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‘Batkid’ Fights Crime in San Francisco

Transaction Wire

Don Mazziotti retires as Beaverton’s director of Community and Economic Development

Former Gresham Councilor Josh Fuhrer gets the city job he resigned to seek

Fire chief considering city manager position

Adairsville hires interim city manager

Stockton re-opens city manager search

City Council to interview final administrator candidates

City manager fired – 3 to 1 vote

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More Cities Consider Using Eminent Domain to Halt Foreclosures – Several cities are weighing the purchase of mortgages from underwater homes — by force if necessary — to curb foreclosures and falling property values.

Newspaper apologizes for panning Gettysburg Address – Marking the speech’s 150th anniversary, the Patriot-News of Harrisburg, Pa., issues a mea culpa for dismissing Lincoln’s address as ‘silly remarks.’

Raising Fares Is Not the Only Way to Fund Public Transportation – The always thorough Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute released a report last week analyzing 18 local options for funding public transportation.

What’s the First Thing You Do When You Arrive at City Hall Each Day? Last month, we put this question to Cities readers: What would you ask a mayor, if you could ask a mayor anything? Then we gathered a small group of mayors from across and country and around the world for video conversations.

A canary in a gold mine for Amazon? Getting Washington’s stamp of approval is no easy task. Getting “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau to back an original online series was even harder. Yet “Alpha House” has made believers.

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Compromise in Arizona Defers a Solar Power Fight – Regulators voted to charge the owners of rooftop solar panels a fee to compensate power companies, who say such customers don’t pay their share of systemwide costs

Slow and steady builds massive Long Beach bridge – When it’s finally completed, the new Gerald Desmond bridge will tower above the ships steaming in and out of port

‘I Always Knew I Would Come Back’ to Pittsburgh – Moira Egler, 25, wanted to live in New Orleans ever since she volunteered on post-Katrina reconstruction projects as a high-schooler back in 2006. Gutting houses and talking with survivors inspired her to pursue community development as a potential career.


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Sens. Warner, Blunt Introduce Infrastructure Finance Bill – The bipartisan group of lawmakers say the legislation, which provides a new way to pay for infrastructure projects, would allow states and localities to build quicker.

Homeless Problem a Hurdle for de Blasio – Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s pledge to narrow the gap between New York City’s haves and have-nots could meet its first challenge in a burgeoning homeless-shelter population that numbers more than 52,000 for the first time.

Finishing Touches Elusive for Mayor – As his 12-year run at City Hall winds down, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is working to leave his final imprints on life in the city, from the environment to transportation to policing.

House Approves Bill That Allows Renewal of Insurance Policies – Defying a veto threat, 39 Democrats joined Republicans in approving the measure, which goes further than the fix that President Obama had previously announced

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Social media startups are worth billions — or are they? Sky-high valuations for companies with untested business models are giving some people a bad case of dot-com deja vu

Brands tap social clout of ‘influencers’ – A network of social media superstars is the new must-have for brands seeking to break out with consumers

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Young, Educated and Jobless in Europe – High unemployment in countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece is hitting young people hardest as they take jobs below their skill level and seek work abroad

America’s Federal Employment Belt – During the government shutdown this October, the country turned its eyes to Washington, D.C. in two very different respects – both for its political circus, and for the stories of thousands and thousands of federal workers who were temporarily put out of work.

Which Leads to More Success, Reward or Encouragement? We are a society that puts a huge emphasis on rewards, and a school of psychology is based on it.


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Troutdale City Council hears Junki Yoshida’s proposal for new City Hall – Developer Junki Yoshida’s company wants to help the city of Troutdale find a centralized home for its offices

Tualatin medical marijuana dispensaries ban: Broad rule sparks concerns for unintended consequences – Ogden said he thought of the idea when local marijuana restrictions came up at a League of Oregon Cities board of directors meeting in June. He proposed adopting rules that would ban medical marijuana dispensaries at a June work session. The councilors, except for Ed Truax and Frank Bubenik, agreed, according to City Manager Sherilyn Lombos.

Steve Duin: Portland police re-dedicate themselves to video surveillance – The bureau uses a $100,000 Homeland Security grant so that its Air Support Unit can stream video to its partners in law-enforcement

Portland gets 2016 World Indoor track championships – The 2016 World Indoor Track & Field Championships will take place in Portland. The IAAF Council on Friday awarded the event to a U.S. city for the first time since 1987


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Seattle elects socialist to its city council – Seattle voters have elected a socialist to city council for the first time in modern history.

Seattle Presses Pause on Its Mass Surveillance Plans – The Seattle Police Department did something amazing this week: After word got out that the department had created a citywide surveillance network without input from community members or a policy to govern the system’s use, the police department agreed to deactivate the whole thing.

Monitor blasts SPD foot-dragging, firearms board, command staff – The federal monitor overseeing Seattle police reforms handed the city a blistering report card Friday, citing resistance in the top ranks of the department, error-ridden data collection and failures to “fully and fairly” analyze shootings by officers.

Judge dismisses auditor’s lawsuit – Dawn Reynolds had alleged that the city of Eugene fired her for being a whistle-blower

Freddy’s pitch – The store invites the public to hear a proposal for the Civic Stadium site

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Midwest Farmland Values: Past Peak Season? Average cropland prices declined in parts of the Farm Belt in the third quarter from the previous quarter while rising at a low rate in other areas, according to separate reports this past week by regional Federal Reserve banks in Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City.

City to untangle ‘Thousand Islands’ – Some drivers consider modern roundabouts to be confusing, but a Toledo street planner believes they can’t possibly be more confusing than the city’s so-called Thousand Islands intersections, where Cherry Street, Collingwood and Manhattan boulevards, and Detroit and Berdan avenues come together.

Streetcar, which Cranley plans to cancel, still costing $50K a day – It’ll be costly to stop, and costly to go on, but work continues until Cranley and new council officially stop it

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