11.24.13 Your Sunday Morning Buzz

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Accord Reached With Iran to Halt Nuclear Program – The United States and five other world powers announced a landmark accord Sunday morning that would temporarily freeze Iran’s nuclear program and lay the foundation for a more sweeping agreement.

A Horrifying Story of ‘Stop and Frisk’ Taken to Its Logical Extreme – the story of Earl Sampson, a 28-year-old Miami Gardens resident who has been stopped and questioned 258 times in four years, searched more than 100 times, and arrested and jailed 56 times.

What Will Happen to Grandma’s House When No One Wants to Buy It? – there’s a worry that baby boomers will soon begin trying to sell large suburban single-family homes that no one wants to buy

90 Companies Responsible For Nearly Two-Thirds Of Global Warming – A new study from the Colorado-based Climate Accountability Institute suggests that 90 companies are responsible for almost two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

FCC chair says he’s against in-flight cellphone calls – Amid uproar about possible cellphone use on planes, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler backtracks, says he doesn’t favor the plan.


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The Secret Art of Street Sweeping – New York City street sweepers cover 6,000 miles a day at 8 miles per hour, enough to crawl across the country and back..

Young People in Miami and Houston Better Start Shopping for Health Care – Health care reform is heavily dependent on the people who use the fewest medical services: namely, young healthy adults who, until now, haven’t bothered to get insurance at all.

Hemet, CA Outgoing manager says city has improved – Ron Bradley leaves Hemet a different city than it was a year ago.

Jeff Laws brings police background to Lemoore city manager job – Prior to the City Council offering him the city manager job earlier this month and approving a contract Tuesday, Laws, 50, had spent more than half his life in law enforcement.

Disbelief in Worcester Following Resignation of City Manager – Worcester residents and public servants across the political spectrum expressed disbelief and little confusion at the resignation of longtime City Manager Michael O’Brien




East Palo Alto mayor calls on city manager to involve others in picking new police chief – the way East Palo Alto Mayor Ruben Abrica sees it, City Manager Magda Gonzalez has kept the council in the dark about how she intends to choose a new police chief.

Atlantic Beach city manger, attorney on possible chopping block – the Mayor said neither the City Manager nor the Attorney had done anything illegal and she was seeking their dismissal without cause.

City council says employee pay is low in Wilmington – City council members in Wilmington met for a retreat Friday to discuss a number of issues, including an update on the city’s financial condition, employee compensation and changing needs for housing.

Senate Democrats Approve Historic Curbs on Filibustering Nominees – Senate Democrats have pushed through a historic rule change that will end the filibustering of most executive and judicial nominees.



Kobayashi eats more hot dogs than Portland State Cheerleaders – In an effort to promote Portland State basketball tickets, fans in attendance this winter will be rewarded with all they can eat at the concession stand.

Students walk St. Johns Bridge in support of teachers – About 100 Roosevelt High School students staged a walkout Friday afternoon in support of teacher negotiations with Portland Public Schools.

Monumental Attire wraps downtown Portland in whimsy – Several Portlanders have been clothing a number of beloved downtown statues in handmade sweaters.

Nine Oregon health insurers opt to renew cancelled individual policies – Nine insurance companies will extend individual health policies that were supposed to be cancelled at year end,




Pension system financial picture improves modestly – Actuaries told the board of the Public Employees Retirement System on Friday that the unfunded liability has dropped from $14 billion a year ago to $11 billion.

Bellevue City manager finalists reception, interviews postponed – Bellevue is postponing its public reception and interview of city manager candidates following the withdrawal of finalists that dropped the pool down to two.

Union Gap mulls contracting with city of Yakima for fire services – Union Gap’s fire protection services may fall under the wing of the Yakima Fire Department if the two cities can reach an agreement


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The Craziest Video to Come from the Washington, Illinois Tornado – More than 1,000 homes in the town of Washington, Illinois, were destroyed this week when a massive F4 tornado ripped through the area..

Why Cheese Brine Might Be the Answer to Our Icy Winter Roads – highway officials in Polk County first started experimenting with brine in the winter of 2009, partnering with a local dairy. That first year, the department saved $40,000 on rock salt and sand. The dairy, meanwhile, saved nearly $30,000 in disposal and treatment costs.

Cedar Rapids city manager’s pay is now tops in state – Without comment this week, the City Council agreed to raise City Manager Jeff Pomeranz’s annual salary by 4.8 percent

Steubenville has a new City Manager – Timothy Michael Boland, a 54-year old town administrator from Pataskala, has accepted an offer from the City Council to become the next city manager of Steubenville.

City of Decatur cuts 20 jobs to close budget deficit – City Manager Ryan McCrady said Friday that the city will cut 20 positions, including six firefighters, to close a $1.6 million gap in next year’s budget