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Banksy takes on the Big Apple

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Minnesotan named Newport city manager

Rosalynn Greene named Policy Analyst and Program Evaluator at Metro

Megan Messmer recognized by City of Florence for her “amazing” contributions.

High 5

Greeley one of few cities in nation to ask voters to keep city manager – Thanks to a provision added to the city charter more than 40 years ago, the city manager — now it’s Otto — must get approval from Greeley voters to keep his job. The question is on this year’s ballot.

New Balance Buys Boston a Commuter Rail Stop – As states and cities find it increasingly difficult to pay for transit, and as the feds continue to devolve transportation to lower levels of government, many areas are turning to the private sector for help in building the infrastructure necessary for train and bus service.

In bellwether district, Va. governor’s race stews in aftermath of federal shutdown – After 30 years in the Air Force, he’s used to straight talk. But what Anderson, a Republican who represents 80,000 residents of Prince William County in the Virginia legislature, is hearing these days is blunt to the max.

My Life As a Young Thug – We were beefing with these guys called the Puma Boys. It was 1976, and I lived in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and these guys were from my neighborhood. At that time I was running with a Rutland Road crew called the Cats, a bunch of Caribbean guys from nearby Crown Heights.

Experts See Weeks of Work on Health Site – Most of the main problems crippling the online insurance system have been spotted, but officials have been slow to issue orders for fixing them, people close to the project say

50 Nifty

Tech ‘surge’ to tackle Obamacare websites – The Obama administration Sunday said it’s called on “the best and brightest” tech experts from both government and the private sector to help fix the troubled website at the root of the Obamacare enrollment problems.

Same-Sex Couples in New Jersey Say ‘I Do’ – Some couples, like Louise Walpin and Marsha Shapiro, were unwilling to wait any longer than they had to and wed at 12:01 a.m., the minute it was allowed in the state.

California, Fiscal Reform and the Elusive ‘Policy Window’ – Can the state ever find a way out of its structural budget problems? A new book might suggest a path for places wrestling with policy dilemmas.

Why Connecticut Bought a Tennis Tournament – Connecticut may be the first state in the nation to purchase a pro tennis tournament. The deal has its skeptics, but Gov. Dan Malloy and other state officials say it will generate millions.


Storm, Scandal Send Christie and McDonnell in Different Directions – Chris Christie of New Jersey and Robert F. McDonnell of Virginia used to be the GOP’s two favorite governors. What happened?

The shutdown showdown: What changed, what didn’t – As the shutdown headache eases, will we look back on this as a pivot point in politics or simply a hiccup in the spasmodic nature of modern governing?

GOP big-city mayors vanish – Largely unnoticed in Washington, urban Republican politicians have emerged over the last year as perhaps the nation’s most severely endangered political species, as the party has either failed to compete for high-profile mayor’s offices or has been soundly rebuffed by voters.

Richmond Times-Dispatch refuses to endorse for Virginia governor – A major Virginia newspaper announced on Sunday that it “cannot in good conscience” endorse Terry McAuliffe or Ken Cuccinelli in the state’s gubernatorial race, which has shaped up to be a deeply negative contest.

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A stroll through an iconic burial ground, with Google as your escort – With millions of photos, Google plans to map Arlington National Cemetery for virtual viewers.

Watch The Rise And Fall Of A Millennial Relationship Compressed Into Five Minutes – For all the young people trying to find that special someone.

How Twitter Hopes To Reduce Its Tax Bill (In 140 Characters Or Less) – Twitter can sum up its new tax reduction strategy in 140 characters or less: Double Irish and Dutch Sandwich.

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When the Bosses Are Whispering – A reader tells the Workologist that she feels left out of her new team at work — and wonders how to address the issue with her department head.

What matters to Millennials? Over 700 millennials took our survey about what it means to live, work, and play in Washington, D.C. We selected quotes from their responses and sorted them into nine categories below.


The Cop Shop Sweats – Code changes would give the Independent Police Review new power.

Coding for Quakes – Emergency planners want seismically safer buildings. But will it be enough?

Metro takes steps to fight climate change – Study says Portland area can expect more heat, bugs, mold

Columbia River Crossing: If they build it, who will drive over it? The controversy over the Columbia River Crossing extends into analyzing traffic projections for the project, which are a key to paying for $1.3 billion in project costs through tolling

Hanjin Shipping plans to stop calling on Port of Portland, stranding Northwest importers, exporters – Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd., the Port of Portland’s biggest trans-Pacific container carrier, confirmed Friday the shipping line intends to pull out of Portland, ending two decades of service to exporters and importers.


In Focus: Vote for a strong mayor for Pasco – More than 80 percent of Washington cities have chosen to operate under the mayor-council plan.

Bainbridge Island starts effort to break up police union – City Manager Doug Schulze filed a petition to the state Oct. 2 to allow the city to remove four lieutenants from the union that represents Bainbridge police officers.

City manager offered new job in Oregon – According to a story published on the News Lincoln County website, by unanimous vote of the Newport City Council, the current city manager of Sault St. Marie has been chosen to take over the same job in Newport.

Can Sisters learn from Maupin’s economic development efforts? Economic development-wise, Sisters might learn something from Maupin. With a year-round population of about 490 residents (5,000 if you include the entire school district), Maupin is one of six incorporated cities in Wasco County and is situated in the “south county” which also includes the cities of Antelope and Shaniko.

Panel weighs medical pot’s future in Washington – Recommendations due out today could include a possession limit or even a tax

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Chicago Survives the Months-Long Red Line South Reconstruction Project – For the last five months, half of the main elevated rail artery through Chicago has been shut down, a painful necessity as the Chicago Transit Authority ripped out and rebuilt 10 miles of train tracks that typically serve as the busiest route in and out of the South Side. The tracks themselves were four decades old.

Illinois’ Online Tax Law Struck Down; Will U.S. Supreme Court Step In? The Illinois Supreme Court today shot down the  state’s 2011 “Amazon”  law requiring out-of-state Internet sellers with web marketing affiliates in Illinois to collect Illinois sales taxes on deliveries to the state’s residents.