Updated (03.22): Gone in 30 Minutes

The Oregonian has taken the torch for uncovering on-goings in Clackamas County.  Steve Wheeler was apparently gone in 30 minutes as John Ludlow and Tootie Smith paid him a visit immediately following their swearing in ceremony.

Letter to Steve Wheeler from John Ludlow

John Ludlow, Tootie Smith launched shake-up without telling colleagues

Via Oregonian Editorial Board:

Resignation of Clackamas administrator signals trouble within county commission – Reasonable people could look at the handwritten notes as conniving against a public employee. Reasonable people could also conclude that the probable author of the notes, a recently fired assistant counsel for Clackamas County, appropriately faces a probe by the Oregon State Bar for an ethics violation.

But that would be to miss the larger point, which is named John Ludlow.

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From Willamette Week: 

Clackamas Chairman John Ludlow Asks Oregon Bar to Return Complaint Filed Against Former City Attorney

Great reporting by Willamette Week:

Clackamas County Counsel Fires Subordinate, Files Bar Complaint Against Him

Complaint alleges conspiracy to oust county administrator

Official Complaint

 By Andrea Damewood, Willamette Week

Clackamas County Counsel Stephen Madkour filed an Oregon State Bar complaint against a former county attorney he fired, saying Scot Sideras used his position to hatch a plan to oust County Administrator Steve Wheeler.

Wheeler, 60, resigned his position on Feb. 25 and agreed to stay on as the county’s chief executive officer until his replacement was found. The Oregonian reported the separation as “amicable.”

Madkour’s complaint suggests Wheeler’s departure was more calculated.

The complaint, filed Feb. 27, contains documents Makour says he believes Sideras created. They include a four-page handwritten timeline on how to get rid of Wheeler and adetailed resume Sideras sent to County Board of Commissioners Chairman John Ludlow.

Continue reading: Clackamas County Counsel Fires Subordinate, Files Bar Complaint Against Him

Steve Wheeler, Clackamas County Manager, resigned this morning. Steve is a strong supporter of ELGL and provided valuable  insight into the life of a county manager at an ELGL forum last year.

We honor Steve (despite his Dook roots) with our favorite picture of him. ELGL thanks Steve for his hard work and commitment to improving the local government profession. Go Dook?


Have you been impacted by Steve’s work? Let us know how in the comment section below.

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