04.18.13: Your Morning Buzz

Boston Bruins Crowd Delivers Tear-Jerking National Anthem

The High Five

  1. The Shame of Boston’s Wireless Woes  – Shortly after Monday’s bombings, cellular networks collapsed. The same thing happens every time there is a crisis in a large city.

  2. The Frustration of San Francisco’s Mass-Transit Riders, Visualized  – If one were to somehow take a mental-health reading of commuters at 6:30 p.m. on a Monday, it would look something like this “Frustration Index.”

  3. High court rules on drunken driving, warrants – Supreme Court justices rule that police should generally try to get a warrant before forcing a drunken driving suspect to submit to blood testing.

  4. Why entrepreneurs are key to jump-starting the Milwaukee area’s economic rebirth – Unlike during its industrial glory days, Milwaukee trails many areas on business start-ups. If the region wants something transformative like a Microsoft, it needs optimistic, risk-taking entrepreneurs.

  5. Work of Falls City administrator praised –  The Falls City City Council on Thursday approved a raise for City Administrator Amber Mathiesen and took what is hoped will be a final step toward completing the city’s Wastewater Master Plan.

4-1-1 on E-L-G-L

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Weekly Reader – Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week

  1. Part IV: A Passion for Public Service Headed to Chapel Hill
  2. 04.16.13: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Peace and Love Remix)
  3. Play Ball! Hillsboro Hops GM Highlights ELGL Forum on April 17
  4. Updated (4/17 10:15 a.m) Meeting Agenda for Hillsboro Hops Forum
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I’m Just a Bill

Kitzhaber: Changes to TriMet board won’t happen soon – He said he opposes a bill by Rep. Chris Gorsek, D-Troutdale, that would remove the governor’s authority to select TriMet’s board members. Gorsek’s proposal, House Bill 3316, would expand the seven-member board to 11 people and let local governments select most of the board members.

Rival tax bills divide parties – The stage has been set for a showdown between Democrats and Republicans in the Oregon House over raising tax collections to balance the state budget.

Every proposal on gun control fails in Senate – Even plan to expand background checks to all buyers, which has overwhelming public support in polls, collapses under pressure from the gun-rights lobby.

The 6 biggest players in the CISPA debate – CISPA’s stated intention is to make it easier for the government to help online companies that get hacked. But the devil’s in the details. The bill would allow those companies, in an emergency, to share what they know with federal agencies like the FBI, CIA, and NSA with little consequence. But opponents call the bill a gross violation of your online privacy.

CRC Hits Troubled Waters In Washington Senate – The $3.5 billion effort to build a new bridge between Portland and Vancouver is in trouble in the Washington Senate.

$2,000 fine for texting while driving?: Oregon Legislature today – It’s deadline day at the Oregon Legislature, and some legislators might go home today with bruised feelings if their pet bills die in committee.

Should the Government Regulate Fracking? Fracking to produce shale gas could set America on the road to energy independence. But who should be in charge of regulating it: the federal government or the states?

Fiscal Cliff

Mayor Warns Of Delays In Delivering Arts Tax Funds – Portland Mayor Charlie Hales is asking leaders of school districts and non-profits to be cautious about planning for money from the arts tax that voters approved last fall.

Moody’s will study Portland pension liabilities for ‘possible downgrade’ of bond ratings – But Rich Goward, Portland’s chief financial officer, said he isn’t concerned — not yet, anyway.

Learning from Boston and D.C. in an Early Look at Philly Bike Share – Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s 2013 budget proposal included a line item eagerly awaited by smart growth proponents and bicycle advocates: A $3 million request to get a bike share program underway.

Inside Portlandia

Hillsboro ballpark ’80 percent’ complete, city could contract parking at the complex – The Hillsboro Hops home debut is just two months away, and the city’s Gordon Faber Recreation Complex is still an active construction site as crews race to complete the3,534 seat ballpark.

City Gets 44 Applications to Run Transportation Bureau – Turns out plenty of people would like a shot at running the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Fluoride Campaign Reports Huge Cash Haul, Unusual Spending – Pro-fluoride campaign makes “grants” to minority groups

TriMet proposes $2.1 million for bus ‘service improvements’– Initially, the financially battered agency’s budget for fiscal year 2014 included just $1.6 million for what transit planners called “minor improvements” to carved up bus lines.

City hires new library director – Holly Mercer is former regional director in Arkansas A new library director will join the West Linn Public Library starting May 13.

Outside Portlandia

Q&A with city manager Jonathan Wright – The Umpqua Post talked with city manager Jonathan Wright, who presented the message to the council about the proposed budget. His comments have been edited for clarity and length.

City manager search underway – The next Lebanon city manager will have an opportunity to conduct a top to bottom organizational review, according to the recruitment brochure posted online by the Prothman Company, the firm contracted by the council to conduct the hiring process.

Lame-duck City Council to consider city manager contract, pay – About a week before the city manager’s contract expires and a new mayor takes office, the lame-duck City Council will consider David Hales’ past and future with the city.

Ortgiesen resigns, pays debt, with interest – Another commissioner admits signing off on credit card reports.

Mayor of Medford Recovering from Heart Attack – The deputy city manager says on Saturday night, Gary Wheeler went to Asante. There, doctors performed a non-surgical procedure, where stents were put in to open blocked heart arteries.

Bid to probe Metro flap fails – Councilor George Brown’s motion to look into the controversy over Jack Roberts’ employment is defeated

City and Union Agree on Overhaul of Wage System – The Bend City Council unanimously approved the three-year contract at its Wednesday night meeting. The contract had already been approved by the City of Bend Employees Association, or COBEA.

As Oregon Town Evolves, Caveman Heads the Way of the Dodo – Members of Pelt-Wearing Secret Society Debate Fate of 17-Foot Neanderthal Statue.

Career Center

5 resume tips for job hoppers – Here’s a depressing truth: When hiring managers consider a resume, the first thing they look for is a reason to eliminate it.

A ‘Whom Do You Hang With?’ Map Of America – It’s a new, intriguing way to see our country. This one was built by tracking dollar bill circulation. There’ve been similar maps built from phone call data. The idea here is to show America not as 50 states, but as regions where people do stuff together. In other words, a “Whom Do You Hang With?” map.

Who Stands Where In A Crowded Elevator And Why? When a bunch of people get into an elevator, she wondered, do they segregate in any predictable way? Do tall ones stand in the back? Do men stand in different places than women? Who looks where? She says she wasn’t expecting or even predicting a particular configuration, but she found one.

Job Sprawl Stalls: The Great Recession and Metropolitan Employment Location – As policymakers and regional leaders work to grow jobs and connect residents to economic opportunity following the Great Recession, where jobs locate matters. The location of employment within a metro area intersects with a range of policy issues—from transportation to workforce development to regional innovation—that affect a region’s long-term health, prosperity, and social inclusion.

The most enjoyable way to improve your writing skills -Figuring out the formula for being a good writer—and how to teach the formula to the next generation—has become my passion.

Social Network

Google looking to expand super-fast Fiber service to Provo, Utah – After loudly announcing its expansion to Austin, Texas, last week, Google on Wednesday used a simple blog post to let users know it hopes to also bring Fiber, its high-speed Internet service, to Provo, Utah.


Tumblr needs to fix its transparency problem – Tumblr has long been a silent communicator. The company keeps its staff blog focused on the creative side of things, while its support blog seems to have little to do with site notifications—not even when Tumblr unveils site-wide changes that drastically affect its 100 million users.

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