04.15.13: Your Morning Buzz

Death and Taxes with Nate Reagan, CPA, Handy and Reagan

The High Five

  1. Louisiana town bans sagging pants – The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana sent a letter to the Terrebonne Parish Town Council entreating them to not pass the anti-sagging ordinance, saying that it is unconstitutiona

  2. HOW A YOUNG COMMUNITY OF ENTREPRENEURS IS REBUILDING DETROIT – Jerry Paffendorf’s Imagination Station was an art and performance space sitting near Detroit’s iconic eyesore: the windowless, 18-story Michigan Central Station. He and some neighbors had bought two houses and a field for $6,000 and renovated the property as a goodwill gesture and an expression of faith in his adopted home.

  3. Town Centers Seek Another Shot at a Bar – This historic town in a leafy section of the Garden State is home to stately Victorian houses and the courthouse that hosted the trial of Charles Lindbergh’s son’s accused killer. Its boosters think it could be a destination downtown, but it is missing at least one thing: a Main Street bar.

  4. The Problem With Calling Cities ‘Post-Industrial’ – Former heavy manufacturing hubs around the Great Lakes like Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee often get roped together under the heading of “post-industrial” (when, that is, we’re not otherwise identifying them by their prevalence of rust). The term poses at least two problems, though: Industry still exists in many of these places, and the very notion of defining them by their relationship to the past can hamstring us from planning more thoughtfully for their future.

  5. What Happens to the Olympic Plans of Cities That Don’t Win Them? Had Chicago won the 2016 Summer Olympics, as many people in the city once felt certain it would, the region would be roughly at the halfway point now in preparations for the Games. Chicago would be constructing an 80,000-seat stadium on the South Side that could later be converted into a permanent (and much smaller) neighborhood asset. It would be redeveloping the area around the closed Michael Reese Hospital, connecting the street grid there for a walkable Olympic Village. It would be remodeling the downtown waterfront for use as a rowing venue.

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I’m Just a Bill

New State Gun Laws Show Power of One-Party Control – New this year: South Dakotans can now carry concealed pistols while riding their snowmobiles. And Arkansas and North Dakota residents are now free to bring their guns to church, as long as their pastors say it’s alright.

Alaska Legislature passes oil tax overhaul – Alaska Legislature passes oil tax overhaul on last scheduled day of session.

The Big Divide: Competing political wills block the way – Clark County’s political and business leaders who’ve steered the county’s growth strategy for decades are under fire by critics girding to capsize their priorities.

Race for Support Before Key Gun Vote – Supporters of a bipartisan proposal to expand background checks for gun sales are racing to secure Senate votes for what would be the most significant gun-control legislation in years.

Hoffman: Three key issues coming this week for state workers – In case you’re considering a nap or taking a jaunt to the lobby for some more Sno-Caps, I’ll fill you in on what’s coming this week that might matter to state workers. If it sounds interesting, stay tuned. If you’ve had it with those big swords that say “PERS” on the blade, take this opportunity for a bathroom break.

Drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants, a sales tax and a mining moratorium: Oregon Legislature today – Those of you working on tax returns, good luck filing today. The rest of you interested in what’s happening in Salem, well, there’s plenty to follow.

Fiscal Cliff

Don’t be smug about region’s economic outlook – Seattle’s been feeling pretty good about itself lately, and not without cause. But here are 10 reasons why the Puget Sound region and Washington state can’t afford to be smug.

Sales Tax Hearing: Ignoring voters with big tax grab to explode spending crisis – Today the Senate Finance & Revenue Committee will be hearing SJR 36 & SB 824 which help advance the steps to create a sales tax in Oregon.

Inside Portlandia

Beaverton couple — both elected officials — like to relax on two wheels – Beaverton City Councilor Marc San Soucie and his Metro Councilor Kathryn Harrington, husband and wife, pause on their tandem near McKenzie Pass. They are avid bicyclists and figure they’ve covered most of the roads in Washington County.

Audit confirms whistleblower’s suit – The City Council will consider settling a whistleblower lawsuit on Wednesday, less than two weeks after a city audit confirmed the thrust of the accusations made by the employee who was fired.

Outside Portlandia

Cable car accidents cost San Francisco millions each year in settlements – In this city of innumerable tourist attractions, the clanging, hill-conquering cable cars stand out as a top draw.

EWEB’s latest challenge: labor unrest – After cutting jobs and facing consumer ire over rate hikes it has imposed, the Eugene Water & Electric Board now has to grapple with another problem: labor unrest.

City to consider homeless issues – Homelessness issues will take center stage during an Ashland City Council meeting on Tuesday.

A storm ahead – The city has only three more annual payments to go before the loan it took out to build the Florence Events Center is paid off. There a problem, though: The city lacks the money to make the final two payments.

Career Center

11 Things to Notice Around the Office When You Go For a Job Interview – When you visit a company for a job interview, you should be keenly observant from the time you arrive until you say your goodbyes.

10 Things Really Amazing Employees Do –  Here are ten traits that any great employer should recognize and reward instantly.

Social Network

Does BuzzFeed Know the Secret? Jonah Peretti’s viral-content machine purports to have solved the problems of both journalism and advertising at once, all with the help of a simple algorithm.

Los Angeles Woman Fights Street Crime with Twitter – Alex Thompson, a 45-year-old entrepreneur from Venice Beach, Calif., is well-versed in the practice. Two years ago, she launched a Twitter account called Venice311 to tweet about crimes in her neighborhood. Since its launch, she’s racked up more than 12,000 followers and become the go-to “digital eyes” for the greater Los Angeles area.

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