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23 Netflix Suggestions That Make No Sense

Fancy a romantic film? How about Cabin in the Woods?

Watched My Little Pony ? Why not try Torchwood ?

Breaking News (Sort of): #ELGL13: Not Another Boring Conference featured on the Strategic Government Resources website.


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Google’s New Chicago Home Isn’t More Transit-Friendly, But It Is More Highway-Friendly – Yet it’s being hailed as a victory for transit-oriented development.

Can Cory Booker save Washington? When Newark Mayor Cory Booker was sworn in last week, he became only the 10th U.S. senator in the 113th Congress who had previously served as a mayor. In the House, the share is even lower: Only 24 of 435 representatives have led cities. Given the grim state of affairs in Washington, Booker’s victory should be an election worth celebrating, regardless of partisan affiliation or ideological orientation.

How one Colorado city broke the cable industry’s grip on the Internet –  It took two elections, but advocates for a city-run fiber optic network finally prevailed.

Democrats go negative on Christie – Some strategists say the party made a mistake by not spending more to attack the New Jersey Republican during the campaign.

The Wrong Ways to Elect America’s Mayors – Holding partisan mayoral elections ensures low voter turnout and disenfranchises vast numbers of voters. So does voting in odd-numbered years. We need to re-think how we approach these important elections.

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An Amazing Drones-Eye View of the New York Public Library – See the famed building at new heights.

Houston Voters Reject Rehabilitation of Astrodome – The decision likely means the structure — once home to the Oilers and Astros and touted as the Eighth Wonder of the World — will be demolished.

Iowa Town’s Vote Delivers Rebuke to Kochs’ Group – All three incumbents who ran won their races in Coralville, Iowa, on Tuesday, despite being targeted by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity over the town’s debt.

Lessons on Immigration in Two Governors’ Races – In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie won 50 percent of Latino voters, while in Virginia, Latinos voted heavily against Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, who lost his election.

Defeat of School Tax Stings Colorado Democrats – The promise of higher teacher salaries and full-day kindergarten failed to resonate, even in areas where the money would have had the greatest benefit.

Embracing her old Kentucky home – Former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao writes about her octogenarian Mayor Nan Gorman.

Bell’s former police chief calls high pay a shock – When the city of Bell approached Randy Adams to be its police chief, he doubted the small, working-class town could afford him.


Finished The Naked Gun ? This is just as uplifting.

Who’s Afraid of a Liberal New York Mayor? – Bill de Blasio’s sweeping victory doesn’t mean the country’s largest city wants to turn back time.

The 2016 GOP primary is in full swing — because Republicans are begging for it – The party demands it, and the probable candidates are only so happy to give it to them.

Republicans Weigh Limiting Clout of Party’s Right Wing – Leaders of the Republican establishment are pushing their party to rethink how it chooses nominees and advocating changes they say would result in less extreme contenders.

Murray vows to move swiftly on public safety, new police chief – State Sen. Ed Murray, who defeated Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn in Tuesday’s mayoral election, is recorded on a TV reporter’s iPad as he meets reporters Wednesday in Seattle. Although McGinn has not formally conceded, Murray has pushed ahead with transition plans for when he takes office in January.

Can Christie be GOP’s Bill Clinton? Opinion: The governor could unlock the key to the presidency for the GOP.

Biden Accidentally Calls and Congratulates a Guy Watching TV, Not Newly Elected Boston Mayor – Joe Biden says what Joe Biden wants. He shoots from the hip; calls it like he sees it. Joe Biden can own a room.

In New York’s Left Turn, Questions of Just How Far – Bill de Blasio, New York City’s mayor-elect, is a liberal Democrat, as are the newly elected public advocate and comptroller.

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YouTube Upgrades Comments With Google+ Integration – Before this change, YouTube comments were merely a long, disorganized list, with no way to follow the conversation and only the most basic moderation.

The Beginner’s Guide to TweetDeck – Social media managers and casual tweeters alike can benefit from TweetDeck’s organizational tools, such as customizable columns, multiple account toggling and scheduling. With a modern, clean design and automatically refreshing feeds, TweetDeck’s utility comes in its simplicity and ease in setting up.

What the Most Retweeted Tweets of All Time Say About Twitter – Each social network has its own greatest-hits list. YouTube had “The Evolution of Dance.” Facebook seems to generate million-like stories about kids and puppies every other week. Many of Tumblr’s most-noted stories feature cats and/or GIFs.

The Thumb Is Gone: Facebook Like Button Gets a Makeover – Pop quiz: What buttons are seen more than 22 billion times every day, embedded on 7.5 million websites?

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Finished Bruno ? The Human Centipede is like it.

The Passion of Young Cleveland – “I absolutely love Cleveland … and I want to make sure I’m doing my part to make it better.”

Use Government to Grow Your Business – With all you give to the government, wouldn’t it be nice to get something back? Here Inc. columnists share how government can help you grow.

Public Transit’s Labor Madness – Despite some positive steps, the industry’s outdated pension and disability policies continue to be a sweet deal for workers and a costly one for taxpayers.


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Damascus residents interpret failed disincorporation as hope for future, but for different reasons – “We are both proud and pleased that so many citizens agreed with our campaign, and chose to end the dysfunction and discord that has become a hallmark of the city government,” said Chris Hawes in a statement from the Citizens Committee for Disincorporation. “It is unfortunate that an artificial barrier created by the legislature can nullify the obvious will of the people.”

Portland city attorneys, police union reach tentative deal on police reforms in response to federal inquiry – Portland city officials stood with the police union president and the state’s top prosecutor in the City Hall atrium Wednesday to announce the city and police union had reached a tentative agreement on what reforms should be adopted in response to last year’s scathing federal investigation.

Tigard First looks at run for office, ways to change the city – Be prepared for a little more controversy at city meetings over the next several months.

Goofus & Gallant Go To City Hall – One year ago, we elected Charlie Hales as Portland mayor. Did we get a loafer or a leader?

Hales Wants to Spend $214,500 on City Hall Bioswales – The money would pay for “storm boxes” in front of three government buildings.

Police Union and City Reach Agreements on Department of Justice Reforms, Contract – The city’s police union has agreed to pull its official opposition to the settlement agreement struck


You could put Breaking Bad on for the kids.

Backers of SeaTac’s $15 wage floor eye Seattle – Labor activists who backed the measure that hikes wages for airport-related workers in SeaTac said Wednesday they will push to raise the minimum wage in Seattle to $15 for all workers

Ashland mulls how to spend money in downtown – Proposal will be presented Dec. 17

Medford marijuana dispensary ban illegal, says state legal committee – Oregon law trumps local law, they say; city hasn’t said if it will challenge opinion

‘Maneuver’ breaks Bend council tie on water issue – Reviving old resolution puts city back on path to membrane filtraton

Corvallis officials won their big gamble on the levy – So what is the message of the close 52.1 percent to 47.9 percent vote on Tuesday’s property tax levy?That city officials played it just about right.

Food Companies Claim Victory Against Labeling Initiative in Washington State – With roughly 990,000 votes counted, Washington residents appeared to reject mandatory labeling of genetically engineered products.

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In Chicago, a sophisticated new rail fare system that doesn’t work – Maybe you’ve heard this one:  Government attempts major upgrades to a service that people depend on — and everyone’s required to join. But the online sign-up process is buggy, and there are other rude surprises.

GOP lawmakers in Ohio under fire for supporting Medicaid expansion — State Rep. Barbara Sears is the kind of Republican the party would want to highlight these days

Measures to Legalize Marijuana Are Passed – Flint, Mich. and Portland, Me., are among cities that legalized possession of small amounts of the drug, while Colorado approved a tax on recreational marijuana.

For Detroit’s New Mayor, Power, With Conditions – Mike Duggan’s power is constrained by the presence of an emergency manager, with whom he must work effectively, while still winning the trust of city residents.

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