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26 Hilariously Clever Halloween Costumes

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Operation Government Un-Shutdown

A half million Americans signed up for Obamacare – Obama administration releases figure amid flurry of criticism of the health care law’s insurance exchange websites

Lobbyists Ready for a New Fight on U.S. Spending – Throughout the tense fiscal deadlock in recent weeks, some of the most powerful forces in Washington, including retirees and defense contractors, largely sat on the sidelines. Now they are preparing for a political fight with billions of federal dollars at stake.

Fiscal Crisis Sounds the Charge in G.O.P.’s ‘Civil War’ – After the budget standoff ended in crushing defeat last week and the political damage reports began to pile up for Republicans, one longtime party leader after another stepped forward to chastise their less seasoned, Tea Party-inspired colleagues who drove the losing strategy.

The Factions in the House of Representatives – Over the last three weeks, House Republicans engineered a budget fight that led to a government shutdown and threatened a financial default


High 5

The world’s most bike-friendly city has three times as many bikes as cars – Groningen, Netherlands, is maybe the most bike-friendly city in the world.

Problems persist for Obamacare’s bug-ridden exchanges – Three weeks after the health-care website’s launch, even the law’s supporters worry how long it will take to fix

Stay Put, Young Man – Americans used to be exceptional for how often they moved. But that once-powerful source of both efficiency and upward mobility is now in steep decline.

Why Do Cities Struggle to Replicate Best Practices? – Because there’s no single blueprint for fiscal success and very little actually can be replicated by another city or town

Is the Runway at LAX Falling Apart? – A lawsuit contends that Los Angeles’ $250 million runway has structural problems that could disrupt future flight operations at the nation’s third-busiest airport.


50 Nifty

Surreal scenarios for Detroit’s next mayor – With only 16 days left until Detroit voters go to the polls, the city’s politics are so bizarre that it’s difficult to have a coherent conversation with either mayoral candidate

Alaska fisheries battle Walmart over sustainability label – Retailer reconsidering policy excluding Alaska salmon, but critics question whether sustainability push is about money

Canada train derailment highlights debate over crude oil transportation – Accident in Alberta is the latest in a series of derailments involving train cars carrying flammable liquids

Boy Scout expedition tips over ancient Utah rock formation – Criminal charges may be in store for men involved in tipping over formation, believed to be 170 million years old

NJ Supreme Court says same-sex marriage can start Monday – Denies state’s request for a stay until January, effectively legalizing marriage in the state

Neediest Health Centers to Get Least Obamacare Funding – The 25 states that have opted out Medicaid expansion will miss out on $555 million.



The Case for Centrist Mayors – Why you’ll miss the age of the imperial centrist mayor

Storm, Scandal Send Christie and McDonnell in Different Directions – Chris Christie of New Jersey and Robert F. McDonnell of Virginia used to be the GOP’s two favorite governors. What happened?



West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta holds 10th annual event in Tualatin – The 10th annual West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta at the Tualatin Commons involves races on wacky 1,000 pound pumpkin boats involving costumed racers

Columbia River Crossing: If they build it, who will drive over it? – The controversy over the Columbia River Crossing extends into analyzing traffic projections for the project, which are a key to paying for $1.3 billion in project costs through tolling

Beaverton Community Emergency Response Teams train for disasters – A group of men and women clad in bright green vests and hardhats worked long boards like levers to lift a 10,000-pound slab of concrete off a victim. Across the training yard, another group doused flames in the engine of a car and helped extract a man trapped inside.



Intel finds Asian pollution makes computers sick, too – Intel engineers in Oregon are now discovering that rotten air is also taking a toll on electronics in China and India

Walla Walla features lively downtown on warm weather weekends – On a warm October evening, downtown Walla Walla is filled with people looking for food and drink.

Washington State Finalizes Legal Marijuana Rules – With little fanfare in a drab conference room, the state Liquor Control Board adopted rules for a legal marijuana system after 10 months of research, revisions, wrangling with the federal government and wrestling with who-would’ve-imagined questions

Grocery manufacturers disclose big donors to anti-GMO labeling campaign in Washington – The Grocery Manufacturers Association on Friday revealed that PepsiCo, Nestle USA and Coca-Cola each gave hidden donations of more than $1 million to the campaign against a Washington initiative that would require the labeling of genetically engineered food.


Midwest ELGL – Twitter Feed

Can you build a better KC logo? – Kansas Citians have been grousing about the city’s new logo, unveiled last week. Some say it just borrows liberally from sports team logos

State ends fiscal year with nearly $760 million surplus – Wisconsin had a nearly $760 million surplus at the end of the fiscal year, the Department of Administration announced Monday.

Do all good redevelopment ideas begin with a walk? – An urban planning expert who toured Benson says narrowing Maple Street and making the area more attractive to pedestrians would put more cash in business owners’ pockets and raise home values as well.