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22 Signs You’re Professionally Exhausted

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Operation Government UN-Shutdown

After debt battle, federal employees head back to work – Obama signs bill to avoid default; hundreds of thousands of federal workers return to jobs following shutdown

Obama: America ‘completely fed up’ with DC brinkmanship – Hours after signing bill to end shutdown, president bemoans the state of partisan politics

Critics call for ‘de-Americanized’ world after US fiscal debacle – The crisis may be over, but international observers warn congressional dysfunction has damaged US reputation

Tea party Republicans put dollar’s reputation at risk – Though we avoided default, long-term trust in the U.S. has been damaged



High 5

The Case for Cul-de-Sacs – Often criticized by planners, engineers, and safety officials there is a sociological case to be made for cul-de-sacs

Puppets Rapping About Bike Safety – Yeah this doesn’t even need a blurb, just watch it.

Fast-Food Giants Make Billions While Their Workers Use Billions in Welfare Benefits – Wages at America’s fast-food chains are so low that millions of employees have been receiving at least $7 billion a year in welfare benefits between 2007 and 2011

What do Millennials value when they move to a city? – Answer yes or no questions about what you value about living in a city.

Salmonella outbreak ratchets up food safety concerns – After antibiotic-resistant salmonella strikes hundreds of people, experts say stricter government controls are needed

50 Nifty

How States Target Tax Cheats – Since New York launched a new program targeting tax delinquents last August, the state has picked up $4 million in back taxes, out of an estimated $26 million owed

California Poised to Adopt First-in-Nation Energy Storage Mandate – State regulators are poised to compel utilities to invest in “energy storage,” which could jump-start technology long considered the holy grail of the electricity industry.

Michigan’s Gay Marriage Ban to Go on Trial in February – Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage will remain in place for now after a federal judge opted not to rule on the issue today and instead hold a trial in February


Illinois Supreme Court deciding on Constitutionality of vetoing electeds’ pay – The governor vetoed money for lawmakers’ salaries in July because he said they didn’t deserve to get paid until they address Illinois’ nearly $100 billion pension crisis.

After Cutting a Deal, McConnell Draws Criticism from All Sides – With Congress stuck in a bitter dispute over fiscal matters, there seemed to be no good solution for Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader up for re-election next year.

Dennis Linthicum says his potential challenge led Rep. Greg Walden to oppose budget deal – Klamath County Chairman Dennis Linthicum said Thursday that his likely primary challenge to Rep. Greg Walden led the veteran GOP congressman to vote this week against the budget that ended the federal government shutdown.


Washington High School redevelopment excites neighbors – The shuttered structure, built in 1924, hasn’t been used as a school since 1981.

Beaverton High teacher takes football trash talking too far – You don’t expect to see cheap shots collected and showcased on a white board in a high school classroom.

Legislative vacancies trigger intense primary season for Portland Democrats – The decision by Sen. Jackie Dingfelder to step down Nov. 4 to head to Portland City Hall has added fuel to an already intense Democratic primary season.

Trimet taking ideas for new bridge’s name – The new Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge could be the first bridge in Portland to be named by the public.

The Great Oregon ShakeOut: Thousands participate in earthquake drill – The Great Oregon ShakeOut, a yearly drill sponsored by the Oregon Department of Emergency Management and the Oregon chapter of the American Red Cross happened at 10:17 on Thursday.


Time to name the Oregon Zoo’s lion cubs and you can vote online – The zoo’s keepers already have picked two possible names for each cub. Members of the public can vote for their favorites from those pre-selected options on the zoo’s website.

Beaverton Round’s South Office Building gains new private tenant as construction approaches for city offices – The city-owned South Office Building at The Round will see interior improvements and a new private tenant in the next few months.

Oregon To Recognize Marriages of Gay Couples Wed Out of State – The state of Oregon will now recognize the marriages of same-sex couples who legally wed out of state.In a memo sent to all state agencies today

Intel’s air quality permit: DEQ now questioning whole process, may have issued wrong D1X approval – The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality may have incorrectly granted Intel approval for its $3 billion expansion in Hillsboro, effectively bypassing public notice and now calling into question the company’s pending air quality permit.

Midwest ELGL – Twitter Feed 

Whole Foods, apartment project in Broad Ripple passes second city zoning vote – A proposed multi-story apartment-grocery store development in Broad Ripple has won the second of three city zoning approvals needed to build the $25 million project.

How do you put your community on the map without major league sports? LED bridge lights! – The keepers of the Blue Bridge want to dazzle downtown residents and visitors with their new multi-colored LED lighting display.

Wisconsin Decides it Wants to Drive Faster – Motorists would be able to drive 70 mph on interstates.

Mapleton, IL Okays Bow Hunting in City Limits – The Village Board on Tuesday adopted a controversial ordinance change that allows bow hunting of deer within village limits with restrictions.