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The 7 best ‘College GameDay’ signs from Week 4 at North Dakota State


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25 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - win or lose we don't live in iowa

How Do Earthquake Early Warning Systems Work? One minute you’re sitting at your desk on solid ground, the next the floor slips out from underneath you and things start to rattle off the shelves. Earthquakes seem to come out of nowhere and can cause widespread devastation.

Colorado State University Bets on a Stadium to Fill Its Coffers – Faced With Declining State Funding, School Believes Football Project Will Score

With 3 days left, no clear path to avoid shutdown – The pressure is on the House to solve the budget stalemate after the Senate passes a short-term spending bill.

Chelsea Clinton in charge – An aide to Chelsea Clinton suggested that the habit of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s only daughter introducing them was dated. Others chimed in that, yes, the practice, in which the Clintons all introduced one another in some combination, had worn out its usefulness.

How Farmworkers Experience A Warming Climate – For 20 years, Victor Gonzalez has traveled the Pacific Coast picking cherries, pears, and apples. He said he came close to passing out once from the heat. Migrant workers are particularly vulnerable to health problems from heat

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18 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - tebow wears jorts

New Yorkers Stay Out Later, Eat More Brunch Than San Franciscans – Here are the main findings. Keep in mind this analysis is based on people who are chronos (and smartphone) users, which is unlikely to be representative of the entire city’s population. According to Kubal, chronos users tend to be younger (most are between the ages 20-35) and slightly more male.

Maryland Gun Law Challenged – Gun-rights advocates asked a federal judge to block a new Maryland law from taking effect next week that would ban sales of many high-capacity rifles and boost requirements for gun purchases.

Like a Rolling Revue, the Art Is Coming to Town – The Station to Station train has been traveling across the country laden with artists, seeking to turn places like Barstow, Calif., into temporary cultural destinations.

Free lending libraries sprouting on front lawns in D.C. area help create neighborhood bonds – The “Little Free Library” concept started four years ago in the Midwest, when an entrepreneur named Todd Bol watched his neighbors gobble up books placed outside his home. Back then, he dreamed that 2,500 similar libraries would be constructed by 2014. He was naive. There are already more than 10,000.

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware Closer to Jackpot With Online Betting – Nevada was the first state to legalize online poker earlier this year, but New Jersey is poised to rake in a bigger jackpot from Internet gambling when Atlantic City’s 12 casinos offer a whole menu of legal online table games along with slots later this fall. Meanwhile, Delaware’s three casinos are set to offer cash winnings for online slots, poker, blackjack and roulette by the end of October.


6 great funny ESPN college gameday signs - will muschamp listens to nickleback

Can the media avoid rush judgment on Obamacare? When Obamacare enrollment begins on Tuesday, reporters in the Twitter age will be tempted to declare the health law a success or a failure in the first few days — a judgment that will certainly be stoked by advocates on both sides of the issue.

Tea party gets a boost from Obamacare – The movement born to oppose the health-care law is gaining momentum, but its resurgence poses political risks for the GOP.

A timeout for Congress – Americans and the economy needed a respite from the political follies.

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The Uneven Growth of High and Low-Wage Jobs Across America – It’s no secret that the recovery has been incredibly uneven. Some of its biggest benefits are accruing to the one percent, while the majority of Americans have seen their economic prospects stagnate or diminish. Income inequality has surged to levels not seen since before the Great Depression.

College Credit for Military Experience – About 2 million veterans are getting help paying for college through the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill. Figuring out how to translate their military experience into college credits is a challenge.

What Monkeys Can Teach Humans About Altruism – Monkeys are less stressed when they give, rather than receive, experiments show. What does this mean about Bill and Melinda Gates?

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Which World Governments Are Most Likely to Snoop on Your Facebook? Want to avoid the government prying into your Facebook? Then move to Barbados. There, tens of thousands of years will roll by before you even reach a 1 percent probability the Man will scoop private data from your account.

Can the Internet kickstart a perfect cup of coffee? Sure, coffee-brewing can be messy, the taste can be inconsistent, and the process is far from foolproof. But does it really need to be perfected?

Thanks to the Digital Revolution, a Conservative Uprising Can Rally Its Troops – A fervent group of conservatives is harnessing the power of the Internet, determined to tell the story of the current budget showdown on its terms.

Why iOS 7 is making some users sick – The introduction of fake zooms, parallax, sliding and other changes in Apple’s new iPhone and iPad software has a very real effect on people with vestibular disorders

‘Tweet your butt’ and other helpful social media tips from kids – YouTube comedian Mark Malkoff asked a bunch of precious little kids about social media, and they had some hilarious tidbits to say—namely that it’s “creepy” when their parents put their pictures on Facebook.


Coast Guard approves CRC bridge permit – The U.S. Coast Guard on Friday granted a crucial permit allowing the Columbia River Crossing to build a new Interstate 5 bridge between Vancouver and Portland.

Mayor Shane Bemis talks taxes for Gresham police and firefighters – Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis is joining city councilors in a series of public forums to measure public support for a property tax levy that would raise money for police and fire protection.

The Toll Truth – Drivers would flock to I-205 to avoid paying tolls for the Columbia River Crossing.

Is Portland getting the best deal for public-safety radios? Portland City Hall Roundup – A Florida company has challenged Portland’s plan to upgrade nearly 3,400 public-safety radios and buy almost 2,700 more fromMotorola for $11.7 million.

At same time Portland invests with Wal-Mart, Commissioner Steve Novick says that’s bad – Portland Commissioner Steve Novick on Friday labeled Wal-Mart, America’s biggest revenue-producing company, enemy No. 1 in a new effort to make “socially responsible” investments using government money.


Clark County federal workers brace for possibility of government shutdown – Whether the U.S. government will partially shut down Tuesday is still anyone’s guess, but federal workers in Clark County are preparing for the worst.

Camas city administrator’s illness requires retirement – Mayor says Regor not likely to recover, names Gorsuch for interim role

Oregon AFL-CIO Kicks Off Convention In Bend – Event organizers say one of the big themes this year is how unions can more effectively partner with local organizations that share common goals.

Reputation For Rent – Once-secret testimony reveals Dave Frohnmayer was a paid witness for big tobacco against the state of Oregon.

Civic Stadium proposals pitched – The city will join Fred Meyer and the Y in making bids for the property to the school district

Report surprises 3 commissioners – Officials say they were not aware of changes in the county budget to benefit a fired administrator

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Michigan House OKs nixing jobless benefits for drug users – Michigan’s unemployed would put their jobless benefits at risk by doing illegal drugs if legislation approved Thursday by the Republican-led state House gains more traction.

The Weird History Behind a Michigan Law Against Bumper Sticker Fraud – Earlier this week, the Michigan House of Representatives unanimously voted to repeal a bizarre and long-unenforced law that’s been on the state’s books since 1929. Section 3 of the Protection of Names and Emblems Act made it a misdemeanor, worth a fine of a hundred bucks, to display on your car “any emblem or insignia of any organization, association, fraternity, lodge, club or order” that you don’t belong to.