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Daylight Savings Time: The Weirdest Night Of The Year For Bartenders

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HealthCare.gov: How a start-up failed to launch – Fear of political blowback and a lack of central oversight since 2010 have contributed to the troubled rollout of President Obama’s health-care plan.

For Bush, Golf Tees and Family Now Trump Politics – Nearly five years after leaving office, former President George W. Bush lives a life of self-imposed exile in Texas, with new interests and few regrets.

Move Over, Stewart and Colbert: Meet The Millennial Duo Mining Public Policy For Laughs – Like many Millennials, Tane Danger and Brandon Boat think politics are a joke, except this twosome mean that literally. They’re the brains behind The Theater of Public Policy, a Minneapolis-based improv troupe that focuses on lampooning political issues both local and national.

Barack Obama’s supporters are worried that he is a terrible manager – NOT everyone is miffed that the Obamacare website is all but un-navigable. Scammers in Tennessee, posing as government workers, are calling frustrated would-be users of healthcare.gov—any number in the telephone book has a good chance of finding one—and offering to walk them through the tortuous process of buying health insurance for $100 upfront. Some also ask the befuddled for their Social Security number.

From day one, troubles plagued health rollout – Fear of political blowback and a lack of central oversight since 2010 have contributed to the failed launch of President Obama’s health-care plan.

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Oil boom in North Dakota worries national park – Effects of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, trickle into Theodore Roosevelt National Park, raising questions about how to balance development with conservation.

ShotSpotter detection system documents 39,000 shooting incidents in the District – Police are listening as well. Rooftop sensors monitor his neighborhood around the clock for the distinctive bang of a gun. The inconspicuous devices have logged hundreds of incidents over the past eight years near his apartment as part of a gunfire surveillance network called ShotSpotter.

SoCal mystery mansion could soon open to public – Santa Barbara is poised to open Bellosguardo, the oceanfront property of copper heiress Huguette Clark, for the first time in decades. But a big hurdle remains: the IRS.

Prominent names join effort to builda high-speed rail from D.C. to NYC – The firm behind the idea that would bring passengers to N.Y. in an hour says it has raised $50M for the line.

Editorial: A Victory Against Dark Money – California has imposed $16 million in penalties and fines in a case that shows the importance of laws requiring the disclosure of political donations.


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New York Mayor’s Mansion Seeks Mayor – Gracie Mansion hasn’t had a full-time resident in 12 years, but one of the candidates vying to succeed Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is expected to live there.

In Virginia Race, I.O.U.’s Give Democrat the Edge – Democrats nationwide are reaching out to Terry McAuliffe, a former fund-raiser, with endorsements, strategic advice and, of course, an avalanche of money for his run for governor

Schumer: ‘2016 is Hillary’s time’ – Schumer announced his endorsement at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson dinner Saturday, declaring his “full and unwavering support” for the former secretary of State and New York senator three years before the 2016 election.

In race for Va. governor, Cuccinelli took the hard way – Given the obstacles Republican Ken Cuccinelli faced this year, the big surprise might be that the race is as close as it is.

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How social media killed iGoogle – The personalized homepage, like Google Reader, didn’t fit into Google’s vision for a broadly interconnected Web

Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing – Gary Vaynerchuk, a social media marketer, pounces on any trend — tweeted or otherwise — in his quest to sell, sell, sell.

L.A. has new program to thwart cyberattacks – Mayor Garcetti’s Cyber Intrusion Command Center will unify and strengthen public works departments against cyberattacks that target city infrastructure.

Career Center

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10 Survival Tips for Your Portland Job Search – If you plan ahead and follow these 10 survival tactics, I assure you that it won’t be nearly as bad as a zombie apocalypse.

Are Performance Appraisals Doomed? During the last year there has been a tsunami of interest among HR managers to revamp, redesign, or eliminate the performance appraisal process. And for good reason: our research shows that more than 70% of all organizations dislike the process they have and I have yet to talk with an employee or manager who likes it at all (one client calls it a “soul-crushing exercise”).

How Do Men Define ‘Having It All’? For better or worse, the “having it all” debate is one that has long focused on women.


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Independent police review director questioned credibility of a Portland assistant police chief -The director of Portland’s police oversight division raised concerns to the mayor’s office this year about an assistant police chief’s truthfulness after the high-ranking officer was interviewed as a witness to alleged police misconduct.

Hanjin departure from terminal operator’s point of view: Guest opinion – International Longshore and Warehouse Union leader Leal Sundet has not let the facts stand in his way in his efforts to blame ICTSI Oregon Inc. for Hanjin Shipping Co.’s decision to cease calling on the Port of Portland. It’s what Mr. Sundet conceals that is at the heart of Hanjin’s decision.

Southwest Corridor plans get nod from Metro Council – The plans, developed through years of discussions with members of the public, community advocates and cities 

Police reforms need swift passage without collective bargaining: Editorial – The characteristically tempered LaVonne Griffin-Valade issued a memo last week that was a shrill calling out of city leaders, and Portland’s police chief, for a lack of concern about public accountability in the police bureau.


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Hynix whittles away at tax bill – The chipmaker has used the appeals process to cut its obligation, a move the county is now challenging

Metolius council hears marijuana clinic proposal – Councilors looking into issue Could a marijuana clinic open in Metolius? The Metolius City Council recently considered a business proposal to do just that.

Final push: Supporters woo undecideds for McGinn, Murray – Crews of unpaid supporters are dialing phones and ringing door bells as time runs out in the 2013 Seattle mayor’s race.

Historic Tacoma mansion at center of neighborhood showdown – In one of Tacoma’s nicest neighborhoods, an ever-louder conversation surrounds plans to find a productive new use for one of the Northwest’s grandest and most historic mansions.

Washington ballot issues draw money from near, afar – Outside interests with deep pockets have begun to dominate certain ballot-measure campaigns and even candidate races.

$1.3 billion transportation project restoring vital roadways – When trucks were forced to detour 200 miles from Oregon’s main north-south route — because state officials limited loads on the Interstate 5 bridges near Eugene and Springfield — it drew a lot of attention a decade ago.

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In Detroit, Mayor’s Race Is One Piece of a Puzzle – The mayoral race in Detroit is riddled with complications, among them the presence of an emergency manager running the city.

A Dinkytown restroom is in the running for No. 1 in nation – There is one public restroom in the Twin Cities that is so flush with luxury that it is in the running as the nation’s best.

Gay rights a bitter divide in Holland election – Two incumbents are being opposed by challengers who would reverse a vote by the council in 2011 declining to add sexual orientation to a city anti-discrimination law.

Ranked-choice ‘veteran’ Thune not happy with its impact on St. Paul City Council race – With seven candidates next week in St. Paul’s highly contested 1st Ward City Council race, the outcome is likely to be decided by the city’s ranked-choice voting system.