David Nguyen Is Official Photographer for #ELGL13

We hope everyone attending #ELGL13 brings their cell phone or disposable camera to take plenty of pictures especially selfies. You can upload those pictures via the #ELGL13 Conference app. While we’re sure you’ll take incredible pictures that could grace the cover of National Geographic, we have employed a back up plan just in case.

We have contracted with David Nguyen to serve as the official #ELGL13 photographer. This is important to remember when the paparazzi are begging to take your picture outside the Kennedy School. You can refer them to our official conference photographer.

Background Check on David

David Nguyen is a Support Specialist and a liaison to the Portland Citizen Review Committee (CRC).  He graduated from University of Oregon with a Major in Political Science and a Minor in Business Administration.  Prior to joining the IPR Team, David was a Project Specialist with the City of Beaverton.

David is an avid photographer and a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks football team.

Photo Gallery: David’s Work

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