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Michelle Tagmyer, City of Beaverton, Project Specialist Public Information

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March 15 Webinar: Creating and Getting Assistant City Manager Positions with Alex McIntyre, Menlo Park City Manager

March 21: ELGL Willamette Valley Presents “No Comment” — and Other Stupid Things You Should Never Say to Media

April 11: Greg Baker, Damascus City Manager

April 17: K.L. Wombacher, Hillsboro Hops General Manager

October 4: ELGL Annual Conference at the Kennedy School

The High Five

Before Cities Had Street Lights, They Had Giant Towers That Mimicked the Moon – First they tried to make moons. In the early years of electricity — a time when steady illumination was new and expensive and unwieldy — Americans knew one thing clearly: They wanted light, and lots of it, and as quickly as possible, please. What they were less sure of, though, was how they would get that light.

In Oakland, Police Try to Reach Out – Oakland is changing up its police districts in the hopes of reaching more community leaders in a city with a long, troubled history between its police and residents.

Union Gap city manager choice earns high praise – Union Gap found a gem in its incoming city manager, Rodney Otterness, according to elected officials from International Falls, Minn., where he currently works. They described Otterness as an effective, thoughtful manager adept at turning antagonists into allies and delivering creative solutions to long-simmering problems.

Planning for the megaquake, and after – Two years after Japan’s megaquake and tsunami, the country is still struggling to recover. Facing the same kind of disaster, the Pacific Northwest is looking at steps to take over the coming decades to ensure that a monster quake here won’t send the region into a permanent economic tails

US citing national security in censoring public records more than ever since Obama’s election – The U.S. government, led by the Pentagon and CIA, censored files that the public requested last year under the Freedom of Information Act more often than at any time since President Barack Obama took office, according to a new analysis by The Associated Press. The government frequently cited national security as the reason.

I’m Just a Bill

Who has Burdick’s back?

Oregon legislators reap big post-election donations — much of it “makeup money”

Dorchester Tent Show satire: Do you know the way to Clackamas County?

How Ashley Judd Can Win

Advocates, critics ready to weigh in on Waldo Lake bill

Smaller States Find Outsize Clout Growing in Senate

Oregon Democrats name Frank Dixon to chairmanship


The Fiscal Cliff

How numbers and values intersect

Riverside County employee quits, cashes out big benefits, gets county job!

Hoffman: Ex-Supreme Court justice backs DOJ analysis of PERS changes

Life expectancy gap complicates budget debate

At Yellowstone, a geyser of worry, anger over heavy toll of sequester

Mandated Cuts Give Obama Path to Create Leaner Military

For One Night, Sequester Becomes a Punch Line

Where’s the Secret Tax for the I-5 Bridge Proposal?

Wonkbook: The budget battles begin

Inside Portlandia

Coliseum renovation vote postponed again

Multnomah County jail deputies could be forced out due to pending PERS changes

Oregon Ghost Conference fills Oregon City with paranormal activity aficionados

Portland group’s direct funding project is an Awesome idea


Outside Portlandia

San Bernardino officials ran up city credit card on outings

City deciding who’ll see the Space Needle

McGinn, Holmes still split on their roles

Latino advocacy council in Eugene

Councilman’s effort to repeal Kelso charter moving slowly

Minto-Brown Island footbridge on council agenda

City boosts balloting convenience for voters

The Career Center

The ELGL Resume Book…It’s Back – ELGL is now accepting entries for the 2nd edition of the Resume Book. We encourage all ELGL members to submit a resume whether you are employed or you are looking for employment. Non-ELGL members can also submit a resume but members will receive priority placement in the book.

PDN SPECIAL REPORT: Who’s the highest paid public administrator on the North Olympic Peninsula? Jefferson Healthcare CEO Mike Glenn is the highest-paid public employee on the North Olympic Peninsula at $225,000 a year.
Second on the Peninsula is Clallam Public Utility District General Manager Doug Nass, who makes $179,004 a year.

A Corporate Recruiter’s Guide to Landing a Job – Melissa Anzman, founder of the “Loosen Your White Collar” blog, knows how corporate recruiters work because she was one. A self-described “former human resources drone,” Anzman pulls the curtain back on the corporate recruiting world in her book, “How to Land a Job: Secrets of an HR Insider.”

The 9 things that matter more to employers than grades – Grades are the determining factor for performance in school. But in the professional world, that’s not how it works. Your bosses won’t tell you which questions will be on the test.

The World Wide Web

The rise of ‘vigilante tweeting’—careful what you say – We’ve all sat next to that guy, the one who discusses ostensibly “private” information on his cell phone in a public space at a decibel level more commonly found on the average lawnmower. When you’re that person’s captive—say, because you’re on a packed bus or train with no other available seats—you might even harbor fantasies of exacting some sort of well-deserved revenge. Well, some people are getting revenge by publishing the details of their loudmouth neighbors’ “private conversations” to their Twitter feeds and other social networks. Call it “vigilante tweeting.”

Redefining Digital Etiquette (No Need to Thank Me) – Many social norms, like “thank you,” just don’t make sense to people drowning in digital communication.

CEO tries to scrub his “f*cking a**hole” slip-up from the Web – In a recent conference call, Clayton Woitas, CEO of Canadian energy behemoth Encana, called an analyst a “f@@* a***&*&.”  That was not very smart. But Woitas has already outdone itself. Now his company is trying to get all copies of the audio wiped from the Web. Have you guys ever even heard of Barbara Streisand?

SimpleWash, the Easiest Way to Clean Up Your Facebook Page – Whether you’re job searching or have a pending friend request from your boss, it’s a good idea to clean up your social media profiles every once in a while. After all, even if you’re pretty militant about what gets posted publicly, things can slip through the cracks (i.e., that Throwback Thursday photo from freshman year you didn’t realize you were tagged in). But, let’s face it, you don’t always have time to comb through your profiles to find this potentially questionable content.

Google+ unveils updates: 2 things to know – Both Facebook and Google+ rolled out changes last week, though they did so in strikingly different ways.

Taxpayers Helped Apple, but Apple Won’t Help Them – Over the years. U.S. taxpayers have been very good to Apple.  Many of the revolutionary technologies that make the iPhone and other products and services “smart” were funded by the U.S. government. Take, for instance, the Internet, GPS, touchscreen display, as well as the latest voice-activated personal assistant, Siri. And Apple did not just benefit from government-funded research activities. It also received its early stage finance from the U.S. government’s Small Business Investment Company program. Venture capitalists entered only after government funding had gotten the company to the critical proof of concept.

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