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Photo Courtesy of Michelle Tagmyer, City of Beaverton

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Operation Government Shutdown

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Photo Courtesy of Tenzin Choephel, City of Portland

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Senate Chiding – Since the government shutdown, Barry C. Black, the Senate chaplain, has turned the morning invocation into a daily conscience check for the chamber’s lawmakers.

The shutdown of good governance – If a country proves unable to govern itself, you expect to find a historical explanation. A plague, maybe, or chronic drought, or the rise of a hostile power on its borders.

Shutdown halts federal regs – The government shutdown has all but turned off the regulatory spigot, reducing the flow of new rules from federal agencies to a trickle.

In Military City, Government Reassurances Are Little Comfort – The return of thousands of civilian Defense Department employees, and the promise of back pay for furloughed workers, was welcome news in Lakewood, Wash., but worry was still in the air.

Skateboarders See a (Kick)Flip Side to the Government Closing – The government shutdown has given skateboarders in Washington new life, as plazas empty and enforcement chills.

High 5

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Photo Courtesy of Ellen Miller, CFM Strategic Communications

Aggressive Talent Wars Are Good for Cities – Barring non-competes is one of California longstanding strong talent mobility safeguards. Unlike most other states in the United States, but more like innovative Western European countries like Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, California has rules about allowing job mobility within markets. The California Business Code voids all non-competes agreements between businesses and their employees, while the California Labor Code restricts the ability of corporations to require their employees to pre-assign all inventions, even if unrelated to the job, during the course of employment.

People in Seattle Are Outraged By This $2,000 ‘Homelessness Tour – The tour, officially called “Sub-Urban Experience,” is the creation of 62-year-old Mike Momany, who says he’s been living in Seattle for over 40 years. A self-proclaimed entrepreneur and West Coast nomad, he claims he decided to give homelessness a shot starting last August after Seattle’s rising cost of living became more than he could afford.

The widening gyre – Like parliamentary democracy, roundabouts are a great British export with a risk

The Problem With Defining ‘Downtown– Last year, the U.S. Census Bureau released a report on population trends in American downtowns, a helpful step toward quantifying the claims made by many cities that residents (and jobs) are moving there in droves (you can view the original report here… whenever the federal government reopens and the Census Bureau’s shuttered website comes back online).

Difference Engine: From torrent to trickle – Over the past century, the Californian economy—indeed, the state’s very existence—has depended crucially on getting water from the one place to the other. Feats of engineering for transporting it over hundreds of miles, across mountain ranges and deserts, have become an essential part of the Californian narrative.

50 Nifty

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Photo Courtesy of Pat Mobley, City of Milwaukie

Alabama Museum, in Area Where Stars Found Sound, Seeks an Audience: Tourists – The struggling Alabama Music Hall of Fame, near where the Muscle Shoals sound was born in the 1960s, is scheduled to reopen on Oct. 17.

A Balancing Act Around Lake Tahoe – A development plan satisfies some environmental groups and political leaders in California and Nevada, but critics say it will open the door to more development than proponents claim.

At a Nissan Plant in Mississippi, a Battle to Shape the U.A.W.’s Future – The United Automobile Workers is taking a campaign global to promote a unionization effort at Nissan’s plant in Canton, Miss.

Raiders owner scouts Concord site for new stadium – Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis took a tour of the old Concord Naval Weapons Station the other day – with an eye toward whether it could be just the place for a new stadium for the team.


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Photo Courtesy of Anna Johnson, Deschutes County

Shutting down the tea party? GOP’s business wing may head that way. Some tea party lawmakers may face an uneasy homecoming as business leaders lose patience.

Pot, Gambling and GMOs on the Election Ballot – In Colorado, voters will consider a huge tax hike on newly legal marijuana. New Yorkers could expand gambling. And Washington voters are in the midst of a multimillion-dollar campaign over the labeling of genetically modified foods.

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Photo Courtesy of Alexandra Fercak, City of Portland

Swarm of Rivals Seeking Share of Social Media Pie – Ahead of its I.P.O., Twitter must prove it can fend off a younger generation of nimble social services that offer clever new ways for people to connect and share.

A design critique of HealthCare.Gov – Six problems with Obamacare’s design — and how to fix it.

LinkedIn finally announces ‘block’ feature to fight cyberstalkers – LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, has been used by stalkers to find and harass their victims since last spring. Today, the company said it would finally take steps to stop cyberstalking.


Can Twitter Save TV? (And Can TV Save Twitter?) – It’s Emmys night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, and as showtime approaches, a mosh pit of blue-chip television stars jostles backstage.

 Career Center

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Photo Courtesy of Alexander Stuehr, Mediate.com

Schmooze or Lose: How the Lost Art of Negotiation Led to a Shutdown – With all the finger-pointing and name-calling going on in Washington these days, it’s hard to believe a delegation of kindergarten teachers from Dubuque hasn’t arrived to put an end to the nonsense. But no. The blame game goes on and on and the government stays shuttered.

Trying To Lose Your Best Employees? Try This – WANT TO HOLD TIGHT TO YOUR TALENT? DON’T DO THESE THINGS!

Why You Should Master the Art of Delegation – Isn’t one of the payoffs expected from achieving leadership status the freedom to no longer have to do the “daily grind” work, the “menial” work, the “frustrating calendaring and tedious phone call” work?

Want to be a Compassionate Leader? Call Your Mom! – “Son, you have lost weight and look a bit weak. You should eat more. Here, let me fix you something.


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Photo Courtesy of Inessa Vitko, TriMet

Pearl in Portland could get tent city – Plans to put a homeless camp into the city’s toniest district gets an unanticipated response

SW Corridor Plan stirs up controversy – Ongoing regional conflicts over transit and redevelopment policies are coming into focus on the Southwest Corridor Plan.


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Look Who’s Trending on Twitter. Photo Courtesy of Zach Henkin, Drive Oregon

Cover Oregon addresses ACA myths – As if the world of health insurance wasn’t complicated already, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has transformed that scene, causing anxiety and concerns for many consumers.

Springfield eyes overnight car camp expansion — The city is poised to expand its overnight parking program for homeless campers.

Landmark battle – Proposed apartments have the Laurel Hill Valley up in arms

Candidate returns to Camas council race – Amundson restarts her campaign against Smith

Midwest ELGL – Twitter Feed

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Photo Courtesy of Robin Franzen Parker, City of Gresham

Amenities reflect Indianapolis suburbs’ new goals – But there’s no guarantee they’ll see a return on sizable investments

Rosenthal: ADM effort is equivalent to clipping coupons for pennies – The Illinois-based agriculture giant has come across more like some kind of bargain-chasing biddy, rich enough to not actually need discounts but unwilling to forgo a single money-saving opportunity

Ailing Midwestern Cities Extend a Welcoming Hand to Immigrants – Cities like Dayton, Ohio, have started “immigrant friendly” programs in hopes of reviving their economies.

Surge in apartment growth boosts downtown’s revival – This is positive news. The apartments will help attract more residents and add more activity to a downtown that has tripled in population to nearly 20,000 people in the last decade. One added bonus will be the reuse of several older, and sometimes historic, structures.

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Photo Courtesy of Erik Fabian, Center for Priority Based Budgeting