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Number of the Week: Americans Spend 41% More on Mom Than Dad

Knope of the Week

Center for Priority Based Budgeting, Chris and Erik Fabian, Jon Johnson, and Don Hudson

Newest Members

Amy Lippay, Multnomah County, Human Resources Manager

Brian Southey, City of Bloomignton Illinois, Graduate Management Intern

David Nguyen, City of Beaverton, Project Specialist

Upcoming Events

June 20 – ELGL Willamette Valley Presents Community Rhythms

June 20 – Perspectives on Public Safety: Lake Oswego Police Chief Johnson; Clackamas County Undersheriff Kirby; and Milwaukie Police Chief Jordan

June 28 – Happy New (Fiscal) Year EventRemember to RSVP

High 5

  1. CTA reveals its Block 37 superstation – After a full year of asking, photographer Stephen Serio and I a few days ago finally got a chance to tour the hitherto unseen “superstation” under Block 37 in the central Loop — a grand space that is an equally grand testimony to the hubris of the latter years of former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration.

  2. Snowden’s life of hiding in plain sight – As quickly as he popped up, the former NSA contractor who preferred to keep his own life hidden has gone underground as the U.S. prepares its legal case in NSA leaks.

  3. China’s Uprooting: Moving 250 Million People Into Cities – A plan to move hundreds of millions of rural residents into cities is intended to spur economic growth, but could have unintended consequences, skeptics say.

  4. Flood Fixes Vex Coastal Areas – Coastal communities in the U.S. are grappling with how best to protect low-lying areas from flooding as sea levels rise, but some of those efforts are generating disputes over costs, regulations and climate-change studies.

  5. More governors speed ahead where Clinton stumbled – Maryland’s Martin O’Malley (D), Vermont’s Peter Shumlin (D), Colorado’s John Hickenlooper (D) and Nevada’s Brian Sandoval (R) have all signed legislation granting driving privileges to at least some illegal immigrants, part of a wave of seven states adopting similar laws so far this year. In an eighth state, Florida, lawmakers passed a bill by overwhelming margins only to see Republican Gov. Rick Scott veto it.

I’m Just a Bill

Localities Push Pennsylvania to Reconsider Requiring People to Report Missing Guns – Five years ago lawmakers in Harrisburg, Pa., rejected a statewide proposal requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms to police. Today the state capitol counts itself among 30 municipalities in Pennsylvania with a reporting requirement at the local level. Rep. Madeleine Dean, who represents a township 12 miles north of Philadelphia, introduced a bill on June 10 to try again to extend the policy to the rest of the state.

Tea for 2? Senators in a Marriage of Convenience – Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, both Kentucky Republicans, have formed an odd-couple, scratch-my-back alliance.

Michael Brown case stirs debate on D.C. Council influence – His entreaties came to the Department of Small and Local Business Development via phone and text messages, personally and through staff members. Court records indicate they came after business hours, during holidays and even after Brown was no longer a council member.

Fiscal Cliff

Portland City Council set to give final OK to brighter-than-expected budget – At the end of April, Mayor Charlie Hales called a press conference to present his proposed 2013-14 budget. “This is not a happy day,” he said. The city faced a $21.5 million shortfall and more than 170 positions would be cut, mostly in fire and police. The Buckman Pool would close. The mounted patrol would finally get axed.

Wong: Continuing the convoluted tale of budgets in Oregon, Washington – In Washington state, government appears headed for a partial shutdown unless legislators can break their stalemate and agree on a single budget by July 1. In Oregon, even though a budget stalemate of sorts is continuing, there’s almost no likelihood of a partial shutdown of state government.

Even Pessimists Feel Optimistic About the American Economy – In a shift, many economists in academia and on Wall Street see a brighter outlook right around the corner, not just far into the future.

Daley, Katz: Houston must maintain its economic upswing – Goals should include global networking, strong local support

Inside Portlandia

Behind the Wheel – Portland’s new transportation commissioner talks about his new, slightly crumbling kingdom.

Home Free? – The bureau shake-up at city hall bodes well for Right 2 Dream Too.

Trend shows fewer votes for Mother Nature – Three counties show dwindling support for Metro land measures

Visions for downtown Troutdale come alive – Intimacy, small business and a reconnection to nature and water are big themes for Troutdale residents and business owners

Fairview debates who should pay for sidewalk repairs, trees – Citizen complaints prompt council to reconsider city code

Outside Portlandia

Oregon Employment Department chief, deputy lose jobs after probe finds waste, mismanagement – An investigation by The Oregonian reviewed hundreds of pages of records, reports and internal emails, finding an agency in crisis whose managers massaged statistics to bolster its image. Audit after audit exposed leadership problems that festered as they agency wasted as much as $30 million on computer software programs that didn’t work.

Bainbridge mayor, city manager try to move past last week’s brouhaha – Bainbridge Island City Manager Doug Schulze and Mayor Steve Bonkowski both tried to mend fences Wednesday after last week’s confrontation over a controversial outsourcing contract that some council members said had created a crisis at city hall.

Cities asked to stop using agent interpreters – A farmworker rights organization is asking that three cities in northwest Washington stop using Border Patrol agents as interpreters when Hispanic residents call police to report crimes.

County clarifies conditions for employees on military duty – According to the county, this new piece of legislation also “provides differential pay, clarifies qualifications for leave of absence to serve, and specifies the duration of pay and benefits.”

Chicago latest on list of bike-sharing cities – The trend continues to spread across the country

Solving the Boise Cascade redevelopment puzzle – For six years, Salem has waited.

Career Center

5 Surprising Mistakes Job Seekers Make – Looking for a job isn’t easy. And as a job seeker, you’ll do just about anything to stand out from the crowd. Of course you will—you want the job. I remember being there, too.

In Looser Tone, Speakers Urge Graduates to Take Risks and Be Engaged – Across the country, the addresses of 2013 were much more personal, infused with self-deprecating humor, raunchy asides and references to the speakers’ own humble or distant origins.

Top 10 Portland Job-Search Questions from You (Our Readers) – Here are the top 10 questions I’ve been asked during my time as the editor of “Mac’s List” and the answers I give.

To Succeed in the 21st Century, Leaders Need to Apply ‘Exponential Thinking’ – Let me explain. Exponential thinking is the discipline that Singularity University founders Ray Kurzweil, author of Singularity is Near, and Peter Diamandis, author of Abundance, teach to incorporate the rapid development of technologies in industry and science. Exposing leaders in industry and innovation to understand the great potential we have at our command today is critical to their mission to improve the human conditions for the 7.2 billion people on earth.

How To Go From Being a Disaster — To a Great Speaker – Tarun managed to fumble his way through the talk. The moderator also came to his rescue—knowing that any 23-year old would have difficulty speaking to an audience of 400 business executives and academics at one of the most prestigious conferences in the world.

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iOS 7 and Facebook Hashtags Debut and Other Top Comments – Facebook (finally) rolled out hashtag support, and Apple debuted the next “biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone” since the last “biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone”: the bright new iOS 7. And of course our readers had much to say about it.

10 Enterprise Networks to Improve Company Communication – Deloitte predicts over 90% of Fortune 500 companies will have partially or fully implemented an enterprise social network by the end of 2013. An ESN is an internal workplace that streamlines communication among co-workers. They give employees a sense of online community and help forge connections between departments, especially within larger corporations.