8.17.13 Your Morning Buzz

Dogs Who Forgot How to be Dogs

High 5

  1. A Technology Developed in Oregon Lets Diners Know Who Caught Their Fish and Where –  It’s called Fish Trax Marketplace and it’s as good as meeting the fishermen who landed the catch. Scan a code and there’s the captain. Click another tab and there’s the vessel. Tap a third and you’ll meet the dealer. There’s a place for leaving comments, too.
  2. Builders Starting to Keep Bikers in Mind – In Amsterdam, the number of people who bike is so large that the city has built multistory, bike-only parking garages. Faced with a similar situation, Shinagawa, a ward in Tokyo, built an elaborate underground parking system for bikes.
  3. Walkability and the American Dream – Upward mobility is strongly correlated with compact, walkable communities — largely in cities but also in suburbs. Low economic mobility is associated with conventional “drive-only” suburbs, according to new data from Arizona State University researchers that builds on a recent study by the Equality of Opportunity Project.
  4. Detroit Residents on Bankruptcy: “We have no democracy!” – In theory, a bankruptcy declaration means that all the city’s creditors will suffer and will have to accept only a fraction of what hey’re owed. But when a bankruptcy judge decides who will have to make sacrifices, those making the most painful ones will be Detroit’s 21,000 retired city employees and its 9,000 current ones.
  5. Scientists Discover New Mammal Species – The long-tailed, orange-furred, big-eyed Olinguito – said to resemble a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear – is the newest mammal and the first carnivore to be discovered in the Americas in 35 years.dog3

The Electeds


Sherwood City Council Matt Langer Survives Recall Attempt After Walmart Backlash – A group of residents failed to collect enoughsignatures to force a recall election for City Councilor Matt Langer the movement formed after a Walmart announcement sparked controversy. A shopping center anchored by Walmart was to be built on land jointly owned by the Langer family.  The petitioners felt Langer’s role as a public official was undermined by his proximity to the development plan.

North Carolina Governor Mixes in Moderate Positions by Vetoing Two Bills – Gov. Pat McCrory vetoed his first two bills — both minor pieces of legislation on controversial topics that experts say allow the governor to emphasize his independence from both the Republican legislature and a strictly partisan agenda.

Jerry Brown Being Cheered in His Encore as CA Governor – Mr. Brown — who at 75 is the oldest governor in the nation and about to become the longest-serving governor in the history of California — is enjoying a degree of success and authority he and his opponents could scarcely have imagined when he returned to Sacramento to begin a second tour as governor in 2010.

Fund Balance

Is It Nuts to Give Money to the Poor With No Strings Attached?  Or is it just good economics?  One non-profit did just that in Kenya and found that lots of people used the money in productive ways.

Re-envisioning the Manhattan Skyline to Reflect the Income Inequality in New York City – Manhattan has one of the worst income gaps of any city – or country – in the world, often separated by just a few blocks. These striking graphics make that inequality apparent in the height of the city’s buildings.


dog4Hillsboro Police Cars Are Now Outfitted With Cameras – Patrol cars now have “extra eyes” with the addition of some automated license plate readers.

Kitzhaber Vetoes Native American Mascot Bill – The bill would have allowed schools to keep team names and mascots such as “braves” if a nearby tribal government agreed. Under a ban enacted in 2012 by the Oregon Board of Education, no Native American mascots or names can be used by public schools starting in 2017.

Hillsboro Police Chief Video Continues to Gain National Attention – Oregon’s fifth-largest city is suddenly a national media darling.  Hillsboro’s publicly-financed video to help recruit a new police chief continues to circulate through the Internet and other news outlets.

Jolynn Becker Promoted to Banks City Manager – After the departure of discredited Kyle Awesome, Banks city manager Jolynn Becker shed her temporary status.  City Councilors voted unanimously to promote Becker as the city’s permanent manager.


An Executive Says That BPA’s Human Resources Scandal Runs Deeper –  The scope and scale of problems within Bonneville Power Administration’s hiring, promotion and personnel activities are wider than originally reported and will require an enormous effort to correct, the acting administrator warned employees Friday afternoon.

Seattle Cops to Pass Out Doritos to Anyone with the Munchies – They’re calling it “Operation Orange Fingers.” Seattle police will hand out bags of Doritos at Hempfest on Saturday.  Officers will distribute one-ounce bags of nacho-cheese chips with educational information affixed to them about the state’s new legal pot law.

Other 48 States

dog5Los Angeles Striving to Fix the Nation’s Most Congested City – After years of development Los Angeles has reached a milestone, every sing traffic light – all 4,398 – can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Still Marching On Washington 50 Years Later – John Lewis, the sole surviving speaker of the 1963 march on Washington, is working on a new version of the Voting Rights Act.

Michigan Unions Lose Challenge to Right-to-Work Law – The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that the state’s new right-to-work law must cover civil service employees represented by unions.

911 Calls Can Cause Victims to Be Evicted – Police can force a landlord to evict a tenant under a town’s “nuisance property” ordinance, a law intended to protect neighborhoods from seriously disruptive households. Officials can invoke the measure and pressure landlords to act if the police have been called to a rental home three times within four months.