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US faces debt ceiling crash at stroke of midnight


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 Operation Government Shutdown

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Obama’s Debt Ceiling Gamble May Pay Off – House Republicans have been retreating on the debt ceiling, indicating that President Obama’s steadfast refusal to negotiate has been effective.

G.O.P. Divide Leaves Boehner ‘Herding Cats’ – With time slipping away before the debt-ceiling deadline, Speaker John A. Boehner and his lieutenants were running out of ideas.

Viewing U.S. With Fear and Dismay – The world has reacted mostly with disbelief that a superpower could fall into such dysfunction.

Top Credit Agency Says Standoff Could Trigger Downgrade – After the House postponed any action, the Senate’s Democratic and Republican leaders resumed talks on a resolution to reopen the government and extend the Treasury’s debt limit.

Nightmare Scenario: What Happens If We Actually, Truly Default? In recent days, I’ve spoken to a number of financiers and policy experts on what could happen if we reach the “X Date” – the date on which the United States Treasury has burned through all of its cash, and is no longer able to cover its expenses.

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How Old Media Helped Spur New York’s Tech Boom – The city’s tech and information sector has been pulling away from the rest of the country since 2009.

Mayor of Alaskan Town Is a Cat – But With His Honor Less Frisky, Residents Ponder Succession

Pretty vacants: Urban communities fill empty lots with gardens, skate parks, and creative possibility – In Philadelphia, you can scope out vacant lots on the websites Possible City and Grounded in Philly. In New Orleans, Living Lots launches this November. Comparable sites will soon go online in Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia.

How Ho Chi Minh City’s Filthy Canal Became a Park – Ho Chi Minh City residents recall the canal as it used to be: an open sewer snaking through the city’s central business district and several of its most densely populated neighborhoods. Waste from thousands of residential buildings, businesses and factories spewed directly into the water, giving the canal a perpetual stench and killing the fish that inhabited it.

World’s most dangerous roads – Join us for a white-knuckle ride on 12 of the world’s scariest roads that traverse adventurous destinations from Alaska to Afghanistan. By the time you’re done, perhaps you’ll consider flying.

50 Nifty

Could Free Rent Bring Oakland’s Downtown to Life? The city’s commercial center still feels depressingly lifeless. “Popuphood” wants to change that, fast.

Why Drivers Should Pay to Park on Residential Streets – New Yorkers say they’re willing to pay $400 a year for curb parking, so why does the city give it away for free?

A Boston of rich and poor, with no middle class – BUILDINGS LIKE the Kensington are driving Downtown Crossing’s comeback. But they’re also driving Boston to an untenable place, as a city where the rich lord over the poor, and the middle class is being squeezed out of existence.

South Dakota Ranchers Face Storm’s Toll, but U.S.’ Helping Hands Are Tied – After a blizzard, self-reliant South Dakotans feel invisible as the federal workers who would normally assist them are furloughed because of the government shutdown.

Coming Soon: Ability to Know Policy Impacts Before They Happen – Massachusetts is launching an online program in January that gives users a snapshot of how policy ideas will play out before they’re even formally proposed.

Supreme Court Considers Cases Impacting States & Localities – Big cases involve affirmative action and prayer.

Augusta’s new master plan for revitalization looks like a winner  – For some, the city of Augusta, Georgia conjures up a gently rolling golf course with manicured greens, devilish sand traps, and a golf tournament that ends with someone being fitted with an (let’s face it) ugly green sports coat.  For others, it is home, Georgia’s third-largest city.

Munis on the Mend – Yes, there are still problems in the municipal-bond market. But they’re less dire than many investors think.


Terry McAuliffe is a man in a hurry – The Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Virginia is eager to move on from his fundraising days.

As Hillary Clinton rakes in awards, is this her pre-campaign campaign? While she weighs a presidential run, the former secretary of state has picked up at least 15 awards.

Who controls the House GOP? No one. Speaker John A. Boehner tries to appease conservatives, but he is unable to woo enough Republicans to his side of the table.

Ex-Mayor of San Diego Pleads Guilty to Charges of Sexual Harassment – Forced out of office in August amid allegations of sexual harassment, Mr. Filner pleaded guilty to a charge of false imprisonment, among others.

Herrera Beutler on House GOP: ‘It’s time for my colleagues to face reality’ – Congresswoman calls for spending plan, debt limit bills that don’t attack health reform

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Code for America Summit Informs on Creativity – The nonprofit’s fourth annual summit brought leaders in civic engagement together to discuss innovation and how it can be executed in public sector.

Why Google Alerts is the most effective free marketing tool – You’ve probably heard of Google Alerts, which sends email alerts about any topic you want. Most people monitor their names and their business, but did you know Google Alerts is quite possibly the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal and it’s free?

Comment moderation and the (anti-) social Web – Is it time to get rid of the comments section? Or would that be a great loss for freedom of expression online?

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White Flight’s Surprising ‘Silver Lining’ – The historic exodus of whites from American cities helped boost black homeownership nationwide.

The More Hours You Work, the More Wealth You Earn… Right? Not so fast. At least one expert argues the opposite.

The Difference Between Baby Boomers, Gen X And Gen Y [Infographic] – Generation Y are the largest consumer group in U.S. history and are the target group that almost all major corporations are desperate to impress. Unlike generations before, Gen Y are brand agnostic and will tolerate your brand message pushing for all of zero seconds – one slip and you’re history.

MIDDLE-WAGE JOBS THAT HAVE SURVIVED, AND THE STATES THAT ARE FOSTERING THEM – Middle-skill jobs are in the same camp as green jobs, STEM jobs, and other groups of occupations that garner lots of attention: They can be defined many ways, by many rubrics. Regardless of the definition, however, it’s clear that middle-skill, or middle-wage, jobs have been in decline for years.


Right 2 Dream Too: Moving options unclear after Portland City Council again delays vote – Tuesday’s setback is the latest for Commissioner Amanda Fritz, who unveiled a plan to move the camp in September as a done deal. Weeks later, it ran into a political buzz saw wielded by influential developer Homer Williams and residents from the plugged-in Pearl District neighborhood association.

Washington County homes surge in value; property tax bills hitting mailbox soon – The average Washington County home surged 7 percent in market value this year, snapping five consecutive years of declines. It’s a positive economic sign, but translates into higher property tax bills for some residents.

Editorial: Portland needs a sharpshooter to oversee finances – Portland Commissioner Nick Fish is at work on a  proposal that would establish for the city the job of chief financial officer: a money wizard who is minimally a Certified Public Accountant but more desirably a strategist who knows how dollars moves in a large, complex bureaucracy.

Cornelius library project: As bond measure vote nears, leaders envision a new city – In the Washington County Voter’s Pamphlet, the library bond is listed as Measure No. 34-205. The mayor and City Council, various current and former elected officials, Friends of the Cornelius Library, and local religious leaders and educators endorse the bond. Leaders of the library project said they have not received any major negative response.


Oregon Father’s Memorial Trek Across Country Ends in a Family’s Second Tragedy – Joe Bell, who was walking across the country to memorialize his gay son, who committed suicide after being bullied, was killed by a tractor-trailer in Colorado.

Majority of freeholder candidates receptive to initiatives, referendums – The overwhelming opinion of freeholder candidates in Clark County is to offer the powers of initiative and referendum to the voters in a new county charter.

Madore: Elected officials need to apologize to voters – Clark County Commissioner David Madore will soon introduce a resolution for his fellow commissioners to consider that “apologizes for breaking faith with the citizens of Clark County.

Report alleges city of La Center a hostile workplace – Finance director calls write-up’s comments ‘untrue, unkind, unfair’

Ratepayers batter stipends – Emerald People’s Utility District faces a budget gap and customers want the board’s travel and medical costs cut.

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Does a Mich. amendment prohibiting affirmative action violate equal protection? The Supreme Court heard arguments on whether Michigan voters can pass a law that prohibits racial preference in college admissions. Gwen Ifill gets background from Marcia Coyle of the National Law Journal, plus views from Lee Bollinger of Columbia University and Joshua Thompson, an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation.

On Politics: State ends fiscal year with nearly $760 million surplus – The news comes as the Legislature is considering Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed $100 million property tax relief plan, which is scheduled to be up for a vote before the Legislature’s powerful budget committee and the state Senate on Tuesday.

Can you build a better KC logo? And yet scads of Kansas Citians have been grousing about the city’s new logo, unveiled last week. Some say it just borrows liberally from sports team logos.