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The 23 Most Awkward Moments In Hugging History

The 23 Most Awkward Moments In Hugging History

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Is Richmond’s mortgage seizure scheme even legal? The possibility of using eminent domain to reduce underwater mortgage debt in the city of Richmond California survived several tough challenges a week ago. As Lydia DePillis reported, the City Council decided to go ahead with the process after a long hearing that could have possibly derailed it.

This is how the fear of government snooping takes its toll on tech companies – Two very different technology offerings were dropped on Thursday because of fears that the US and China might be trying to spy on the customers using them.

A Nation Built for Immigrants – Will the recent surge of newcomers tear the U.S. apart? Not if history is any guide: From the beginning, America was made to unite citizens, even those with deep differences, writes Michael Barone.

US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina – secret document – The bomb that nearly exploded over North Carolina was 260 times more powerful than the device which devasted Hiroshima in 1945.

Campaigns Compete as Health Law Rollout Looms – As the White House prepares to put the health care law in place, it faces a G.O.P. campaign to prevent its success.

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The 23 Most Awkward Moments In Hugging History

S.F. has had a run of eccentric ballparks – Candlestick Park is about to go out with a bang. Soon after the last 49ers game, demolition crews will place charges throughout the stadium, someone will push a button and the great concrete bowl off Jamestown Avenue will implode, an arena that produced 53 years of memories collapsing in just 30 seconds.

North Dakota town ready for trouble as white supremacists stake claims – Grant County Sheriff Steve Bay is ready for fireworks if clashes break out between a band of neo-Nazi white supremacists and protesters

Roaring Waters, Deep Scars: ‘It Chewed Us Up’ – After a fast-moving disaster, communities around Northern Colorado face the prospect of a slow and expensive recovery.

What’s next for downtown D.C.? The National Park Service and the District are launching a pilot partnership to remake Franklin Park into “an active, flexible, sustainable, and historic urban park .”

Once Suicidal and Shipped Off, Now Battling Nevada Over Care – A lawsuit on behalf of a group of homeless and mentally ill people claims they were bused out of Nevada and left on the streets of San Francisco with little or no medication.


The 23 Most Awkward Moments In Hugging History

Health law separates potential GOP 2016 contenders  A clear divide over the health care law separates the emerging field of potential GOP candidates for the 2016 presidential race, previewing the battles ahead as they try to rebuild their party.

As shutdown and default loom, gridlock persists – Washington hurtles toward the edge of another financial precipice, and no one  — conservatives, GOP leadership, congressional Democrats, the White House — seems to have a way to stop it.

GreenTech fits Va. candidate Terry McAuliffe’s investment formula – Government programs, access to wealthy investors and political ties are used in pursuit of big profits.

Four L.A. mayors attend opening of Bradley terminal additions at LAX – Grand opening is held for new passenger gates and other improvements. Former Mayors Richard Riordan, James K. Hahn and Antonio Villaraigosa join Mayor Eric Garcetti at the event.

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The Blurred Lines Between Social Media & Censorship – Indiana’s governor and D.C.’s transit agency got caught up in controversies after removing comments off their social media accounts. The takeaway? Public officials need to learn to keep their fingers off the delete button.

Step Away From the Phone! Smartphone addicts are starting to curb the habit.

With a Tweet, Twitter Starts a Debate – Twitter is the most prominent example of a company that is using the JOBS Act, enacted with the promise of creating jobs, to go public.

Life as Instant Replay, Over and Over Again – While the real-time Web presents events as they happen, the “replay Web” supplies discussions and dissections in the aftermath.

Users Sue LinkedIn Over Harvesting of E-Mail Addresses – The business-oriented social network e-mails a user’s contacts without sufficient warning, the lawsuit alleges. The case raises broader questions of whether LinkedIn is abusing its users’ trust to maintain its high growth.

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The 23 Most Awkward Moments In Hugging History

The Sweet, Hectic Life of a Golf Tour Wife – Wives of PGA Star Golfers call it ‘the traveling circus,’ a whirl of kids, hotels, charity work—and lunkhead fans.

3 Novel Things You Must Do During Interview Prep – Preparing for an interview can be a daunting process, what with the company research, question and answer prep and general calming of the nerves and intense anxiety.

Workplace perks that balance life, work can keep employees happy, motivated – After years at a financial services firm, suit and tie, traditional structure, smiling and dialing to generate leads for an outside sales force, the 33-year-old made the leap last year to Urban Airship, a Pearl District app developer where he manages account development.


The 23 Most Awkward Moments In Hugging History

Rick Miller restores Lake Oswego’s historic Jantzen estate – Rick and Erika Miller moved into the historic Janzten mansion about a year ago. After fixing up the property, they now plan to make several major additions to the estate, including widening the driveway and building a tram to the water, a guard tower

Mayors, commissioners race for bragging rights on Tualatin River – If you recognized the dozen men and women spraying each other with squirt guns at Cook Park, Wednesday evening, it’s because you’ve seen them before.

Washington County database will help officers identify people who have wandered away – Voluntarily enrolled adults and children would sign an agreement and pay a $20 fee that covers two years.


The 23 Most Awkward Moments In Hugging History

Oregon To Spend $28 Million To Raise Awareness Of Health Exchange –  Over the next year and a half, the state will spend almost $28 million to tell Oregonians about the new health insurance exchange. That’s about as much as was spent in 2008 by Gordon Smith and Jeff Merkley in their race for the U.S. Senate, one of the most expensive races in state history.

City mulls multiple camps – The Eugene city manager recommends that one or more camps for the homeless be established

Keep Metro Partnership – Agency plays vital role in business recruitment

Agents, partners key to Cover Oregon’s success – Nationwide, a key component of the Affordable Care Act kicks off Oct. 1 with the opening of national and state health insurance marketplaces.

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The 23 Most Awkward Moments In Hugging History

The Forgotten 25%: Composting to Implement Zero-Waste in the Twin Cities – About five months ago, when I decided to start a composting bin in my apartment, a skeptical friend asked what the difference was between the material going to a landfill and it simply decomposing. At the time, I had no answer that seemed to satisfy. However, now, given the chance to complete further research, it appears that composting has a much greater environmental influence than simply the amount of landfill we create.

In Detroit, a Survey of Stray Dogs Tries to Put a Number to a Safety Problem – As the bankrupt city’s human population has fallen, more strays have been roaming and breeding. This weekend, volunteers will attempt to count the number of dogs as a first step toward a solution