09.03.13 Your Morning Buzz

New ELGL Members

John McCarter, City of Novi, MI, Management Analyst Graduate Intern

Elisabeth Rickles, University of Oregon, Graduate Fellow

Thomas Schally, University of Oregon, Student / Graduate Teaching Fellow

Teresa Boze, Precinct Committee Person, Multnomah County Democrats


High 5

Bezos aims for new ‘golden era’ at Post – In his first extensive interview since his $250 million purchase of The Post, Bezos says his major contribution to the paper will be in offering his point of view about how the publication should evolve.

Texting pedestrians walking right into danger – Cellphone use while driving has been widely studied, and there is plenty of data to back up the relationship between distracted driving and injury rates. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorist is 23 times more likely to crash if texting while driving.

Nepotism surfacing in state government – A handful of high-profile nepotism cases have made headlines recently. But it’s an issue I receive a lot of calls about, with readers telling me about a manager or coworker whose family member also works in the department and who the caller thinks receives special treatment.

Big Dreams, but Little Consensus, for a New Detroit – Detroit’s bankruptcy gives an American city a rare chance to reinvent itself from top to bottom, but questions about how it should proceed loom as large as the answers.

New York City Has An Internet Inequality Problem – While Facebook is focusing its efforts on bringing Internet to the developing world, a new report shows that Internet inequality persists even in well-connected U.S. cities.

Marriage Licenses for Same-Sex Couples Force Issue to Fore in New Mexico – The decision by clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples has added a sense of urgency to a fight that some state’s leaders had seemed in no hurry to join.


Thomas Menino Is a Cranberry-Juice-Drinking Workhorse – There’s an old maxim that politicians are either show horses or workhorses. After 20 years as mayor of Boston, you’ve won a reputation as a workhorse. What do you think the show horses can learn from the workhorses?

National Gun Debate Hits Close to Home in Colorado Recall Vote – Two recall elections in the state are being watched closely as a litmus test of how voters respond to new measures where gun culture is ingrained.


Fund Balance

Raising fees or taxes part of 180-plus bills proposed in Washington Legislature in 2013 – Despite many legislators’ public aversion to raising taxes and fees this year, Washington lawmakers proposed more than 180 bills to do just that, according to information kept by the state’s Office of Financial Management.

Judge, senator fight court fee levy system – Working in small towns like Sweet Home, Lebanon and Harrisburg, Justice of the Peace Jad Lemhouse is used to providing public services on a shoestring budget.

Recession Reverses California Airport’s Growth – Analysts say a change in how airlines operate has also affected business at Ontario International Airport.

U.S. government is spending $79,500 a year on a plane — and it doesn’t fly – The plane, which used to broadcast an American-run TV station into Cuba, is now stuck in federal limbo.

Fed workers’ travel-reimbursement rates increased – Standard lodging rates will rise slightly, but the but the agency has not increased the allowance for food and other expenses.


Managers ponder future of Metro South as it enters its fourth decade – Now 30 years old, Metro South was originally planned to be a place to burn garbage, not to sort it.

Metro to see grant fight on OC, Happy Valley avenues – Although Mayor Doug Neeley was voted down 8-1 at an initial Metro grant committee meeting, he and other Oregon City leaders hope the project from Beavercreek Road to Highway 213 will address travel safety and connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists with modified lane configurations, new curb alignments and median treatments.

State board rejects Lake Oswego plan to remove protection for tree grove – The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals ordered last week that the city’s changes to its resource conservation plans were too broad to be exempted from regulation. Metro appealed the Lake Oswego City Council’s plan to remove the tree grove, located east of the 14000 block of Goodall Road, to the state.


 Tri-Cities’ managers on equal footing – Despite more than two decades of difference in experience, the three Tri-City city managers are paid a difference of no more than $2,000 in base salary.

Many Tri-City mayors, council members paid part-time salaries for full-time work – Few Tri-City public officials can claim to have gone without a pay raise for 13 years.

Hlavac settles in as Lebanon City Manager – Hlavac started his new job on Monday. Meetings took up much of his first week. He said he’s been sharing his leadership style and expectations with staff in addition to going over written material and familiarizing himself with the budget.

Midwest ELGL – Twitter Feed

 Illinois Kicks Smokers’ Butts – According to Jessica Leber, Illinois has “passed a law that makes it illegal to toss a butt on the ground or out the car window. Beginning next year, violators will face up to a $1,500 fine for littering their butts, reports the Rockford Register Star. If they’re caught, of course.”

Federal investigators focus on suburb’s police force – A top south suburban police officer has come under federal scrutiny, with a grand jury seeking information about misconduct allegations and the department’s “use of force” manual, the Tribune has learned.

Editorial: What will it take to oust the Metra board holdouts? Metra will be fine — better off, even — without them.

Rest of the Union

Building a Better City – Room for Debate asks: How can the next mayor make New York more livable? Is flooding the biggest concern? Housing costs? Green space?

What does Stockton want in its next city manager? Management psychologist on the case as Deis’ Nov. 1 retirement looms

Disguises for portable toilets with something to hide – There’s a Victorian embellished with ornate gold leaf, fluted columns and heavy crown molding. A sleek modern structure features vertical redwood boards with simple metal accents. A “green” model built of cedar and polycarbonate panels is flanked by native California wetlands plants.

Career Center

Back to Work: Fall Preview for Businesses – What’s down the road for businesses this fall? From airline mergers to mining-asset sales, The Wall Street Journal runs down some of the issues facing businesses in the coming months.

The Best Workplace Luxuries – While some corporations provide employees with free snacks, corporate discounts, and ample vacation days–others afford more surprising amenities and perks, like nap pods, on-site bars and treadmill desks, to keep their employees motivated.

Millennials Are Actually Optimistic About The Prospect Of Careers – Despite the economy, young people today aren’t totally turned off by work. They’re actually excited about getting fulfillment from their careers–especially if they can help others.

It’s High Time For The 4-Day Workweek – Giving staffers one weekday off would be especially appealing to the biggest chunk of the American labor force – boomers.

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How Did They Organize a March on Washington Before Twitter? Or, for that matter, without Facebook, texting and cell phones? Edith Lee-Payne was 12 years old when she was captured in an iconic photo of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, holding a pennant that reads “I Was There,” and a sketch of the Lincoln Memorial. She tried to capture the moment for a young crowd gathered at a 50th anniversary youth mentoring summit held yesterday at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

New social network for law enforcement to launch – Created by former high-profile New York City police commissioner and Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton, BlueLine is being touted as a site where officers can share their expertise, insight and information securely through video, instant messaging, videoconferencing and screen share capabilities.

How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter [SlideShare] – This presentation dove into the importance of forming an alliance between the three largest social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), perfecting the way you post to each of these networks, and improving how you communicate on each channel.