08.10.13 Your Morning Buzz

High 5

  1. The Most Famous Models for How Cities Grow Are Wrong – We need new ways to explain growing urban inequality.

  2. Shaun Donovan Wants to Reinvent the Way We Do Disaster Recovery – The HUD Secretary on how we should be innovating climate resilience after Sandy.

  3. Help From Evangelicals (Without Evangelizing) Meets the Needs of an Oregon Public School – An Oregon church lends a hand at an urban public school, fulfilling needs all around while avoiding the tripwire of church-state separation.

  4. Did We Waste a Recession? As the financial crisis nears its fifth anniversary, economists agree on one thing. Too bad nobody is really listening.

  5. The Weather God of Oklahoma City – I had heard stories about the special powers of Gary England, Tornado Alley’s most famous weatherman: how he had tracked storms, back in the day, from a tiny attic office with a primitive radar repurposed from the nose of an airplane; how he had comforted, through the television screen, children who had been left alone in storms.

The Electeds

Are Seniors Souring on the Republican Party? The GOP has lost more support among voters over 65 than any other demographic group in recent months, according to a new poll

Legislation could affect Oregon forests, C.O. jobs – A bill in Washington aims to open 1.5 million acres of federal land to timber harvest in Oregon. The timber is on the west side of the state, but the effects could be far-reaching.

Hopeful’s Connections Jolt Bitter Virginia Race – An electric car company, a Homeland Security official and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother figure in to Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for governor.

In Iowa, Hopes That a Clinton Can Close a Gap – At a forum to discuss electing a female president, the discussion centered on why Hillary Rodham Clinton should return to a state that proved unwelcoming in the past.

Fund Balance

Detroit Lost a $1 Million Check in a Desk Drawer – Add forgetfulness to the city’s many woes.

So far, 26,192 furlough appeals. Board chair: ‘It turns out we estimated low’ – Merit Systems Protection Board chairwoman offers a peek into the process for federal workers trying to recoup lost pay.

Governor making plans for transition board to guide Detroit post-bankruptcy – The new emergency manager law allows the governor to keep a Receivership Transition Advisory Board in place to approve all budgets and collective bargaining agreements. Under Public Act 436, the advisory board would serve at the governor’s pleasure or until a future administration removes them.


Funding restraints to limit scope of CRC audit – State auditor says it will look at contracts for any irregularities, overcharges

Gresham mayor to Hales: Stop “thundering bureaucracy” – A proposed tower on Gresham’s Walter’s Hill has angered Gresham mayor Shane Bemis, who asked Portland Mayor Charlie Hales to “slow down his thundering bureaucracy.”

Happy Boring & Dull Day! Residents of the two unfortunately named towns — one in Oregon, the other in Scotland — want you to know that they’re not as uninteresting as they sound

Pepper-sprayed Occupy Portland protester loses excessive force suit against police – A federal jury on Friday found that two Portland police officers did not use excessive force in pepper spraying and dragging an Occupy Portland protester through a line of riot police in November 2011.


Burien council to review city-manager search firms on Aug. 19 – City Council members will see all the proposals Aug. 19 from search firms bidding to find Burien’s next city manager.

Seattle, Then and Now (1891 to 2013) – How the city evolved from a timber town to a high-tech powerhouse.

County launches criminal probe of fired top official – Lane County turns the case over to Marion County to determine whether or not charges will be filed

F.C. mayor receives state honor – Mayor Amy Houghtaling’s eight-month juggling act serving as city administrator, mayor and after-school program director last year didn’t go unnoticed by grateful city staff or Falls City Council members.

Other 48 States

Mapping Your ‘American Futures’ Suggestions – 600 possibilities for the next stops along the way.

Report: Electric Cars Not Cleanest Option in Some States – In Washington state, the best all-electric cars cause so little carbon pollution that it’s like getting 383 miles per gallon of fossil fuel, even if you take into account the energy it took to make the battery.

Are Wisconsin’s Public Employee Laws a Panacea for the Nation? Gov. Scott Walker says they are. But there are a lot of problems with one-size-fits-all policies

How’s Detroit Bankruptcy is Exaggerated, Dangers of Facebooking When Hiring, and Value of Pensions to Millennials – All the public-sector management news you need to know.

Career Center


Saying thanks can make you feel grateful – Two psychologists, Michael McCollough ofSouthern Methodist University in Dallas andRobert Emmons of the University of California at Davis conducted an experiment on gratitude and its impact on well-being.

Is Passive Voice Holding You Back at Work? Well, grammatically speaking, nothing. But, each of these statements uses the passive voice — where the subject does not act, but rather is acted upon by an outside force. And in any professional setting, that’s a big mistake.

Having a secure job replaces homeownership as the key to being middle-class – Nearly nine-in-ten adults (86%) say a person needs a secure job to be considered part of the middle class, while just 45% say the same about owning a home, 37% about a college education and 28% about financial investments.

Baby boomers swap out single-family suburban homes for bustle of city life – Reversing a trend of the Eisenhower generation, empty nesters are gravitating to dense urban cores.

Your Long Commute May Be Hurting Your Marriage – A new report finds a higher rate of separation among couples that travel more than 45 minutes to work.

World Wide Web

ELGL: FacebookGoogle+LinkedInPinterest, and Twitter

Twitter hires a #lobbyist – The company confirmed to POLITICO on Friday that it would form a new political action committee and register a federal lobbyist for the first time.

Crowdsourced Project Turns British Streets Into Massive Art Gallery – At 22,000 sites across the United Kingdom, space normally reserved for billboards and poster advertisements will become frames for great works of art. For the Art Everywhere project, the public played curator and donated online to help pay the costs.