11.19.13 Your Morning Buzz

Mayor Rob Ford tackles Toronto city councilor

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Chino Hills to conduct interviews for City Manager position

John Nalbandian: Dallas needs an adaptive city manager, not a heroic one

Ken Ray elected as vice president of Oregon AFSCME for the third Congressional District.

Norma Alley named president of Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders.

Rep. Michael Dembrow to replace Jackie Dingfelder in state Senate

The job description for Clark County environmental services director — the position state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, was hired to May 1 — was altered on Clark County’s website in September

High 5

Despite Financial Concerns, Cities Are Doubling Down on Bike-Share – Revised funding models may eventually be needed, but there’s little sign of a lack of commitment in places like Toronto and New York.

Officials Were Warned About Health Site Woes – A report prepared in late March by an outside management consultant said a “lack of transparency and alignment on critical issues” was threatening progress

His Honor? Toronto’s Mayor Rampages on, to City’s Shame – It did not come when the police confirmed that they had a video of him smoking crack, something he had repeatedly denied, nor when he showed up drunk at a local festival, careened equally plastered on a dance floor, or when the local Santa parade told him to please stay away.

History Comes to Life With Tweets From Past – LIKE watching a building collapse in slow motion, a Twitter account run by a group of German historians provides hour-by-hour updates of the horrors of Kristallnacht, which culminated in a night of anti-Jewish terror 75 years ago in Nazi Germany that plunged the country on a path to the Holocaust.

Haulin’ Data: How Trucking Became the Frontier of Work Surveillance – Every rig driver in America will soon be tracked by an electronic recorder. Proponents claim it will make the roads safer, but some wonder what else the data could be used for.

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 Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Tackles Councillor, Loses More City Powers

Colorado Governor Proposes Strict Limits on Greenhouse Gas Leaks From Drilling – The new rules proposed by Gov. John W. Hickenlooper, a Democrat, would exceed existing federal regulations on emissions of methane and other gases from well sites

LAPD library of homicides puts ‘murder books’ online – The database of dormant cases was once too big an undertaking. But now, investigators say, ‘no case will be lost.’

Obamacare sign-ups surge in some states after rough start – Healthcare insurance enrollment increases in some states that run their own exchanges, boosting hopes of Obamacare.


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A Dirty Secret Lurks in the Struggle Over a Fiscal ‘Grand Bargain’ – Neither Republicans nor Democrats want to take even the actions they demand of the other side for a long-sought agreement on the nation’s fiscal future

A New G.O.P. Excuse for Doing Nothing – The stumbles in the rollout of the Obama administration’s health reform are frustrating, but they are not a broad indictment of government.

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Tumblr Photos Puncture Portland’s Image as “America’s Best Bicycling City! It’s been a funny couple of days for bicycle advocates.

Crook County authorities launch Twitter feed – The Crook County Sheriff’s Office, Crook County Fire and Rescue, the Crook County Health Department and the Prineville Police Department have joined in creating a Twitter account that will allow citizens to be informed as quickly as possible about rapidly developing incidents.

And the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year Is … ‘Selfie’ – According to Oxford Dictionaries, the word “selfie” first appeared in 2002, when it was used in an Australian online forum. It was popularized by social media during the years (it was used as a hashtag on Flickr in 2004), but it became widely adopted around 2012, when it started commonly being used in mainstream media.

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In Laid-Back Albuquerque, Millennials See a Chance to Live Well – Reasonably priced real estate and an active outdoorsy culture are just some of the reasons young people love the city.

How To Inspire Your Team on a Daily Basis – The best managers are always those who have the ability to lead their team by personal example. It is one of the hardest skills to master – but get it right and the results will be well worth all the effort

How To Create A Stress-Free Work Environment – Does your workplace stress you out? Maybe your desk is too messy, or your colleagues are too loud. Perhaps your boss is always looking over your shoulder, the dated technology gives you anxiety or you can’t stand the lights.


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Beaverton leaders approve supplemental budget for city – The committee accepted two amendments to the document suggested by city staff at the meeting. One will change a half-time position in the Public Works Department’s water division to a 32-hour-a-week position, adding hours but keeping the cost to the city – about $17,0000 – constant because it will be at a lower pay rate. The job is currently vacant.

Wilsonville hopes grant can help bridge Interstate 5 – It’s intended as a lifeline across Interstate 5. Now the city of Wilsonville is hoping it has found the means to pay for a proposed multi-million dollar bicycle and pedestrian bridge across the freeway at Barber Street.

Electric Avenue experiment may continue – The City Council is poised to extend Electric Avenue at Portland State University until February 2015


Medical marijuana committee proposes dispensary fees, drafts security rules – The requirements, crafted by state policy makers, police and marijuana advocates, are designed to provide oversight of an industry that’s long operated without interference by the state.

Online travel companies sue to evade Oregon’s expanded hotel tax – Oregon lawmakers passed a bill earlier this year ensuring tax on hotel rooms would apply to the full price a customer pays when they book a room through online travel companies such as Orbitz, Hotels.com and Travelocity.

Washington City Wants To Run ‘Pot Store’ – One Washington city that’s looking to open a pot store is North Bonneville. The first step is for the city to establish a public corporation— called a Public Development Authority — to run the business.

State audit findings could prove costly for Clark County – A state audit has found that Clark County improperly charged some of its departments for insurance coverage during 2011-12, and by doing so, shifted general government costs onto accounts designated

Can bikes, skateboards, cars share the streets? – Bicyclists sized up skateboarders and vice versa on Monday night, as the two groups considered whether they could share Eugene

A trail to safety – Lane County has obtained almost $1 million in federal grants to improve a deadly stretch of county roads that has claimed two cyclists’ lives since 2007.

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Detroit Prosecutor Is No Stranger to Spotlight – Kym L. Worthy, who is viewed as meticulous, blunt and unshakable, is prosecuting the fatal shooting of a black woman by a white man in a Detroit suburb

Here’s One of the Best Ways to Fix Chicago’s Worst Schools – Child-Parent Centers have been effective for almost 50 years. Now we’re rediscovering them.

What neighborhoods will gain students? Which ones will lose them? Cleveland school district isn’t researching those questions as it makes new school construction plans

Tornado warnings credited with saving lives – With massive destruction in some communities in the Midwest but a death toll limited to eight as of Monday, many said accurate predictions and timely warnings on Sunday almost certainly saved lives.