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Operation Government Shutdown

Tracing the Calendar to the Last Cent – Officials in Washington and traders on Wall Street are looking to Nov. 1, when more than $55 billion in federal payments come due.

K Street embraces ‘go small’ approach – Lobbyists are urging clients to temper their expectations for what can be achieved in the 113th Congress once the fight over government funding and the debt ceiling is over.

The government’s shrinking shutdown – Tainted raw chicken prompted the CDC this week to bring back about 30 furloughed employees. The CIA has started restaffing its covert and counterintelligence operations. Most of the Pentagon’s 350,000 furloughed civilians got marching orders to return to their posts this week to keep the Defense Department humming.

Major Business Groups Seeing Less Sway Over House G.O.P. – Washington’s traditionally cautious and pragmatic business lobby could slip into open warfare with the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party amid frustration over the crisis.

Mayor Gray confronts Reid over shutdown’s impact on District – “I’m on your side,” the Senate majority leader says, after D.C.’s mayor crashes a news conference.

High 5

Chinatowns Are Gentrifying at an Alarming Rate – According to a new study, the Asian population is falling rapidly; and real estate prices are sky-rocketing.

Outsourced Government: Have We Gone Too Far? Recent security problems involving contractors suggest that we need to rethink what government services should be performed by the private sector.

How Does a Town of 10,000 Get 88,000 Facebook Likes? The only police department with more Facebook “likes” than Brimfield, Ohio’s is New York City’s. We interviewed Brimfield’s police chief to see how his department got 88,000 people from around the world to care about his community.

The Demise of the Public Hearing – Technology is changing the way citizens interact with local government.

White (and Orange) Noise – Mayoral and council candidates who say they’ll shut down the streetcar ignore the realities facing the project

50 Nifty

‘What We Haven’t Figured Out Is the Question of Gentrification’ – Brutal honesty from New York City’s planning director.

What Role Should Police Play in Preventing Traffic Deaths? “You’re going to have accidents,” says New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

California Expands Availability of Abortions – Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing nurse practitioners, midwives and physician assistants to perform aspiration abortions during the first trimester.

Real Estate Boom in Phoenix Brings Its Own Problems – The housing rebound has come faster in Phoenix than elsewhere, but starter homes are scarce, and prospective buyers are having a hard time finding a place to live.

Study: SEPTA stations boost property value – Living close to a SEPTA rail station is good for the value of your suburban house, according to a study for the transit agency.


A New Documentary Explores the Politics of ‘Bikes vs. Cars’ – What would it take for more cities to be a bike heaven like Copenhagen?

Some in GOP ready to back down on Obamacare fight – Leaders acknowledge that the effort to defund the health-care law has failed, and they’re looking for Plan B.

Bob McDonnell the survivor – Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is defying political gravity. For the former Republican Governors Association chairman, 2013 has been the ultimate political rollercoaster

Can 6 to 20 bicycles fit into a single car-parking space? PolitiFact Oregon – U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer has been associated with many causes during his 17 years in Congress. Bow ties come to mind, as does his support for protecting public lands.

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This Surprising Map Shows Which Countries Have the Most ‘Digital Natives – America is not number one.

Al Gore Tried To Buy Twitter And Merge It With Current. What If He’d Succeeded? Don’t you just love all the stuff that comes out when a hot tech company declares it’s going public?

8 Creative Uses for Twitter You’ve Never Tried – Anybody who tweets knows that making a compelling sentence out of 140 characters can be incredibly difficult. Now try adding in a solid beginning, middle and end.


Career Center

Where America’s Inventors Are – The geography of American innovation over the last decade.

Behind the Best Innovations: Universal Annoyance – Nest’s ‘smart’ smoke detector and thermostat exemplify a promising path to invention in Silicon Valley: Find the most annoying, obvious problem that millions of people deal with every day. Then ask if things really have to be that way.



Gladstone wants clarity on county’s library deadline – Clackamas County is giving Gladstone until June 2014 to come up with a new library project that absorbs residents from neighboring unincorporated areas, or else forgo $1.5 million in county funds

Tigard Council endorses Southwest Corridor Plan – With ballot measure looming, city OKs plans to study transit options. The Tigard City Council has endorsed plans that could bring a MAX light-rail line to town in the next several years.

Protesters rally against C-Tran, TriMet, CRC – The C-Tran Board of Directors on Tuesday stood by a controversial contract with TriMet to operate light rail in Vancouver, after a boisterous rally and a parade of speakers mostly against the agreement.

Oregon property tax system makes for a tough sell in Gresham: Editorial Agenda 2013 – You could pick almost any city in Oregon at random and find frustration, or worse, attributable to the state’s method of taxing property, which is one part of the larger tax system Gov. John Kitzhaber would like to reform.


Polk County levy would offset loss of timber money  – Polk County’s property tax levy on the Nov. 5 ballot, according to officials and a citizen advocate, would restore public safety positions cut in the past few years as the county’s federal timber payments have declined.

City reaches deal with union – The Springfield council and workers in the SEIU approve a three-year contract including pay raises

Yachats embraces fungi for mushroom festival – A Lepiota magnispora mushroom, one of the many available in Yachats for the annual mushroom festival.

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St. Louis Spent $4.6 Billion Subsidizing Malls And Chain Stores – According to the article, not a single mall was built in the US between 2007 and 2012. And the latest mall project, New Jersey’s Xanadu, is failing despite $1 billion in subsidies.

How Michigan Got Better at Counting Homeless Veterans – Homeless veterans are notoriously difficult to count. Michigan found a way to test the accuracy of its numbers and deepen the state’s understanding of veteran homelessness today.

Napoleon, Duggan differ on role with Detroit EM – Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s presence looms large over the city’s mayoral election as candidates Mike Duggan and Benny Napoleon vow to accomplish their agendas under the state control they both oppose.