Can I Bum a Ride to the PERS Forum? (Updated 8/1)

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bum ride

In an effort to help our members carpool to events we post a list of RSVP’d attendees to each forum.  Here’s the list for next week’s PERS forum:

Cassandra Ulven, Public Affairs Officer, TVFR

David Snider, Economic Development Manager, City of Sandy

Ashley Graff, MPA Student, University of Kansas

Mark Stotik, Labor & Employee Relations Manager, Clackamas County

Candy Cates, Operations and Policy Analyst, Oregon Health Authority

Jamie Zentner, Program Coordinator, Clackamas County Public Health Division

Ben Kittelson, Project Assistant, ELGL

Elizabeth McCann, Senior Financial Analyst, City of Gresham

Rachael Fuller, Senior Operations Manager, City of Gresham

Jessica Harper, Assistant to the Mayor, City of Gresham

Kirsten Wyatt, Assistant City Manager, City of West Linn

Michael Parkhurst, Senior Urban Renewal Project Coordinator, City of Gresham

Karen Eubanks, Public Information Officer, TVFR

Annie Watt, Senior Management Analyst, City of Gresham

Bridget Saludares, Management Analyst, City of Gresham

Kent Wyatt, Senior Management Analyst, City of Tigard

Terrie Houser-Link, City of Gresham

Marsha Penn, N/A

Melinda Morgan, N/A

Karen Pearson, Human Resources Director, City of Gresham

Marlene Myers, City of Gresham

Heather Johnston, Program Technician, City of Gresham