08.07.13 Your Morning Buzz

 UPDATE: Councilor Jeanne Harris knocked out in primary

High 5

  1. San Francisco Has Needed This for a Long Time: a ‘Hill Mapper’  – Rejoice, Bay Area residents: There’s now a high-tech way to plot a course around the city’s ridiculously steep hills.

  2. White Families Are on Average 6 Times Wealthier Than Black Families  – A look at the wealth gap, and why it’s growing.

  3. The Incredible, Explosive Growth of Chicago, As Seen Through Its Maps  – See the first-ever map of the city, and how it evolved over a century.

  4. The sale of The Washington Post: How the unthinkable choice became the clear path – That left three choices, Weymouth told Graham. The family could continue presiding over the gradual decline of the newspaper they loved. They could move more aggressively to cut the paper’s staff more deeply than ever, hoping that they could return The Post to sustained profitability by sacrificing its longtime excellence.

  5. The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In – A decade after they left careers in favor of full-time lives at home, working mothers like Sheilah O’Donnel, who quit a big salary job at Oracle, reflected on what they lost.

The Feds


Tapering of Stimulus Could Start as Soon as September, 2 Fed Presidents Hint

National Push by a Local Immigration Activist: No G.O.P. Retreat

Washington Warily Takes On Housing Finance Shift



Murray vs. McGinn showdown: Mayor survives, but faces challenge

Voters pass King County parks levy

Race is on to define a 2016 Hillary Clinton candidacy

‘Dirtiest, nastiest, low-down campaign in America’? The Va. governor’s race.

Washougal appoints government-change panels

Tech Magnates Bet on Booker and His Future in Venture

In New York, struggling in the shadow of ‘Carlos Danger’

Many Mayoral Candidates Are Close to Cuomo

Sheriff to Face Hospital Executive in Detroit Mayoral Runoff

City Council


Lane County commissioners vote unanimously after an outside investigation into changes she made in her compensation

Hillsboro City Council approves making awnings optional for downtown businesses

Beaverton mayor drives city-owned cars while getting paid by city to use his own

Customer group tells EWEB ‘smart’ meters are dangerous

La Center unsure about city hall move

In Oregon, talks emerge to salvage the once-left-for-dead Columbia River Crossing

Lean In


Some Tech Firms Ask: Who Needs Managers?

What You Can Learn About Leadership From A Tough Guy Who Doesn’t Say Much

When The Job Interviewer Doesn’t Ask The Right Questions

Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, etc.

ELGL Social Network: FacebookGoogle+LinkedInPinterest, and Twitter


Mormon Missionaries Turn to Facebook, Twitter

Twitter promises new security feature is better, easier to use

Vietnam’s new social media crackdown takes aim at news aggregators (and enemies of the state)

Tangled Web: When you need to send real help

Can You Actually Teach A Millennial How To Do Social Media?

And a Few More…


Outrage Over Antigay Law Does Not Spread to Olympic Officials

Vancouver police chief semi-finalists gather; decision weeks away

Eugene police plan to replace their Crown Victoria sedans with SUVs that get better gas mileage

So Libertarians are suing Plan Bay Area because it directs too much growth into compact development