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Former Monmouth mayor files to run for Rep. Vicki Berger’s House seat

Secretary of State hires new elections division director

West Linn city manager fires city’s chief planner, saying Planning Department 


High 5

The Embarrassing Truth About How We Talk About Small-Town America – What aren’t we saying when we sum up small towns as close-knit and quaint?

How Hurricane Sandy Displaced Everyone It Touched – While the weather only forced some of us from our homes, it cost us all a way of life.

Can Online News Outlets Help Fill Statehouse Reporting’s Void? Some worry that the drop in the number of reporters covering state capitals and the slow death of print media are making public officials and institutions less accountable.

How Local Governments Hinder Our Response to Natural Disasters – Hurricane Sandy didn’t respect jurisdictional boundaries, and it challenged us to coordinate disaster response on a regional scale.

In Italy, fight over high-speed trains leaves a private competitor fenced in – The railway wars have become a cautionary tale for what can happen when competing in crisis-hit Europe.

50 Nifty

Two distant worlds meet in Wyoming’s smallest town – Don Sammons owned an isolated roadside stopover with a population of 1. Now he’s passed it on to Nguyen Dinh Pham of Vietnam, who hopes to launch a coffee empire.

Eastern Ports Spend Billions, But Will New Ships Come? Ports along the East Coast are scrambling to dredge and expand so they can accommodate larger ships expected once the Panama Canal widening is complete in 2015.

Ex-Bell attorney unsure how name got on contracts – Former City Atty. Edward Lee testifies that even though his name is on most of the contracts, he does not recall signing them

Central L.A. fights a plague of garbage – A $1-million effort focusing on Westlake and Pico-Union tries to clean up trash and furniture piled as high as 10 feet. The city also wants to change the attitudes of people who dump.

Turning a Storm’s Scars Into Badges of Survival – Hurricane Sandy left behind a waterline on many properties showing the height of the flooding, which some storm victims are resolved to keep.


The president in the dark – For a smart man, Obama professes to know very little about many of the things his White House does.

Herrera Beutler draws Republican challenger in 2014 – A Republican has emerged to challenge U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in the 2014 election.

City Prepares to Unleash Bill Fulton – The item facing the Council would re-establish planning as a standalone department, completing what’s been a foregone conclusion since Filner hired big deal-urban planner Bill Fulton this summer while also remaking the city’s overall bureaucratic structure.

At the source of the shutdown, anger at Obama runs high as economy falters – To understand Republicans who have been hard-lining Obama, look at their struggling home districts.

House, Set to Vote on 2 Bills, Is Seen as an Ally of Wall Street – Bills that would undercut new financial regulations are part of a campaign among Republicans and business-friendly Democrats against the Dodd-Frank Act.


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11 Facebook Games You’re Embarassed to Admit You Play – In case you don’t spend enough time on Facebook already, Facebook games asure that what little life you have left is taken from your status-typing fingers. But Facebook’s App Center has a few games that just don’t seem like the type you want to share with your social network.

Web Giants Threaten End to Cookies – Microsoft and Google have said they are developing systems to control the river of Web data in ways that bypass companies that place cookies on websites.

On Social Media, You Have More to Say Than You Think – When you’ve got a traditional business, it may seem hard to figure out what to post on social media networks, but the truth is, you have more to say than you think.

Don’t mix social media and alcohol – Engaging with peers on social platforms can be dangerous. Doing so while you’re under the influence of alcohol is downright irresponsible.

Career Center

There’s Only One City in Europe With Both Ample Jobs and Cheap Housing – At least, that’s how it feels to Europeans, according to a new survey.

How to Get a Nonprofit Job in Portland – Advice from United Way’s HR Director, Kathy Grimm

An Extraordinary ‘Synthetic’ Map of Every Household in America – By age, size, income and race.

How to Answer a Behavioral Interview Question: Tips from an Oregon Employer – What are Oregon employers looking for in a job candidate?

Malcolm Gladwell’s high school teacher inspired many other greats – Author said his greatest influence was Bill Exley, a high school English teacher who taught at Elmira District Secondary School


Portland City Hall changes include showers for employees: Portland City Hall  – This summer, with homeless campers outside City Hall, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales said visitors didn’t feel comfortable visiting

Damascus Voters Could Dismantle Government – Over a cup of coffee at a Damascus breakfast spot, Chris Hawes laments the nine difficult years the town of 10,000 has been a city

Grimm’s Fuel composting smell prompts Tualatin residents to oppose DEQ permit – Tualatin residents fear that Grimm’s Fuel may end up leading to odor problems similar to Nature’s Needs, a composting facility in North Plains, if it accepts food scraps.

Portland Police Chief Mike Reese, high-ranking supervisors blasted by auditor for ‘alarming lapses’ in accountability – Outraged by the Portland police chief’s recent statement to the City Council that the police oversight system “is working very well,” the city auditor on Monday identified “alarming lapses” under the chief’s tenure.

Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willey: Intel drives our economy, improves quality of life (guest opinion) – “The Westside is where it’s at.”That was the headline I read in a recent news article detailing why real estate investors are keen on the city of Hillsboro. The story mentioned a series of successes that Hillsboro has enjoyed over the past year and that have positioned our community well for the future.


It’s up to counties to choose well in reshaping public safety systems: Guest opinion – Earlier this year, Oregon legislators gave counties a rare opportunity to shape the future of the state when they passed a significant public safety reform package. The goal was to reduce the size and cost of the state prison system by making smart investments in local interventions that reduce crime and violence.

County union workers will get additional paid vacation days but no cost-of-living increase – Lane County and its largest union, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 2831, have reached a tentative agreement that would see around 500 represented employees get three additional paid vacation days but no cost-of-living raises before July 2014.

Downtown Coos Bay problems sink in – Supported by wood pilings, three prominent buildings in the waterfront city’s center show signs of sag

Eugene City Council approves two homeless camping sites – A 6-2 vote clears the way for camping on parcels at Roosevelt Boulevard and at Chambers Street

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A 140-Acre Forest Is About to Materialize in the Middle of Detroit – The city’s emergency manager has approved a deal to turn scores of blighted properties into a lush green space with maple and oak trees.

Gov. Snyder testifies Detroit bankruptcy was ‘last resort’ – Retiree lawyer William Wertheimer prods Gov. Rick Snyder to agree that Detroit’s problems should not be fixed by slashing pensions of retired city workers

Fantasy Town – Plain Dealer critic Steven Litt praises nearly every plan to remake the city, but Cleveland really needs a dose of reality.

Ohio Governor Defies G.O.P. With Defense of Social Safety Net – Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio has critiqued his party’s views on poverty programs and moved to expand Medicaid in his state.