status?

How Too Much Coffee Could Affect Your Work Performance – While the caffeine in coffee can be a great pick-me-up (especially when you’re tired), could too much caffeine negatively affect your work performance?

The Big Lie of Strategic Planning – All executives know that strategy is important. But almost all also find it scary, because it forces them to confront a future they can only guess at.



What are Washington County’s long-term transportation needs? How should Washington County’s transportation system accommodate growth 50 years from now? Should the planning focus more on light rail and bike lanes rather than widening existing roads? Should a new major road be built?

New TriMet work rules spurred by Oregonian investigation end marathon driving shifts – More than six months after instituting tougher scheduling guidelines, TriMet has eliminated the “doubleback” shifts that once allowed bus drivers to work up to 22 hours in a 24-hour period to stockpile overtime.

Oregon Begins Review Of Damascus’ Fate — A state hearings officer has started reviewing arguments to determine what should happen to a city that has failed to follow Oregon’s land-use laws. 

Water and Sewer Spending Lawsuit Heads to Court in February – The trials of the Portland Water Bureau are headed for a courtroom.



Where should the cuts be made? Eugene’s budget committee wants the public’s help in analyzing proposals for spending reductions

Tacoma to review ‘constitution’ for first time in a decade – Tacoma’s review of its 60-year-old governing document will kick off next month when a 15-member Charter Review Committee convenes for the first time in a decade.

Timber counties aid won’t be cut by sequestration  – The mandatory 5-percent automatic budget cuts, known as sequestration, will not apply to next month’s federal subsidy checks to timber counties.

Parking off-limits for businesses – For 28 years, Jim Lind has used 30-minute parking spaces near his downtown shop to unload polished stones, crystals, beads, jewelry and other merchandise.

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Pouring Cheese on Icy Roads in (Where Else?) Wisconsin – Looking for cheaper, environmentally friendly options, Milwaukee has turned to cheese brine — a salty dairy byproduct to mix with road salt.

Pleasant Ridge confronts leadership overhaul, tight budget – A small and affluent town nestled among some of Metro Detroit’s busiest highways, Pleasant Ridge finds itself reluctantly confronting change.


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