08.13.13 Your Morning Buzz

Except for All the Details, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Sounds Awesome


High 5

  1. A Former Engine of the G.O.P., the Town Hall Meeting, Cools Down – Though Republicans in recent years have harnessed the power of these open mic, face-the-music sessions, people from both parties say they are noticing a decline in the number of meetings.

  2. Hackers Called Into Civic Duty – Cities across the country are getting savvier about their use of data, opening their troves to helpful hackers who are creating tools that track everything from locations for free flu shots to real-time subway delays.

  3. For Police Departments, in City and Elsewhere, Court Oversight Is Not New – There was no ambiguity about where Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg stood on having a federal monitor oversee any portion of the New York Police Department.

  4. Live Out Your Urban Planning God Complex With a New App Called Streetmix – Almost every planner has the fantasy at least a few times a career: The wish to lift up different parts of a given street and, like some all-powerful deity of traffic engineering, rearrange them to your liking. Imagine installing a bike lane with a snap of the fingers, or widening a sidewalk with the wave of a hand.

  5. San Francisco to L.A. in 30 minutes? Elon Musk, the billionaire Space X founder, unveils a concept for a pod-based transportation system he says could move people from city to city faster than an airplane — if it’s ever built.


Gansler said rival Brown relying on his race in Md. governor’s contest – Attorney General Gansler didn’t know the comments about his Democratic rival, made at a private meeting, would become public

Bob Filner’s office locks changed – San Diego Mayor Bob Filner accused of sexual harassment by as many as 13 women, finished his intensive behavior therapy but might not be able to get back into his office.

North Carolina governor signs extensive Voter ID law – The measure is likely to touch off a major court battle over voting rights, and the Justice Department is weighing a

Weiner: Wife will have role in Clinton 2016 presidential campaign – Asked if he knew what role Abedin would play in a possible Clinton campaign, Weiner replied “I do … I’m not telling you,” in an interview with the CNN BuzzFeed YouTube channel.

Rob Ford: Still Behaving Badly – Passer-bys say Ford was boozing it up in public Friday night. And reports of a “suspicious” after hours visit to a local jail last spring have surfaced.

A Simple 3-Question Test for Republicans Who Want to Run Against Hillary and Win – A 101 for how to avoid stirring up girl trouble in politics.

Fund Balance

Did the city blink? Down the rabbit hole with the property tax levy – The council has set an emergency meeting for 6 p.m. Tuesday at the library to discuss matters, and an OSU representative will be on hand to present the university’s position.

Pentagon allows few exceptions to limits on employee awards –  Pentagon imposes tight limits on performance payments and other incentives for its civilian workers.

The Wrong Lesson From Detroit’s Bankruptcy – Cities like Detroit and Gary thrived on that industry, not just in terms of the wealth that it produced but also in terms of strong communities, healthy tax bases and good infrastructure. From the stable foundation of Gary’s excellent public schools, influenced by the ideas of the progressive reformer John Dewey, I went on to Amherst College and then to M.I.T. for graduate school.


Long-time Hillsboro bar owner plans to reboot business as a strip club – The Cooler Club’s marquee advertises impending change at the long-time Hillsboro bar and restaurant on a busy stretch of Southeast Tualatin Valley Highway.

Banks City Council to discuss interim city manager’s performance – Mayor Pete Edison said he’s not sure the council will get as far as to decide whether they should conduct a new city manager search.

Beaverton could hire new employees to meet demand for building permits, inspections – Beaverton’s building division is requesting authorization to hire two new employees by Sept. 1 to review plans and inspect buildings.

Forest Grove City Council talks tablets, road transfers at Monday meeting – Councilors unanimously approved stipends for the purchase of personal tablet computers, namely iPads, for each council member and some city staff, such as department heads.

Public debates bikini baristas at Forest Grove City Council meeting – Strong words flew from both sides of an hour-and-a-half debate regarding bikini baristas at the Forest Grove City Council meeting Monday evening.

Projects aim to relieve growing road congestion – Local elected officials are pushing for new state transportation projects throughout the region to fight increasing congestion.


Battle Ground mayor to resign seat – Battle Ground’s Mayor Lisa Walters on Monday night announced she is resigning her office on Sept. 1.

Vancouver can’t afford to tend streets – If you’re unhappy with the city’s improvements on Northeast 137th/138th Avenue from Northeast 28th to 49th streets, take heart: The city doesn’t have any money to continue the project from 49th Street north to Fourth Plain Road.

Salem City Council approved a purchase agreement for 307 acres of property on the northeast end of Minto-Brown Island Monday. The property will become part of the city’s park system.

WA: Transit Considering Fares for Link Riders – Sound Transit analysts are recommending an adult fare of between $1 and $2 on the trolleys, with lower rates for children, seniors and people with disabilities.

Other 48 States

Puyallup council may delay pot sales – The city of Puyallup is taking its first look at a proposed moratorium on recreational marijuana as the Washington State Liquor Control Board works to finalize regulations on the sale and production of newly legalized pot.

New Philly Hotel Gets Both Economic Development and Design Wrong – Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron did not mince her words in a review this weekend, calling the hotel’s façade “so flat and plasticky it makes Parkway Corp.’s adjacent brick-and-concrete garage look like a work of heft and dignity.” (Don’t worry, she keeps twisting the knife on the “sickly yellow, synthetic-covered mid-rise” throughout the rest of her piece.)

The Secret to D.C.’s Stunning Population Growth? Old People – It’s hard to believe now, but Washington, D.C. was a “shrinking city” for six of the last seven decades, having lost population since the 1940s. Indeed, from a high of 802,178 in 1950, the city’s population plummeted to 572,059 by 2000, a drop of 29 percent. (For comparison, Baltimore’s population dropped 31 percent during the same time period; Milwaukee lost 19 percent between 1960 and 2000.)

New Orleans and U.S. in Standoff on Detentions – The Orleans Parish sheriff will no longer honor many requests from the federal immigration authorities to hold people who are suspected of being here illegally in jail.

Transit Map of the Day: See the NYC Subway System From Above – Behold an aerial view of the complex and far-reaching NYC subway system.

Weird Floating Space Balls: The Next Big Thing in Street Art? – Orbs of colorful plastic, action figures and LEDs are popping up throughout San Francisco like the interstellar disco balls.

Career Center

You don’t need another app—you need to stop, and breathe – By now, we’re all well aware of the high toll of stress the Internet charges the human body: dry eye from staring at the screen and not blinking; muscle distortion from staying in the same position too long; cramps mental and physical from not breathing—deeply, that is—because we’re distracted.

LinkedIn Still Rules As The Top Job Search Technology Tool, Survey Says – According to a new survey of job seekers, hiring managers, recruiters and HR executives, close to 100% of job seekers use LinkedIn as their number one social media site for job hunting. Hiring managers also prefer Linked in over other sites by two to one.


One of the Very Best Things HR Can Ever Do For Employees – One conversation was with our banking partner (and a shout out to PNC and our 33-year business relationship with them that I value that greatly!), and two others were with trench HR peers, but all three conversations were about the exact same thing — auto enrolling employees into your company’s 401(k).

  World Wide Web

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Google Recommends Mobile Websites Load in One Second or Less – Advances in Internet technology like widespread broadband access have made the Web much faster over the years, and now it’s mobile’s turn. Google is now recommending webmasters try to get their pages to load in just one second on mobile devices as a way to keep people from leaving due to waiting too long.

BlackBerry Would Really Like Someone to Buy BlackBerry—but Who Wants It? BlackBerry, makers of the formerly popular BlackBerry line of smartphones, released a somewhat odd statement Monday saying that they are interested in exploring “strategic alternatives,” such as a joint partnership or sale of the company. This was not exactly a well-kept secret since they released a statement saying the same thing last year, and companies usually manage to explore mergers and acquisitions possibilities without this kind of public announcement.

SoundCloud and Google+ Team Up for Embedded Posts – According to the SoundCloud blog post, when you share a SoundCloud URL to your Google+ circles, the widget will appear automatically in the post.

Researchers Find Tweets and Votes Line Up – In a study released Monday, researchers found a strong correlation between the percentage of votes candidates received in 2010 and 2012 House races and the percentage of tweets that mentioned the candidates’ names — whether or not those tweets were complimentary.

When you post a Facebook selfie, everyone loses – It’s a question for the Internet ages: Do you have no social life because you post too many selfies on Facebook? Or do you post too many selfies to Facebook because you have no social life?