11.28.13 Thanksgiving Buzz

15 Kids Hand Turkeys That Are Just Plain Wrong

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A Game Plan for Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation about Government – here are some tips for making holiday conversations about government more civil and perhaps even productive

The Wealthy Country Trap – Among the many arguments that economists have about the link between wealth and happiness, there’s particular contention around the idea that, beyond a certain point, money stops mattering

Why Correcting Misperceptions About Mass Transit May Be More Important Than Improving Service – there’s a psychological component to riding transit that’s easy for city officials and planners to overlook

TriMet testing grassy ‘eco-track’ on Portland-Milwaukie MAX line – If you see 200 feet of light-rail tracks cutting through a cushy patch of vegetation in downtown Portland, resist the urge to go for a barefoot walk in what looks like a little train-themed park.

The Pope Slams “Tyranny” of Capitalism and “Idolatry of Money,” But Opposes Shift on Women, Abortion – Pope Francis has used his first major written work to attack capitalism as a “new tyranny,” while urging global leaders to fight poverty and inequality.


Thanksgiving Potpourri 


The Horrible Truth Of Eating Nothing But Pumpkin Stuff For 72 Hours – To honor the season of pumpkin spice and pay homage to the pumpkin gods that I fully admit to worshipping without question, I set out to cleanse my soul with the pure restoring power of pumpkin by eating nothing but foods imbued with its delicious flavor for 72 hours.

Americans will cook 736 million pounds of turkey this year – Thanksgiving by the numbers.

43 Pets Who Know What Thanksgiving Is All About – Begging pet pictures

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Iconic Balloons 1927 to Today – hello kitty, felix the cat, and more

When FDR Tried To Mess With Thanksgiving, It Backfired Big Time – Seventy-four turkey days ago, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed that Thanksgiving would not be celebrated on the last Thursday of that November but rather a week earlier

The Year America Couldn’t Decide When to Have Thanksgiving – In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the holiday, dividing a nation and breaking the heart of at least one college student

The Menu for a Presidential Turkey Day – Thanksgiving dinner at the White House will be heavy on tradition and heavy on pies.

Americans’ New Thanksgiving Tradition: Watching TV All Day Long – Thanksgiving is a day when more than 100 million Americans will observe the most honored of traditions: gathering with family and friends to watch as many as 15 straight hours straight of TV..


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Metro’s Silver Line is coming to Tysons, but don’t look for lots of new commuter parking – Parking garages don’t fit with the new vision of an area seeking to swap its congested, car-centric image for that of an urban, pedestrian-friendly enclave.

The Sriracha Shutdown Is Actually Happening – Bad news for lovers of Sriracha sauce. A Los Angeles County court has ordered the maker of the iconic chili sauce to partially cease operations until it can get the allegedly eye-watering, heartburn-inducing odors its plant produces under control

A New Census App Tells You Where You Should Be Living – if you’re in the market for a new place to live, the way 30 million Americans are each year, the app will let you plug in key information about yourself and start looking for a city (or suburb) to live in.

City manager forms committee in search for Columbia, SC Police Chief – Columbia City Manager Teresa Wilson has formed a committee to help in the search for a new police chief.

Lakeland dismisses city manager – Lakeland Mayor Wyatt Bunker is asking the Board of Commissioners to fire the town’s city manager at a special called meeting this afternoon




Al Jazeera America says Portland is nation’s ‘whitest’ city – The piece is short but tackles red-lining, gentrification and transplants.

Portland Public Schools teachers contract: Both sides dig in their heels with final offers – Both Portland Public Schools leaders and Portland Association of Teachers officials appear unwilling to budge on major issues in their final contract offers, as the clock continues to tick down toward a potential teachers strike.

Beaverton affordable housing project awarded state tax credits – A Beaverton affordable housing project on the city-owned First and Lombard block recently received state low-income housing tax credits.

Beaverton walkability: 48% of poll participants say ‘no way’ is Beaverton pedestrian-friendly – A week ago, the Beaverton Leader asked readers to weigh in on whether or not Beaverton is a pedestrian-friendly city.

World record’ MAX rider logs 12,700 trips – A Portland urban planner was honored Wednesday with the “world record” for MAX ridership




Sandy Ridge mountain biking trail becomes a draw for Oregon and international riders – Sandy Ridge is the largest trail built specifically for mountain bikes on federal land in the United States

In Washington County, the search for the perfect Christmas tree is an art of pursuit – Oregon is the nation’s leading producer of Christmas trees, but after sales peaked in 2000, the market became saturated with tree growers.

Former Pendleton Building site in downtown Portland sold to hotel group – A New York-based hotel management firm has purchased a half-block property in downtown Portland with plans to build a 23-story, 300-room hotel.


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Who will be Cincinnati’s next city manager? – A look at 5 possible candidates.

Outgoing city manager says canceling streetcar would be a mistake – Milton Dohoney, Jr. pushed Tuesday for economic development during the streetcar project, just before preparing to leave city hall

City Plans To Take Back Management Of Kansas City Museum – The city of Kansas City, Mo. is one step closer to taking back management of the city-owned Kansas City Museum. A contract has been in place with Union Station Kansas City since 2000. It’s taken time and effort to reach a new agreement