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New iPad, iPad Mini and Mac Announcements Coming Today

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Stephen Albaugh joins Metro as Assistant Management Analyst.

Join the Clackamas County Budget Committee. Apply by October 30.

Interested in a career with the OR Secretary of State Audits Division? Meet the Agency on  Oct. 25 from 11:30-2:30 in Salem.

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THIS MAP SHOWS WHAT EVERY COUNTRY LEADS THE WORLD IN AND IT’S NOT ENTIRELY FLATTERING – Sometimes you just have to take your victories wherever you can get them. A new map tracks the crowning achievements of each country around the world, even though in many instances the honor is dubious.

Silicon Valley’s Secessionist Movement Is Growing – Last week, I wrote about one Silicon Valley investor’s excited response to the government shutdown, a response sparked by his belief that “stasis in the government is actually good for all of us.” It was an extraordinary statement, it seemed to me, not only because it ignored the very real damage the government’s gridlock was doing to normal, non-wealthy people all over the country, but because it revealed a broader ideological shift among certain members of the technological elite, from political apathy to active anti-government hostility.

Will the Feds Regulate E-Cigarettes? The Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide whether it will regulate them this month. In the meantime, more than half the states have already restricted their sales.

Poll finds major damage to GOP after shutdown – An overwhelming majority say the budget dispute exposed deep divisions between the tea party and other Republicans while damaging the economy, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Evangelical Leader Preaches Pullback From Politics, Culture Wars – Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention says it is time for evangelicals to tone down the rhetoric and pull back from the political fray and culture wars.

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How Utah Turned Its Unpopular Public Transit System Into a Hit – The state doubled its light rail line in just 7 years, with the broad support of users and non-users alike.

Deal Is Reached to End Bay Area Transit Strike – Commuter trains in the San Francisco area were set to begin running again Tuesday after a four-day strike.

States want reimbursement for funding parks during shutdown – Five states provided funds to reopen federal parks during the shutdown, but reimbursement is not guaranteed.

New Jersey Grants Gay Marriages – The New Jersey Supreme Court decided October 18 to allow gay couples to marry while an appeal continued in court, prompting a flurry of weddings on Monday, the first day they were legal.


Democrats Reach Out to Business After Shutdown – At a time when the business community’s ties to congressional Republicans have been strained by recent fiscal crises, Democratic political operatives are trying to move into the breach.

Chamber of Commerce Not Impressed by Cruz’s Strategy – At a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor on Monday, U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Donohue made clear that he was unimpressed by Sen. Ted Cruz’s Obamacare gambit.

Business looks to challenge tea party in primaries – But despite the public grousing and aggressive posture of top executives and Washington operatives, there’s little evidence that trade associations and other business-minded groups will actually be able to move the needle in the 2014 election.

Obama’s passive voice – He appears to have been blindsided by Obamacare’s technical problems.

In Clinton Fund-Raising, Expect a Full Embrace – For donors accustomed to what some see as the aloofness of President Obama, the experience of the Clintons in fund-raising mode comes as something of a revelation.

From Bill Clinton to Dan Snyder: Meet the man in charge of damage control – Lanny Davis has steered big names through stormy media waters, but the sailing wasn’t always smooth.

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iMessage May Not Be as Secure as Apple Claims – Is iMessage really secure? Apple says the encryption on its Wi-Fi-enabled messaging service is unbreakable, but at the Hack in the Box computer security conference in Kuala Lumpur Oct. 14-18, researchers painted a different picture.

The 10 Fastest Growing Apps This Year – Following Vine for fastest growing apps were the recently relaunched Flickr app and Instagram, proving 2013 is an important year for mobile apps sharing images and videos.


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The Myers Briggs States of America -Northeasterners are neurotic, West Coasters are laid back, and more empirical data on America’s psychological geography.

A Wondrous GIF Shows the Most Popular Baby Names for Girls Since 1960 – Social Security Administration data visualized in the most lovely way imaginable.

Women Are the Only Adults Left in Washington – With the federal government at shutdown’s door, the 20 female Senate members are setting new standards for civility and bipartisanship. Look out, old boys’ club

In Government’s Belated Jobs Report, a Search for Clues – The employment data for September — due Tuesday, 18 days behind schedule — may seem a bit stale, but it could be the last report of the year not skewed by the shutdown.


Adidas reaffirms commitment to Portland and Canton, Mass. – Adidas Group announced on Monday that Patrik Nilsson, president of Portland-based Adidas America, would be the president of a newly constituted Adidas Group North America, combining the operations of Adidas America and Reebok, based in Canton, Mass.

Beaverton Wayfinding: Residents vote on look, language and location of signs – The example signs presented here are printed on the material that would be used on the roads, giving open house participants a better sense of the colors and overall appearance of the signs.

Portland’s commission form of government turns 100: What do you think of it? The quirky system is still in place all these years later. Portland is an outlier when compared to other major U.S. cities, which typically have a strong mayor and city council or city manager style government.

Jeff Cogen takes to Facebook to celebrate new job after ‘self-inflicted disaster’ affair with Sonia Manhas – Jeff Cogen told his Facebook followers on Monday that he’s “really enjoying” his new job at aDemocracy Resources, a Portland signature-gathering firm, , after a “self-inflicted disaster” that ended his tenure as Multnomah County chair last summer.



Board finds state broke labor laws – Oregon broke labor laws and the terms of its contract with its largest union two years ago when it temporarily forbid employees from using work email to talk about union-related matters

Eugene city councilors laud YMCA’s plan for Bethel recreation center – In November, the council is expected to review a lease with the Y for a facility off Barger Drive

County to bank timber funds – Leaders seem poised to apply $9.8 million in federal funds during the 2014-15 Lane County budget cycle

Study, maps, show more landslides in Astoria – Leaders in Astoria say the city shouldn’t “freak out” because of a newly released maps and a study that show about half the damage to the city from a major earthquake would be from landslides

State’s medical-marijuana system may face new rules – Washington state’s loosely regulated medical-marijuana system now comes under scrutiny from lawmakers who are concerned that it will undercut the new legal recreational-pot market.

B.G. accidentally rejects proposed land annexation – The absence of two Battle Ground City Council members led to confusion Monday when a majority of councilors accidentally voted not to approve a plan to annex land beyond the west edge of the city, even though a majority of them supported it.

Vancouver City Council works on grant priorities – Increasing affordable housing, homeless services among goals

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Ohio OKs Medicaid expansion – A board approves the Obamacare changes, but a legal fight by furious conservatives is looming.

Op-Ed: Michigan Meets Wind Energy at the Kitchen Table – Thanks to an innovative model of community inclusion, the big turbines are now welcome.

Sick Of Being Shot At, Detroit Bus Drivers Protest for Police Protection – Casey’s run-in with a gun-toting driver was not the first time a Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) operator has been threatened, spit on, assaulted or shot at. It happens so frequently, in fact, that about 150 drivers and members of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26 protested for police protection Monday morning in front the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center downtown.

Rosenblum: Mayors handbook a breath of fresh air in nutty race Two questions for the 35 candidates in the Minneapolis mayoral race: Have you read the Minnesota Mayors Handbook? Have you heard of the Minnesota Mayors Handbook?