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At one of the world’s scariest airports, there is ‘little margin for error’ – As planes descend to Honduras’s Toncontin Airport, the wheels pass so close to rooftops and rocks that they set off safety alarms.

Thanksgiving Travel Delays Could Become the Norm – Within 15 years, a new report says, every other day will feel like the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Dallas Ceremony Honors JFK’s Legacy – Under leaden skies, thousands of people here paid solemn respect to President John F. Kennedy on Friday at the small greensward that his motorcade was passing when he was slain by gunfire exactly 50 years ago

At Super Bowl, Two States Will Be Top Rivals – The Super Bowl in February will be held at MetLife Stadium, the home of the Jets and Giants in New Jersey, but New York City will be the center of attention.

Tension and Flaws Before Health Care Website Crash – Interviews and documents offer new details into how the rollout of President Obama’s signature program turned into a major humiliation.

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Pollution Suit Chills Hot Sauce – A California city’s air-pollution suit against Huy Fong Foods’ new plant has fans of the company’s popular Sriracha hot sauce stocking up in a hurry.

Strong Rules on Fracking in Wyoming Seen as Model – The state, a big energy producer, has enacted strong disclosure laws on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to protect air and water quality.

A remade Inner Harbor should be for locals – Tourists are great and necessary, but harbor needs to be for Baltimoreans first


Holiday Finds Congress Well Short of Goals – The Senate vote to end filibusters for most presidential nominees is just one symptom of the deep level of dysfunction coursing through Congress less than a year before midterm elections.

The tyranny of the majority – Democrats scrapped the filibuster for one reason: unchecked power.

White House weighs strategy after filibuster – Angry GOP senators still have many procedural tactics available to slow the path for more than 240 nominees.

Weaker Speaker Sought – The contest to lead the New York City Council has turned into a referendum of sorts on the power wielded by the outgoing speaker, Christine Quinn.

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Why This Shepherd Loves Twitter – “Tweeting is kind of an act of resistance and defiance, a way of shouting to the sometimes disinterested world that you’re stubborn, proud, and not giving in as everywhere else is turned into a clone of everywhere else.”

Why your Google Wallet will need a plastic backup – Google this week announced it is adding a debit card made of genuine plastic to its virtual payments system,Google Wallet, in order to make it a little more useful to consumers than it is now

Software Is Reorganizing the World – For the first time in memory, adults in the United States under age forty are now expected to be poorer than their parents. This is the kind of grim reality that in other times and places spurred young people to look abroad for opportunity. Indeed, it is similar to the factors that once pushed millions of people to emigrate from their home countries to make their home in America. Our nation of immigrants is, tautologically, a nation of emigrants.


Will This Google+ Flaw Abruptly Shut Down Your YouTube Account? The latest problem to come out of the recent changes to the YouTube comments might be the biggest one yet.

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5 Biggest Resume Debates Among Recruiters – We know it’s confusing, so we’ve broken down the five most common resume debates. Here’s what the experts have to say—and how you can read between the lines and send the best resume for the job.

Choosing Child Care When You Go Back to Work – A primer on what to expect on prices and tax breaks, as well as advice on how to approach the decision.

How Much Do Americans Blame Washington for Their Economic Woes? People’s perceptions may not be exactly accurate, but they can still hurt the economy.


Business owner challenges Milwaukie’s decision to allow city manager to live outside of the city – For weeks, former Milwaukie business owner Ed Parecki has raised this question before the council, arguing the city seems to be in violation of its own charter.

Hillsboro 2035 Vision Plan: City asks residents to weigh in – The Hillsboro 2035 website allows residents to submit an idea, post pictures and respond to one another. Residents can also “support” a statement if they agree with a commenter’s idea (akin to “liking” something on Facebook).

Portland ‘economic check-up’ reveals continued disconnect among jobs, pay, productivity – Portland’s economic growth continues to beat out most cities — thanks largely to Silicon Forest manufacturing


Local Parks Get Video Surveillance – City of Grants Pass was keeping a closer eye on three parks.

UW light-rail station on fast track to open early – This portion of the University of Washington light-rail station will connect to a bridge taking passengers over Montlake Boulevard East to the UW campus. The station is expected to open in the first quarter of 2016, six to nine months sooner than the official date of September 2016.

Lane County’s cities grow in latest estimate – Eugene nears 160,000 and Springfield nears 60,000; most other towns inch upward, too

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Greening the Fleet: How Columbus, Ohio, Is Setting the Pace – The city is well along in an effort to leave gasoline and diesel fuel behind and power its vehicles with cheaper, cleaner natural gas. The payoffs go beyond cost savings.

Wayne County sinks deeper into debt – Less than two months into a new budget year, Wayne County officials are worried that at the current rate of spending, the county will increase its accumulated deficit beyond the estimated $220 million.

Advertising arch across Clark part of Wrigley renovation – Drivers headed along Clark Street west of Wrigley Field soon could pass under a “branded” archway with advertising as part of an amended Wrigleyville overhaul plan that took a step closer to reality at City Hall on Thursday.

Columbia Heights police hope ‘Coffee with a Cop’ brews better relations – Columbia Heights police hope their ‘Coffee with a Cop’ sessions can bring better relations with the public.