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 No. 20 S Carolina Rallies Past No. 5 Mizzou in 2OT

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Government Transactions

City of Hillsboro narrows its search for a police chief

State Rep. Chris Harker, D-Beaverton, announces he will not seek re-election in 2014

High 5

 The Oregon Duck Goes Crazy Behind Tom Rinaldi on College GameDay

The trials of Cover Oregon: After early promise, online insurance exchange struggles – When it came to innovation in health care, Oregon seemed years ahead of the curve.

Why the Government Never Gets Tech Right – Getting to the Bottom of HealthCare.gov’s Flop

Leading the fight for states’ rights – From behind his desk in Topeka, Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach exerts an influence on states’ issues far beyond the borders of his

After Year of Working Around Federal Cuts, Agencies Face Fewer Options – As House and Senate budget negotiators sit down to devise a 2014 spending plan, politicians from both sides are preparing to think small.

Angry with Washington, W. Virginians are rejecting their Democratic roots – Many now see government as an enemy threatening their economy and trapping them in dependency.

50 Nifty


A drowning Maryland town beats back the mighty Chesapeake Bay – Crisfield rallied after Hurricane Sandy. But if water levels rise as expected, does it have a future?

Vision of Prairie Paradise Troubles Some Montana Ranchers – Some ranchers who fear the region will lose its identity object to conservationists’ plan to create a vast grassland reserve where 10,000 bison roam and fences are few.

Gambling Debate Entangles Disney in Florida – Disney has long led the fight against the expansion of casinos in the state, but it also owns the Marvel superheroes, whose images appear on slot machines.

California Finds Fears Unfounded With Cannabis Use – California’s experience as the first state to legalize medical marijuana offers surprising lessons, experts say.

Energy Boom Puts Wells in Backyards – New oil and gas wells have turned millions of Americans into the petroleum industry’s neighbors. But the drilling boom is firing up resentment when one person’s financial windfall means their neighbors abut a working well.


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A mayor is only as good as his city – The New York City mayoral race is entering its final days, and it seems all but certain that Bill de Blasio will be the new master of City Hall. That’s prompted anxiety among some in New York, best encapsulated by an ad run by Republican challenger Joseph Lhota warning that the city would revert to a 1970s crime-ridden cesspit if de Blasio is elected.

Gift probe puts McDonnell on the sidelines in Virginia governor’s race – The governor remains an outcast in one of the country’s most-watched political contests of the year.

Jayne: Clark County Republicans may be picking wrong fight – When Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, voted recently in favor of an agreement that halted the partial shutdown of the federal government, she was chastised by the Clark County Republican Board of Directors.

THE CRACKPOTS BOIL OVERBY STEVE COLL – Humiliated during the government shutdown, the G.O.P. now faces an internal purge by an unbowed Tea Party

Joe Biden, Democratic recruiter – Vice President Joe Biden is on a break from being President Barack Obama’s Senate closer. But he’s picked up an increasingly active role as the Democrats’ House recruiter.

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The Smartphone and the Bad Samaritan – Busy with our tablets and smartphones in public places, we may be losing our sense of duty to others.

Teenagers Prove Fickle When Choosing Social Networks – Last year, reports consistently found that teens were not very interested in Twitter but were unhealthily addicted to Facebook. Now that seems to be flipping.

THE CRUELTY OF ONLINE COMMENTERSBY MARIA KONNIKOVA – What is it about the Internet that unleashes so much nastiness and aggression?

THE REAL GUIDE TO USING TWITTER – Twitter is a platform that brings together millions of people to read and spread breaking news, to flirt with celebrities, to interact with brands, and to lose their jobs and political futures. It’s wonderful. But it can be terribly confusing! Here’s a guide to help you tweet like a social-media maven.

14 Facebook Tools You Didn’t Know Existed – You know all about Facebook‘s basic tools. You can post statuses and share articles with the best of ’em. But how often do you check your Activity Log? What is the Browse tool for?

Career Center

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How to Answer a Behavioral Interview Question: Tips from an Oregon Employer – What are Oregon employers looking for in a job candidate? This is a question I hear from many of our readers.

During sleep, our brains clean house – As we doze, our brains flush toxic waste, including an Alzheimer’s-linked protein, a study of mice finds.

‘No matter how much you love your job, everybody has their limits’ – Disillusioned by furloughs and worried about budget cuts and pay freezes, many young federal employees can’t help but try to leave.

Millennials: Will Student Debt Really Push Your Retirement Age to 75? – A new report says student loans could push retirement out to 75 for some graduates, but there are other factors at work

Want To Fund Your Kickstarter? You’re Not Steve Jobs–Ask People What They Want – Why 56% of Kickstarter projects fail, and how to make your project succeed, from the guys behind two incredibly successful projects.


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Portland should live up to its promises and develop Beech Park: Editorial – At the city’s current rate of promise fulfillment, they will be eligible for Medicare before Portland develops this 16-acre parcel and adds a playground, picnic area and soccer field to the park-deprived Argay neighborhood in outer Northeast.

Counties scramble to fund infrastructure projects – The Oregon Investment Council has recently invested hundreds of millions of dollars into public infrastructure projects around the United States

TriMet hopes to connect Washington County cities – Regional officials are recognizing what Washington and Clackamas county residents already know: Their cities are not just Portland bedroom communities

Road-widening challenge paves way for special election – Rarely used petition process forces citywide vote on approved projects. Lake Oswego voters are on track to weigh in on recently approved road expansions next spring



Tacoma’s Proposition 1 could cost TPU managers a raise – In recent weeks, in libraries and schools all over Tacoma, City Manager T.C. Broadnax has presented the case for Proposition 1 and its bid to fix city streets.

Eugene studies West 13th bike lane – The proposal would require the removal of  on-street parking for a stretch of more than a mile

From marriage to marijuana, Oregon facing flood of hot-button ballot measures next year – Jason Napier was gathering signatures for two marijuana initiatives this week in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square when a man in dreadlocks asked if the measures would legalize heroin.

Point Roberts fire commissioner race rekindles emotions of fire chief’s firing – Last year, more than a hundred people out of the town of 1,300 crammed into the fire station on Benson Road to protest the board’s sudden firing of Chief Nick Kiniski, a retired pro wrestler, owner of the Reef Tavern, and generally popular personality on Point Bob. One board member resigned amid the public backlash that followed.

Salem’s civic center not quite as obvious anymore – If you were to ask a Salem resident 100 years ago where Salem’s civic center was, you probably would be directed to a seven block strip radiating out east and west from the State Capitol

Alcohol having spirited growth in county – Over the past few years, the malty smell of brewing beer, the earthy air of growing grapes and the coppery scent of distilling vodka have spread across Clark County like a permeating fog.

Warm feelings – Prospective volunteers prepare to help staff Eugene warming centers

Mounds of trouble – State wants Lane County businessmen to clean up old landfill

A scorching jobs desert– What will be remembered of Seattle when all our craftsman-styles and Apodments have fallen down?

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NC State Cheerleaders Chest Bump Despite Wolfpack Trailing by 32 Points

Time to drive right over Dowell’s bicycle tax – It wouldn’t have been a gesture of defiance to the temperature. (Man, it was 70 degrees a week or so ago, and this morning the wind chill was 25. That’s a fast drop, even for Chicago.)

INTERVIEW: What You Learn In a Year-Long Crash Course on Detroit City Planning – Challenge Detroit, basically a year-long crash course on city planning, is a new urban revitalization program that launched in the Motor City last year. The inaugural class of 30 fellows just wrapped up its first year in September, and the second class is currently digging in.

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