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27 Painfully Awkward Things That Never Stop Being Awkward

Having no comeback to an insult.

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Elon Musk: The Future Is Fully Electric – The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors says the era of gasoline engines will soon look “quaint.” He also divulges his idea for his next company.

The State of the Shrinking Postal Service Workforce – Despite its new deal with Amazon, it’s unlikely the Postal Service will start to reverse years of workforce cuts. View data showing numbers of postal employees in each state.

Jersey City Sees Stardom for Loew’s – Officials here hope to extend the city’s economic boom along the Hudson River farther west, with the restoration of a historic movie palace on Journal Square.

In California, Governor’s Wife Is Also a Top Aide – Anne Gust Brown quietly consults with her husband, Gov. Jerry Brown, on a wide range of state matters. She is also one of the few people who can predict his thinking

Mayor of Ravaged City Urges Residents to Flee – Alfred S. Romualdez, the mayor of Tacloban, said officials were struggling to overcome difficulties in distributing food and water and maintaining security

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A Wonderfully Simplified Map of San Francisco’s Bicycle Infrastructure – The city finally has an easy-to-read bicycling map, thanks to the vision of a die-hard local cyclist.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed promises enormous middle-class development at Turner Field – In his first public remarks since the MLB franchise spurned Atlanta, Reed vowed he would “not leave a vacant Ted” and said the facility would be torn down in 2017. He also vowed that he wouldn’t interfere with Cobb’s negotiations, but said he wanted to project an “unmistakable message” that the city wants the Braves to remain.

Storied Providence Skyscraper, Now Empty, Seeks a Future – The Industrial Trust building, which once announced Rhode Island’s capital as a Gotham of industry, now nags at the city’s sense of self-worth.

Some State Insurance Exchanges Continue to Battle Technical Problems – Six weeks into the rollout of President Obama’s new health care law, some of the online insurance exchanges run by states are continuing to have serious technological problems

High court to review LAPD search of gang member’s home – The case of Walter Fernandez vs. California requires the U.S. Supreme Court to determine when police may enter and look around a home without a search warrant



How McAuliffe changed Va. electorate –  If the 2013 electorate had looked the same as ’09’s, Ken Cuccinelli would have won the race

Socialist Sawant leads Seattle council race by 41 votes – Kshama Sawant’s momentum in her race against longtime Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin has put her in position to win or to force a recount

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The Complete Guide to Tumblr Subcultures – On Tumblr, users can post a huge variety of content and media. So, it’s no surprise the social blogging platform hosts wildly diverse communities. Some of these groups are so big and so active they become subcultures in their own right. They take over tags, earn thousands of reblogs and even create dedicated blogs entirely dedicated to one, very specific subject.

Millions in U.S. still lack Internet access – Americans who don’t use Internet are increasingly cut off from rest of world.

In Data-Speed Race, Who Is Fastest in LTE? Walt Mossberg puts four carriers’ LTE services to a download-speed test.

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‘I Wanted to Be Successful, and I Could Do That in Houston’ – Young professionals see the Texas boom town as a bastion of the traditional American Dream.

Density is the new driver of Seattle’s innovation – From Bellevue to South Lake Union, our leading companies are seeking an advantage in crowded neighborhoods.

Elderburbia: Why aging in Atlanta is hard – Blame subdivisions and sprawl for that, too



Hillsboro water: Utilities Commission adopts plan estimating $601 million in new projects – With little fanfare and just one public comment, the Hillsboro Utilities Commission on Tuesday adopted a report and long-term water supply study — five years in the making — that reaffirms the city’s commitment to tapping the Willamette River.

Clackamas County trying to entice voters to pay for road maintenance – The commissioners are reluctant to ask for the full $20 million, looking more at a $10 to $15 million solution, that would allow several small projects to be completed, and maintain the current county workforce repairing roads.

City to give Daimler $8 million subsidy for corporate – The Portland Development Commission on Wednesday will consider granting a forgivable $8 million loan to Daimler Trucks North America for its new corporate headquarters and parking garage

Citizens to vote on light-rail debt – Milwaukie plans to ask citizens to pass a $4 million bond to pay for its light-rail obligation to TriMet



Scotts Mills mayor says WildCat Haven Sanctuary planned move to town shouldn’t spook residents – The mayor of the rural Marion County town that WildCat Haven Sanctuary plans to relocate near says his town should feel guarded, but not afraid of its new neighbor.

Camas grapples with downtown parking issues – Parking in downtown Camas. It’s a complicated issue that can draw emotions including frustration, anger and exasperation

County Council cuts more from jail budget; nonunion workers to get raises – The Pierce County Council on Tuesday finalized the 2014 budget that will cut the jail’s spending, give employees their first cost-of-living adjustment in three years and raise a number of fees.

Stuart, Madore spar over county ‘integrity resolution’ – At one point during the hourslong discussion on Clark County Commissioner David Madore’s “integrity resolution” on Tuesday, Commissioner Steve Stuart asked Madore if he was seeking “a pound of flesh” after a C-Tran vote

Changes to Vancouver Police department eyed – Vancouver City Manager Eric Holmes, who recently hired a new police chief, announced Tuesday proposed structural and operational changes to the Vancouver Police Department.

Lane County board OKs 99-year leases for Obie development – The board approves the agreements with developers of a housing and retail project in downtown Eugene

Neighbors keep battling development – Opponents demand a sidewalk on a road near the proposed Bascom Village housing complex

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Cheboygan to show off its history — but where? Faded and weather-beaten, the 100-foot-long drawing shows Indians and fur traders at a riverside trading post in the 1780s. The mural was torn down last month, but residents want to resurrect it. They just don’t agree where.

CTA budget hearing turns into chance to complain about Ventra – When riders were invited to speak to the CTA’s board Tuesday regarding its 2014 budget, which includes no fare hikes or service cuts, most addressed the problems they’ve had this year with the new fare card.

Kamin: Nation’s tallest building title no big deal – Wise men and women know that tallest building titles, like glory and Cubs winning streaks, are fleeting. Someone can always build a taller tower.