“The Deets” on the 50 Nifty Initiative

Based on feedback from Bonnie Svrcek, ICMA President and others, we have clarified the criteria for the project. For a quick FAQ on the “the deets”, check out the 50 Nifty Poster.

As a reminder, the project has highlighted South Carolina (Katherine Hendricks, City of Pickens Administrator) and Colorado (Tim Gagen, Breckenridge Town Manager) in its first two stops.

Who Is on the List So Far? 

As of July 9, recommendations for The Fifty Nifty Project

What’s The Fifty Nifty?

  • The Fifty Nifty Project is ELGL’s effort to reach all 50 states by profiling at least one person from the government arena so we can learn more about local governments across the nation.
  • This is part of ELGL’s continuing goal of sharing good information about local governments.
  • Each person profiled with be asked the same questions, and at the end of the year, we’ll package the responses together in a report.

Can I Be Nifty Too?

  • Include name, job title, organization, and email address for each recommendation.
  • The sky’s the limit:  your recommendation can be a student, retired, or active government professional.  Pick someone you admire in your home state, or a state you have lived in previously.
  • We want to focus on the people who make local government a wonderful place to make a difference.

ELGL sounds… Nifty.  What’s it all about?

  • The mission of the Emerging Local Government Leaders Network is to enhance communication between emerging and experienced government professionals; provide for professional advancement in the field by identifying employment opportunities and through targeted training and education; and support the advancement of professional local government management.
  • ELGL is a growing and vibrant network of local government professionals who regularly share and discuss topics of interest; share knowledge and information; and support one another in their career aspirations in public service.