04.26.13: Your Morning Buzz

Runners start London Marathon with moment of silence for Boston victims


The High Five

  1. Seattle tops popularity list of U.S. cities – The Pacific Northwest has a good reputation nationwide–the two most popular of the 21 prominent cities we asked about in our national poll last weekend are Seattle and Portland, OR. 57% of American voters see Seattle favorably and only 14% unfavorably, edging out Portland (52-12) by three points on the margin.

  2. What an Internet sales tax would mean in sales tax-free Oregon – As Oregon’s Legislative Revenue Officer Paul Warner told me today, it turns out there won’t be any financial benefit for the state.

  3. Downtown USA: Chelsea’s Path to a Vibrant Downtown – This new case study explores how Chelsea, Michigan has evolved into a destination city with a blooming restaurant scene, independent retailers, and events that draw visitors into the city’s core.

  4. Vehicle-Miles Tax on Rural Drivers: Everything You Believe May Be Wrong – Almost everyone believes rural drivers would be unfairly hurt if required to pay a vehicle-miles traveled tax.  That tax is the number one contender for replacing or augmenting the gas tax.

  5. Four Surprising Things About Civics and Politics in America – The Pew Internet and American Life Project today released the results of a broad survey about civic life and the Internet. There are some obvious findings: People who are better educated and make more money are more likely to be politically active, for instance, and, as we’ve known for a while, people who find out about a political topic online can be motivated to seek out more information.


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Weekly Reader – Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week

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I’m Just a Bill

Oregon Legislature’s tax-hike fight not over – Will continue despite failure of House Democrats’ first attempt

Judge: Oregon gay marriage ban is ‘unconstitutional’ – A federal judge has called Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional.

House conservatives to pursue their own agenda on immigration laws – Some lawmakers warned it could derail a comprehensive overhaul that President Obama is urging.

Fiscal Cliff

Medford’s balanced budget includes no layoffs – Medford officials are gearing up for a proposed $232 million biennial budget that avoids any layoffs but seeks reductions in materials and equipment.

Utility rate increases, fees discussed at Forest Grove Budget Committee meeting – Forest Grove utility rates will likely increase this year, city staff said at a Wednesday evening Budget Committee meeting. New fees attached to utility bills are also being discussed as a possibility for funding some city services.

Necessity of city of Eugene fee subject of debate – Some say a proposed assessment isn’t needed at all, but others cite consequences if it fails

City of Medford Talks Money – The City of Medford was all in one room Thursday, or at least it’s leaders were. All of them were talking about next year’s budget.

Politicians Will Only Roll Back Parts of the Sequester That Hurt Them, Naturally – Congress has reached a deal to end furloughs creating airport delays — without addressing any of the other problems of the sequester.

Inside Portlandia

Multnomah County, city of Portland set goals for summer intern-hiring program – Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith knows first-hand the value a paying job can have for a teenager. In 1980, Smith was a job-seeking 16-year-old living in Michigan. Application after application went nowhere.

Little response from public, electeds on proposed transportation plan changes – A regional advisory committee signed off Wednesday on a series of changes to the Portland region’s long-term transportation plan, moving the proposed amendments closer to a vote by the Metro Council.

Portland Mayor Hales to deliver first State of the City address: Portland City Hall roundup – In a discussion with The Oregonian’s editorial board, Hales said he would again stress the three priorities that marked his campaign and have become a frequent refrain of his first five months in office.

Outside Portlandia

Sweet denied a second chance in Sunnyside – Former Sunnyside interim City Manager Frank Sweet won’t return to his job, the Sunnyside City Council decided Wednesday night on a 5-1 vote.

Business Oregon proposes overhaul of multi-million dollar tax credits that helped woo SoloPower, SolarWorld – Oregon’s economic development arm is angling for more freedom to extend millions of dollars in tax credits to manufacturers, even as the program’s two highest-profile companies struggle to survive.

Career Center

3 Values You Can Use to Craft Your Career – My big take-away was this: build a set of values from which you operate and use them to guide you on your career path to opportunities that far exceed what’s listed on a job board.

The Strongest Careers Are Non-Linear – For years we have been talking about the education bubble and the problem that colleges charge tons of money and then graduates are unemployable and in debt. Colleges are responding by becoming job preparation centers. And Frank Bruni, opinion editor for the New York Times, says this is a waste of time and resources.

What the Weekend Reveals about Your Life – Here’s a simple question that can tell you a lot about your life: on the weekends, are you running away from work, or towards other passions in your life?

Social Network

Are Negative Twitter Messages Contagious? Does a negative post on Twitter have infectious germs powerful enough to influence the behavior of tweeters? Maybe. Then again, maybe not.

Advice for Clueless Brands on Social Media – Two things: 1) You were a creation of Twitter, so take your lumps like a man. 2) A “belieber?” Seriously, you conceited little snot, some things are just not about you. Such as: the Holocaust.

8 Risks When You Ignore Social Media – Ignoring social media because you think you can’t prove results? Here’s what you risk.

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