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26 Dangerous Symptoms Of Being Addicted To Puns

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Powell Boulevard: 40 years after the Mount Hood Freeway, still a dangerous unsolved riddle – Forty years ago, Oregon leaders slammed the final nail in the coffin of the Mount Hood Freeway, a decision that ushered in a golden era of smarter growth and sent the rest of the country a clear message: The Portland region does planning differently.

What Happens When Great Teachers Get $20,000 to Work in Low-Income Schools? – the results of a new study, the Talent Transfer Initiative, financed by the federal government, found merit pay can work.

The Federal Student Aid Program Is Breaking Its Promise to the Poor – Students from households with more than $100,000 in income received more federal aid in recent years than those from households with less than $20,000 in income.

How to Stop the Economic Development Wars – tax incentives and other giveaways to business don’t create prosperity. It’s time for a federal law to stop the bribery and make better use of capitalism’s strengths.

Deal with Iran could pay off at gas pump  – This weekend’s nuclear deal with Iran could eventually prove a big win for American motorists at the gas pump.




With city’s rapid population growth, ‘No pressure, South Hillsboro becomes really important’ – A Hillsboro planning commission retreat over the weekend honed in on how to accommodate rapid growth.

An average NFL game: more than 100 commercials and just 11 minutes of play – An average professional football game lasts 3 hours and 12 minutes, but if you tally up the time when the ball is actually in play, the action amounts to a mere 11 minutes.

PERS unfunded liability drops to $11 billion – The Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund now has about 82 cents in assets for every dollar in liabilities.

Why Didn’t an American Make ’12 Years a Slave’? – as we come away from 12 Years a Slave, one persistent question is: why has this film not been made before?.

Having a potted plant in the office makes you work harder – two different studies  showed that when you put flowers and plants at people’s desks, they do better at cognitive tasks.

The Dirty Secret of Black Friday ‘Discounts’ – How Retailers Concoct ‘Bargains’ for the Holidays and Beyond

Which Side of the Barricade Are You On? – Americans’ alienation from our political system and its leaders has been building for more than a decade. This extended period of dissatisfaction has had an extremely corrosive effect on the nation’s social fabric.

What’s it really like to be an intern? – What would happen if an unpaid intern’s lawsuit ended up before the Supreme Court? While the legal outcome of the case isn’t necessarily clear, the situation might be a bit awkward, because “The Supreme Court has unpaid interns, too.”

Proposed cuts to US food programs will offset voluntary donations – With $11bn food-stamp cuts in place and $40bn welfare cuts on the table, Bread for the World institute seeks political response

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Spearheading rights for women and LGBT – For the past 26 years, leader Pelosi has refused to let our country renege on our promise of equality for the LGBT community

Unexpectedly Awesome Dance Battle Breaks Out At NBA Game – Everyone knows the Dance Cam at sporting events is society’s greatest arbiter of rhythmic talent across the country — and last week at a Detroit Pistons game, the cameras at The Palace at Auburn Hills found our newest star.

The End Of Long Airport Security Lines? – Duke University researchers believe they’ve found ways to screen luggage and people quickly and safely, even in the face of evolving security risks.

Gov. Corbett Signs Transportation Bill, Heads to Pittsburgh – Corbett crisscrossed the state on Monday, celebrating the signing of a $2.3 billion transportation law as critics in his own party called the law a tax increase and vowed to make it a campaign issue.

3 U.S. Metro Areas Have Economies Larger Than Sweden – if metros were states, five of the 15 largest economies in the U.S. right now would belong to metropolitan regions.

Soda vs. Pop vs. Coke: Mapping How Americans Talk – Former Harvard professor Bert Vaux asked tens of thousands of people across the U.S. these questions and released the results as the Harvard Dialect Survey.

Americans Are Very Confused About What They Want Out of a Community – The latest national community preference survey, conducted periodically by the National Association of Realtors, was released earlier this month




Underserved Century High School students admitted to college at the end of a university field trip – Many of the Century students will be the first members of their families to attend college, and they found out at the conclusion of a field trip to Western Oregon University on Friday, Nov. 22

Oregon Department of Education accepts appeal about instructional time from Portland Public Schools parents coalition – The Oregon Department of Education has officially accepted the complaint filed by Portland Public Schools parents alleging the district is not offering enough instructional time to high school students

Clackamas River Water election challenge rejected – A Clackamas County judge denied a challenge to the recent Clackamas River Water election, calling part of the argument “pure gibberish.”

Downtown Portland office building, a pioneer in modern design, sold – The 14-story Commonwealth Building, located at 421 S.W. Sixth Ave., traded for $41 million in a deal that closed late last month.

Five companies submit proposals to revive Portland’s Office of Management & Finance – Hales wants to hire a consultant to recommend changes within the office, including a review of the command structure




Unemployment still tops 10 percent in 10 Oregon counties -Five years after the economic collapse, recovery remains distant for some in Oregon.

Reduced food stamp benefits burden families – For thousands of families across Oregon and Southwest Washington, this Thanksgiving will be more difficult financially because of a change in the federal food stamp program

Nature park in Hillsboro receives strong support from Metro Council, community – Orenco Woods Nature Park will be a 30-acre park in central Hillsboro, a project two years in the making whose master plan was enthusiastically sanctioned by the Metro Council Thursday.


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Instead of Plowing Snow, What If We Shaped It Into Fun Climbing Mountains or Dunes? – two designers from Chicago have a plan to rejigger urban snow removal and prolong the wonderment of a winter storm.

Where ‘Eds and Meds’ Industries Could Become a Liability – Health care and education—the so-called “eds and meds” industries—are often touted as a means for economic development, especially in recovering Rustbelt cities where the bottom fell out after U.S. manufacturing declined.

After a String of Fires, Detroit’s Heidelberg Project Vows to Rise from the Ashes – If you’ve visited Detroit any time over the last 20 or so years, you may have made a trip to see the Heidelberg Project, an “outdoor community art environment” that has become one of the city’s premier cultural attractions since it began in 1986.

Emanuel scales back cigarette tax hike proposal – City would still have highest per-pack tax in nation