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Fashion Catches Up With the Canadian Tuxedo

Transaction Wire

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Zoe Monahan, City of Jerome, ID

Knope of the Week winner is a finalist for Hillsboro police chief position.

Steve Berger named director of Washington County Department of Community Corrections

Two resign from Arts Commission board, protest director’s firing

And then there were three, running for Clackamas County commissioner

High 5

America’s Homeless Kids Crisis – The number of students without a home has hit a record high, according to new data from the Department of Education.

The World’s Greenest Jail? Plunging prices for solar panels and generous subsidies for fuel cells are prompting companies, universities, and public facilities to go green.

FAA Says Electronic Devices Now Allowed In-Flight. So Why The Heck Were We Turning Them Off All This Time? If you’re like me, the least pleasant moment of any flight is the flight attendants barking at uncooperative passengers to turn off electronic devices – I bet flight attendants don’t like it much either. Thankfully, that moment looks like it’s about to disappear.

Playing defence – TO GET a sense of the racial sensitivity that pervades the District of Columbia consider this: a mayoral aide was once fired for using the word niggardly. He was later re-hired after the mayor’s office consulted a dictionary.

Supreme Court to hear new case on public prayer – Prayers before a town’s board meetings are the focus of a fight that may reshape the legal limits on religious expression at official functions around the country.

50 Nifty

How Civic San Diego Plans to Respond to Its Identity Crisis – It wants to designate specific areas in the city — along the Orange Line in Encanto and along El Cajon Boulevard in City Heights — for a series of programs aimed at lowering the cost of development to stimulate new projects, thereby increasing jobs and housing in those low-income areas.

A $100 Million Urban Resilience Effort To Help Cities Survive The Next Superstorm – Hundreds of cities are vying for grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, because they know they aren’t prepared for future disasters.

Maglev train idea for Northeast resurfaces Proposed line would start with D.C.-Baltimore segment

Virginia Court Rules in Favor of Private Road Deal – The ruling means that Virginia — a national leader on public-private partnerships — will likely continue its tolling push.

Where Catastrophic Droughts and Floods Are Bound to Happen in the U.S. – A new NASA map shows what parts of the country will likely soon suffer from extreme floods, major droughts, and other water-related calamities.


How a Judge’s Media Interviews Were Used to Block Stop and Frisk Reform – The fate of the controversial policy now rests with New York’s next mayor.

Showing No Mercy in Wyoming – The Cheneys’ campaign to get Liz elected to the Senate already includes plenty of scorched earth.

Ex-Governor of Florida Seeks Old Job in New Party – The governor’s race will no doubt be one of next year’s most expensive and rancorous, offering a contrast between Charlie Crist, a centrist, and Gov. Rick Scott, a Tea Party conservative.

Virginia blame game begins – National Republicans agree on this much about the 2013 campaign in Virginia: It wasn’t supposed to go like this.

2 Democrats Split on Bill to Fight Military Sex Assault – The conflict has created an uncomfortable division between Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Claire McCaskill.

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Inside Google’s 1-Million-Square-Foot London Office — 3 Years Before It Opens – Google’s new London office, scheduled to open in 2016, will have an open-air swimming pool, an indoor football pitch, a climbing wall and a roof garden from which to watch trains glide out of Kings Cross station toward Cambridge or Hogwarts.

Twitter Helps Revive a Seedy San Francisco Neighborhood – Studded with check-cashing joints, strip clubs and dollar stores, the seven-block strip known as the Mid-Market had resisted cleanup efforts and resolutely remained the same: a seedy place to visit day or night. Even the area’s community groups said they were fearful.


For Real-Time LAX Shooting Info, Officials Point to Twitter – Officials declined to identify the shooter in a press conference Friday, and instead pointed to LAX’s official Twitter account, @LAX_Official as the public’s source for the “most real-time information you can get” on both the shooting and the effects on incoming and outgoing flights.

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What We Get Wrong About Small Business – How, exactly, do they create jobs? We’re not really sure.

Young Professionals Are Flocking to Raleigh, not Oklahoma City, in One Interactive – Attention mayors, governors, and economic development gurus: Your plans to lure young college graduates to your cities with downtown lofts and local start-ups are not working. Instead, millennials are opting to move from their college towns to a much smaller cluster of cities than they did 30 years ago—places such as Boulder, Colo., Washington D.C; Cambridge, Mass.; or San Jose, Calif.

Hillary Clinton announces ‘No Ceilings’ project – The former secretary of state aims to raise global awareness to the progress, or lack of it, that women have mad

5 Reasons Why Most People Never Discover Their Purpose – Living and working with purpose is a process of self-discovery–and one most of us never let ourselves undergo.

Pentagon News Service, Read at First Light and Debated All Day, Fades Away – There were many causes of death for the Early Bird, among them Internet services that made the effort seem like an anachronism.


No, the Government Should Not Give Student Loans for Unpaid Internships – A respected economist offers a dubious policy proposal.


Editorial: City should keep its hands off streetcar revenues – A small but technical finding by a sharp-shooting city treasurer has plunged the Portland Streetcar Inc. into an existential debate about the role of the nonprofit in managing trains throughout the city’s downtown core. 

Portland Works to Combat ‘Distracted Walking’ – The transit agency is outfitting buses and intersections with technology designed to get pedestrians to pay attention.

Hales’ Office Says They’re Working on Finalizing Deal on Police Union DOJ Lawsuit – Portland Police Association says that’s news to them

Novick Says Although Vista Bridge Still Attracts Jumpers, Temporary Barriers are Working – “Suicide bridge” closed as cops talk to despondent man


Cleanup of Ridgefield site done – The Port of Ridgefield, city of Ridgefield and the state Department of Ecology have reached an agreement that formally signs off on completion

Sorenson says board failed to oversee committee – After questions about a former administrator’s actions, a commissioner says the board fell short

County negotiates 99-year downtown leases – Commissioners vote Tuesday on deals with two developers behind housing-retail projects

Willamette waits – An economic impact study will delay lane-design decision

Oregon’s largest crisis communications event Saturday – The Oregon Office of Emergency Management is coordinating the largest amateur radio emergency communications exercise ever throughout Oregon this Saturday, officials said Friday.

Medical marijuana in Oregon: Medford, other cities trying to ban outlets (photos, videos) – The restrictions set the stage for what is likely to be a legal battle over whether local governments have a say in regulating medical marijuana in a state that first legalized the drug for medicinal use in 1998 but only this year began the process of regulating its retail distribution.

Vancouver hires new chief of police – The new chief has the qualities the city sought as they thought about the kind of police work needed in the future.

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Romeoville locks in village manager – Steve Gulden has worked for the village since 1985

A Groundbreaking 1961 Documentary Laid Bare Chicago’s Racial Disparities – Ten years after the Cicero riots came an award-winning film called The City of Necessity.

Chicago dog license push is a bust – City Hall’s effort to get Chicago residents to register their dogs is largely a bust, City Clerk Susan Mendoza acknowledged today.

Steady rain helps douse havoc on Angel’s Night in Detroit – In the past 22 years Jim Ward has been patrolling his northwest side neighborhood, he hasn’t seen a single fire during Angel’s Night.