11.17.13 Your Morning Buzz

Latest News About Movember


ELGL Reminders

Sign up for your 2014 ELGL membership

Help ELGL deck the halls of Randall Children’s Hospital

RSVP for the ELGL December forums with Bruce Katz and Patrick Rollens


Transaction Wire

HEMET: New city manager champions competition

San Mateo’s interim city manager working hard to stick around

Cudahy hires interim city manager

New assistant county manager hired for Cumberland County


High 5

Study: Morning People Win

GOP plan would end defined-benefit pension for future feds

Strip Club Owner Buys House Next Door To Ex-Wife And Installs $7,000 Middle Finger Statue

Consumer Borrowing Picks Up

The Government Wants Gigabit Wi-Fi All For Itself



In sometimes-colorful forum, St. Paul mayoral candidates make their cases

Why Detroit’s lights went out, and how the city plans to get them back on


Social Media

Still on Facebook, but Finding Less to Like

Facts That Shouldn’t Be True (BUT ARE)

Instead Of A Digital Detox, Why Not Take A Weekly Tech Shabbat?



Tualatin medical marijuana dispensaries ban: Broad rule sparks concerns for unintended consequences

Dave Dahl, cofounder of Dave’s Killer bread, freed on bail

The Portland umbrella guy’s holiday sweater gets swiped, mostly.