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 Operation Government Shutdown


In ‘Mayberry,’ a glimpse of why a Washington crisis is hard to crack – Residents hate the Affordable Care Act, the debt and government dysfunction; they like their congressman

Don’t blame D.C. for the shutdown. This craziness was imported here. These lawmakers don’t represent us. Consider that next time you slam D.C. as a cesspool.

U.S. Government Shutdown Hits Normandy – When an impasse in Congress over government spending forced a shutdown of the federal government, the cemeteries along the beaches of Normandy closed their gates as well.

To end government shutdowns, end partisan gerrymandering – Commentary: The current impasse is exactly how our system is expected to function. We need to change it

Stuck on Usual Quarrel: Raising New Revenue – Any renewal of negotiations for a long-term fiscal plan will run into the same underlying problem that doomed efforts for the past three years.

G.O.P. Hopes to Take Senate Are Dimming – Conservatives like the Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, who faces challenges on all sides in Kentucky, are feeling the dangers of being associated with Washington.

High 5


All Is Fair in Love and Twitter – The sweet, innocent ideas and ruthless power plays that created Twitter.

Cold air. Then heat. Then terror. Stories still differ on how seven firefighters ended up injured as a “run-of-the-mill” call in Maryland turned into a near-fatal inferno — and a county’s worst breach of firefighter safety in years.

Washington Moves the Market … One Way or Another – Analysts say you should keep an eye on Washington but don’t lose focus on the economy’s slow return to better growth

The Urban Tech Revolution – Ever since their nearly simultaneous births roughly half a century ago, the high-tech industry and venture capital have been clustered in suburbs: in the low-rise office parks spread across California’s vaunted Silicon Valley, where Intel, Apple, Google, and Facebook have their headquarters; along the Route 128 tech corridor near Boston; in Redmond, Washington, outside Seattle, where Microsoft’s vast headquarters is located; in the suburbs surrounding Austin, Texas; and in the North Carolina Research Triangle of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, to give a few notable examples.

The Tea Party Can’t Afford This Hit to Its Credibility – A faction that faces doubts about its ability to govern responsibly has foolishly associated itself with default and shutdown.

 50 Nifty


Risks and impacts of Purple Line funding draw broad scrutiny – The public-private partnership proposed for the project would be one of the nation’s broadest.

Governor Vetoes Bill to Limit Use of Generic Drugs in California – Gov. Jerry Brown said the bill was premature because federal regulators had not even determined the standards governing the cheaper drugs.

City of Water – Can New York keep its revived waterfront dry?

North Dakota waits 11 days to tell public about oil spill – Largest spill in state history, over 20,000 barrels, discovered almost two weeks ago by a wheat farmer

Police chief’s gun-rights message reaches beyond Pennsylvania – Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler’s supporters came to his hearing toting guns to make a point. Then one dropped a pistol.

Chinatown catches a wave of investment – The Blossom Plaza apartment and retail development is set to occupy the spot where the once beloved Italian eatery and bar Little Joe’s used to operate.



Gov. Kitzhaber eyes divisive ballot measures – Gov. John Kitzhaber is negotiating to keep two sets of inflammatory initiatives from becoming ballot measures in 201

Can a Gay, Catholic Leftist Actually Squelch Corruption in Sicily? Rosario Crocetta is a reform-minded leader in a highly corrupt place that hates change. And that’s only one reason his life is in danger.

Chris Christie: Join Senate? Kill me – Apparently for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie there is a fate worse than death: the U.S. Senate.

McGinn, Murray agree on city’s future, it’s the past that’s in contention -In a Seattle mayoral race in which incumbent Mike McGinn and challenger Ed Murray mostly agree on the future of the city, the sparks fly when talking about the past. It’s a battle of hindsight.

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Fail Your Way to Success – Forget passion. Goals are for losers. Dilbert creator Scott Adams reveals his secret to climbing to the top: Suffer defeat. Lots and lots of defeat.

How Twitter Insiders Cut Their Taxes – A careful reading of the Twitter prospectus shows that insiders have been making moves to minimize investment and estate taxes on their shares before the firm goes public.

Children’s hospital discovers a cure for Google+ content – And since Nov. 7, 2011, it has gained a large following, built its presence, and dominated the Google+ scene. The site has reached nearly 270,000 followers. Because of all the effort and strategic thinking the hospital has put into Google+, we award them top honors in the Best Google+ Site category in PR Daily’s Digital PR & Social Media Awards.

 Career Center


Four Executives on Succeeding in Business as a Woman – The executives, ranging from the president of a beauty products company to the general counsel at Pfizer, shared their stories about headwinds they have navigated over the years and advice to women wanting to succeed at work.

Write Emails That People Will Read – Corporate employees receive and send more than 100 emails a day on average, and competition for readers’ attention is fierce.

Tired Of Forgetting Names? Try These Tricks – You spot that acquaintance at the market and begin to wave. As you walk toward each other, an emphatic “hey” slips out—followed by a startling black hole of silence.



Unlimited free golf for advisory committee? Not any more … Portland City . Forty-two years ago, the Portland City Council formed a small committee to offer guidance on the city’s golf courses. To provide such insight, the thinking went, those members should be able to golf at city facilities for free

Back Under the Same Roof – Commissioner Dan Saltzman says he’s discussed rejoining the city’s housing and urban renewal agencies.

Milwaukie wants residents to weigh in on upcoming bond measure – The bond measure is intended to pay for the city’s $4 million obligation to TriMet for the Portland-Milwaukie light rail line. For a Milwaukie resident with a home carrying an assessed value of $200,000, the city estimates they would pay $34 more per year in taxes.

Circular Logic – Metro’s $1.4 million study yields another committee.

Air Apparent – Jefferson Smith returns progressive talk radio to Portland’s airwaves.


Medford opens strategic plan to public – The plan was adopted in December 2012 by the City Council and focuses on topics such as a safe community, a healthy economy, public services and responsive leadership.

Home-turf anger over shutdown has Reichert treading fine line – Republican U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert won big last election in rural Enumclaw and its surroundings. Now, Ron Mariotti, above, owner of Enumclaw Sales Pavilion, where livestock auctions take place, is unhappy with the Democrats due to the government shutdown. But he’ll probably vote for Reichert again.

Salem’s downtown on the upswing – Some stand the test of time — familiar faces in a sea of about 600 businesses operating downtown. But others only make brief appearances, closing or moving within less than a year of setting up shop.

Washougal may pick mayor while eliminating mayoralty – Both Guard and Scott have criticized the proposition, which would hand the reins of administrative oversight to a city manager, as city councilors would appoint a symbolic mayor from within their ranks.

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Shutdown impact wide-ranging across Illinois – From school districts needing federal mediators to cities counting on dollars from hunters on federal land, the shutdown has widespread consequences.

Why dry? Prospect of no BYOB in Chicago districts raises bigger questions – A proposed ordinance that would prevent restaurants and other businesses in areas voted dry from allowing BYOB has triggered criticism from aldermen with many dry