04.11.13: Your Morning Buzz

How Do You Spell Hipster? It Could Be B-I-N-G-O

The High Five

  1. Sharing the Burdens of a Broken City – Cities are integrated systems: You can’t fix the finances without addressing the circumstances of the residents, and you can’t improve the circumstances of the residents without fixing the finances. As the judge put it, without bankruptcy “it is clear that the city would not be able to perform its obligations to its citizens, such as fundamental matters of public safety.”

  2. Could Kickstarter Work as a Tool for Neighborhood Economic Development?  The city of Chicago tries to leverage the platform better known for funding design projects and cutting-edge products.

  3. Greens score win in first battle over California’s vast reserves of shale oil – California holds the US’s largest reserves of shale oil, but don’t expect a drilling boom any time soon.

  4. Some hints of openings in partisan wall – On gun control, immigration, the budget, some Democrats and Republicans are talking — and working — together.

  5. Obama Budget: What States & Cities Need to Know – President Barack Obama released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2014 Wednesday. We break it down to tell you how it impacts states, cities and counties and their specific programs.

4-1-1 on E-L-G-L

Newest ELGL Member: Zach Henkin, Oregon City, Planning Commissioner

Upcoming ELGL Forums: April 11: Greg Baker, Damascus City Manager and April 17: K.L. Wombacher, Hillsboro Hops General Manager

Weekly Reader – Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week

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  2. Updated (4/9): Who’s Who’s in the Resume Book
  3. Takeaways with Steve Bryant, Former Albany City Manager
  4. 04.05.13: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Farmers Market Remix)
  5. New Sensation with Carlos Soriano, Business & Employment Specialist at State of Oregon

I’m Just a Bill

Bill Proposes Pot Grow Restrictions – Local law enforcement is backing a bill to change Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program. The bill is pushing to limit how many growers are allowed to grow medicinal cannabis on any one property.

Senate vote on PERS bill; driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants: Oregon Legislature today -The fast-tracked bill to reform public employees retirement benefits is set for a vote on the Senate floor Thursday.

Fiscal Cliff

OSU, Good Sam wary of city tax plan – Corvallis officials suggest untaxed agencies contribute. For months the city of Corvallis has been grappling with a public safety tax.

Slightly brighter budget picture for city in latest projection: Portland City Hall roundup – Portland’s financial situation may not be quite as dire as expected, according to a recent analysis by the city economist. Still, the budget situation is by no means looking sunny.

Two Portland commissioners recommend immediate steps to reduce police, fire overtime costs – Commissioners Amanda Fritz and Dan Saltzman, tapped by the mayor this year to recommend ways to bring down overtime costs, submitted a report to Mayor Charlie Hales on April 5.

Jackson County Releases Budget, May Include Cuts – Jackson County leaders released budget plans for this year, which may include dozens of layoffs and cuts in just about every department. At nearly 400 pages, the budget proposal for the coming fiscal year maps out how county leaders plan on spending about $301 million. That money will pay for everything from county roads, to public safety.

County’s budget gets tentative OK –  Polk County Administrator Greg Hansen wrote in his 2013-14 budget message last week that the proposed budget was so tight, it offered very little room for changes.

RACC ’Em Up – City Hall must reduce services but it lacks the nerve to cut its budget for the arts.

Inside Portlandia

Banks City Council appoints Pete Edison as new mayor, looks to fill open positionBanks City Council president, Pete Edison, was appointed mayor on Tuesday by the remaining members of council, effective immediately.

Damascus and stream buffers: What you need to know – There has been some confusion and a lot of debate about proposed stream buffers in Damascus. Property owners who develop their lands will need to buffer streams by 200 feet, minimum, according to a new draft of the comprehensive plan. Some people say this protects important natural features in Damascus and won’t affect that much land, but will keep the city’s rural character. Others say that it’s too much of a hardship on developers and that voters will reject the new comprehensive plan at the ballot because of this issue.

Urban renewal money from Clackamas Town Center area to end, leaves board to decide how to spend it – The Clackamas Town Center urban renewal district will stop collecting money soon, and there is some left over. That $97 million is the center of an ideological divide among the commissioners.

Council approves city manager criteria – The Lake Oswego City Council is looking for a new city manager who is financially savvy, who can offer a high level of customer service to a citizenry with high expectations and who is willing and able to live within the city.

Outside Portlandia

Town of Elon working without manager during illness – Ed Wyatt came to Elon by the league’s recommendation, since he’s worked in interim administrative assistant positions in several other towns, said Tolley.

City wraps downtown planning – The city of Reedsport has a waterfront and downtown plan. But, as an unidentified city council audience member asked, “What will this do?”

Burien Council Evaluation: City Manager Mike Martin’s Future on Razor’s Edge – A one-vote swing in the current political balance on the Burien City Council in the municipal elections this fall could mark the end of Mike Martin’s tenure as city manager.

Anderson Appointed as County Administrator – The Deschutes County Board of Commissioners has appointed Tom Anderson as County Administrator. On behalf of Deschutes County, The Prothman Company of Bellevue, Washington conducted a national recruitment for the position. Five candidates participated in a two-day interview process that included a public reception held on April 1, and a series of panel interviews on April 2.

Gorayeb tapped for city manager – Andrew Gorayeb will serve as Sisters’ “limited duration” city manager. The city council selected Gorayeb after a three-hour interview session with three interested parties on a 3-2 vote.

Sequim city manager gets 5 percent pay raise – The City Council has raised City Manager Steve Burkett’s annual salary by 5 percent, from $121,200 to $127,260.

Cannon Beach council fuzzy on how to start hiring process – City Manager Rich Mays is leaving, but has not given a departure date.

Career Center

6 traits of great writing—according to a fourth-grade teacher – I’ve written several posts about my 10-year-old son and his developing writing skills. And though he may not share my alacrity for writing, his school curriculum is full of great writing advice. Recently, he came home with a handout called “Six traits of great writing.” The advice outlined in the handout is basic, but it remains important for writers of all stripes.

14 Ways to Not Get Hired – Avoid these major pitfalls — be the one who gets the job offer!

How Out-of-Office Replies Put You at Risk – Ah, the innocuous out-of-office notification message. Who in the corporate world hasn’t used it at one time or another?

Lousy Hires = Lousy Culture. Go Figure. One reason I get a kick out of reading business books is because their themes frequently come to life and smack you right in the nose at work the next day. Recently I read “The Energy Bus” and underlined this passage: Negative people often tend to create negative cultures whereas positive corporate cultures are created by positive people.

A Recruiter’s Top 10 Tips for Getting an Internship in Oregon – After building several internship programs, I’ve noticed patterns of who gets internships and whose resumes never make it.  Here are some tips I have for those looking to get noticed by prospective employers – both for students AND non-students seeking internships.

Social Network

Why Google Fiber and Its High-Speed Clones Are Too Expensive for Your City – If you’re not jealous of Austin, which on Tuesday officially became the second lucky city to get access to Google Fiber — the search giant’s experimental, super fast, surprisingly cheap fiberoptic Internet infrastructure — you should be, because it’s unlikely that your city will ever get the coveted connection service of the future.


Your Facebook profile could get you audited – Keep your virtual lips sealed this tax season, framers and evaders. Word out of New York law firm Proskauer Rose LLP has it that the IRS plans to check individual Facebook and Twitter posts over the next few weeks to see if anybody’s lying about their taxes.

Social media bill would protect employees from boss’ eye – For many, posting about their personal lives on Facebook and Twitter has become part of the fabric of popular culture. Tigard’s elected leaders in Salem are working to make sure those posts, photos and messages don’t make it into the hands of inquisitive employers or university admissions officers.

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