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Nelson Mandela memorial interpreter ‘was a fake’


2014 Membership Drive – Join by December 31

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Stacey Triplett, Metro, Senior Managing Analyst

Lauren Mathiesen, University of Washington Evans School, MPA Student

Amber Mathiesen, Falls City, City Administrator

Garrett Chrostek, Bryant Lovlien & Jarvis, Associate Attorney

Kyler Ludwig, City of Goddard (KS), Assistant to the City Administrator


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10 Unusual Ideas to Fight Crime – These latest research-backed policy proposals may surprise you.

Should National Mall include women’s history museum?  Setbacks in Congress, along with lack of funding and controversies with organizers, have kept the plans on hold for nearly 17 years.

A Neighborhood’s Profound Divide – Dasani, part of New York’s vast and invisible tribe of homeless children, lives in one of the most unequal pockets of the most unequal metropolis in America.

How Los Angeles Erased Hills From Its Urban Core – In Los Angeles, the proposals targeted what business interests and civic leaders saw as an obstacle to the city’s growth. Suburbs like Hollywood and Colegrove boomed on the plains to the city’s northwest, but the hills made these new towns difficult to reach from downtown by streetcar. Because they could not scale the hills’ steep eastern faces, the trolleys circled around the hills, creating bottlenecks on the few routes out of downtown.

New Tech City – How New York became the Silicon Valley of the East.

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Fresno ‘not going bankrupt,’ City Manager Bruce Rudd says – “We’re not going bankrupt,” Rudd told the Rotary Club of Fresno during a luncheon speech at Cornerstone Church’s conference center.

Though Revenue Growth Is Slowing, States See More Budget Stability, Report Finds – Volatility in state budgets is gone, but various factors have caused a drop in tax revenue growth, the National Association of State Budget Officers says.

State Gun Laws Since Newtown – In the year since the massacre, states have passed 109 gun-related bills. Of those, 70 eased restrictions and 39 tightened them.

A beautiful new public transit map shows how New York and New Jersey connect for the Super Bowl – You may have heard that New York is hosting the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014. In point of fact, the game is being played in East Rutherford, New Jersey, at thehome stadium of the confusingly named New York Giants and New York Jets, with the New York City skyline off in the background.

The comeback of Worcester’s downtown – CITIES STRUGGLE when they’re built like doughnuts, with plenty of residents and office workers clustered on the periphery, and hollow space filling the center. This is the problem that CitySquare, Worcester’s half-billion dollar downtown makeover, tries to correct. As it does, Worcester has been remaking its downtown in other, equally significant ways.



Once again, tea party complicating Republican efforts to retake Senate – GOP veterans are frustrated by the amount of time and cash that will be spent to deal with internal feuds.

Videogame-Impact Bills Stall – Legislative proposals to study whether videogames are linked to real-life violence or mental health have stalled amid a campaign by the industry to quash the efforts.

Poll: Health Law Hurts President Politically – A new WSJ/NBC News poll suggests the health-care law is becoming a heavier burden for the president and his party, despite increased confidence on the economy.

Capitol Leaders Agree to a 2-Year Deal on Budget – The accord between House and Senate negotiators, while modest in scope, amounts to a cease-fire in the budget wars that have debilitated Washington since 2011.

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How Twitter Can Help Boost Your Reach This Holiday Season – While it may seem counterintuitive, the holiday season boasts many opportunities to boost your nonprofit’s exposure and reach online.

On the first day post-Christmas, my iPhone gave to me… Apple is launching its 12 Days of Gifts in the U.S. for the first time, handing out a dozen freebies to iOS7 users.

A eulogy, a handshake and a selfie: Critics pounce on Obama’s actions – Media attention turns to two unplanned moments steeped — rightly or wrongly — with meaning.

The most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn in 2013 – It’s time to stop labeling yourself as “responsible,” “creative,” and “driven.” Those are the most overused words on LinkedIn profiles worldwide, according to a new list published by the company.

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Here’s Your Holiday Bonus, Now Start Running – At a time of year when many workers anticipate a Christmas bonus check or a holiday ham, some companies say one of the best ways to reward performance and inspire employee loyalty is a chance to shop ’til they drop.

How Busy Colleagues Spread Secondhand Stress – Rushing creates anxiety and resentment among co-workers that their work is less important or they aren’t doing enough.

8 Red Flags To Watch Out For On A Job Interview – Got cold feet post-interview? It might just be nerves … or it might be the wrong job for you. Here’s how to tell.

In Detroit, The Long Wait For A Woman CEO Is Over – Over the next decades, as talented women rose and then left jobs in the Motor City, either for retirement or opportunities elsewhere, the idea seemed just as far off as it was then. Asked why the glass ceiling seemed so impervious, male executives gave an almost uniform response: the pipeline is filling up. Someone will eventually get their chance.

Your 5-Minute Guide To Writing An Amazing LinkedIn Recommendation – Next time you’re asked to recommend someone awesome, follow this template (complete with sample lines to cut and paste—we won’t tell!).



Editorial: How TriMet can improve service and protect its budget – With those goals in mind, the TriMet board of directors on Wednesday should reject aproposed expansion of rider benefits that could cost the agency millions in forgone revenue. It should also direct TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane and his staff to explicitly promote, and even champion, riders’ current ability to run short errands and make other quick trips on a single ticket.

Tualatin Backyard Chickens law: Legal at last. How does it compare to other Washington County cities?

Beaverton City Council approves changes to building inspection fees – The change requires that inspection fees now be limited to a rate of $80 per hour. Previously, inspection fees could be equal to building permit fees, which vary from less than $100 to several thousand dollars, depending on the value of the project.



Springfield developing strategy for Main Street – An open house tonight is the first of three public events to solicit comments and ideas

Boeing Looks Around, and a State Worries – The Puget Sound’s identity as an aviation hub is being threatened by Boeing’s decision to consider other incentive offers as it decides where to manufacture a new plane.

Pot ban goes forward as Pierce County Council overrides McCarthy’s veto – The Pierce County Council narrowly voted Tuesday to override county Executive Pat McCarthy’s veto of the council’s marijuana ordinance. The decision means the county has indefinitely banned recreational pot businesses from unincorporated areas, even if they’re granted a state license.

Buy continues revitalization effort – The nonprofit group that developed the Wildish theater invests in another building in downtown Springfield

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Ann Arbor receives high scores for quality of life in latest National Citizen Survey – About 92 percent of Ann Arbor residents rate their city as an excellent or good place to live based on its overall quality of life. That figure is unchanged from a National Citizen Survey conducted in 2008.

St. Louis Police library reflects history, change in department – After all, the current police headquarters opened in 1929. That’s plenty of time for old books, documents and other lawful gems to pile up. “I’ll watch those tubes coming down from the fifth floor and think, ‘What’s going in the Dumpster now?’” she says brightly — and half-jokingly.

Tom Walsh: Orr dreams of a blight-free Detroit within 3 years – Imagine, if you will, the city of Detroit clearing away 78,000 blighted buildings within the next 18-36 months.

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