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Iran: Monkey successfully sent into space

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The High Five

  1. Valley cities struggle to hire police chiefs – Deputy Chief Phil Schenck wants to be a police chief, just not in Sunnyside right now. Sgt. Greg Cobb is willing to fill in for a while but has no interest in trying for the permanent top spot up the road in Union Gap. At the other end of the Yakima Valley, Sgt. John Markus has been interim chief in Prosser since June, but did not apply for the vacant leadership job.

  2. 10 Ways that Design Thinking Can Save Government – Have you ever looked at a stand-up toothpaste tube or an ATM that returns your card before starting the transaction and thought, “What a great idea”?

  3. Developers snap up Bend residential lots in wake of housing crash – An examination of Deschutes County deed records shows developers picked up the majority of the lots in two dozen subdivisions between 2009 and 2012, The Bulletin reported Sunday.

  4. New Gold Hill city manager sees potential – Former Reedsport City Manager Rick Hohnbaum will guide the city of Gold Hill through the process of fixing its failing wastewater treatment plant and help the quaint community institute plans to become a recreation hub.

  5. Using Twitter to Run Cities Better: Governance @SF311 – It will soon be nearly four years since then San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsom visited Twitter headquarters.  He told Biz Stone (one of the Twitter founders) about how someone from the city had sent him a Twitter message about a pothole.  A discussion about “how we can get Twitter to be involved in advancing, streamlining, and supporting the governance of cities,” led to the creation of @SF311 on Twitter that would allow live reporting by citizens of service needs, feedback, and other communication.  Perhaps the most innovative aspect at that time was that citizens would be able to communicate directly and transparently with the Government.  San Francisco was the first US city to roll out a major service such as this on Twitter.


I’m Just a Bill

Oregon seen as next battleground for marijuana legalization

Oregon Legislature bills target damage from studded tires

Hoffman: Assumed earnings rate change considered by PERS board

Senators plan major reform of immigration laws


Inside Portlandia

Don’t throw out the chili just yet in Fairview

Damascus Council awards eye-popping golden parachute to city manager

Judge Steven L. Maurer is retiring: Clackamas County Roundup

Reconciling sustainability and profitability in Oregon’s green industries


Outside Portlandia

Shawn Lewis Lewis rejoins old boss, starts work as Longmont assistant city manager

After buyback program, Seattle police try to track history of missile launcher

A confluence of interest

Clark County Sheriff’s Office uses data to combat crime

Will Washington sell rights to name facilities?

The path to government inefficiency is paved with threats of spending cuts


The Career Center

Lincoln’s School of Management – The legacy of Abraham Lincoln hangs over every American president. To free a people, to preserve the Union, “to bind up the nation’s wounds”: Lincoln’s presidency, at a moment of great moral passion in the country’s history, is a study in high-caliber leadership.

How to Break Into Government Jobs – Wondering how to get started working in PR, entertainment, finance, or another profession? Over the next two weeks, we’re putting together guides to breaking into these cool fields and more, brought to you by those who know it best. Keep checking in for an inside look at how to launch your dream career!

The Future Of Coworking And Why It Will Give Your Business A Huge Edge – Here are the numbers that support the case for coworking–and why it’s not just for startups or freelancers anymore.

How To Develop Strong Time-Management Habits, Even If You’ve Failed In The Past – The true reason smart, creative, and motivated people spend time on low-value busywork at the expense of the big-picture stuff.

Study: Nearly half are overqualified for their jobs – The study, released by the non-profit Center for College Affordability and Productivity, says the trend is likely to continue for newly minted college graduates over the next decade.


Do Something

Get Involved – Volunteer – The City of Eugene’s annual recruitment for vacant board, commission and committee positions is open for terms beginning July 1.

Signup for Bend Police Department Citizen’s Academy – Bend Police Department Citizen’s Academy now accepting applications for 2013 Spring program. Early signup is recommended.


The World Wide Web

3 Ways Facebook Graph Search Could Transform Recruiting – Word-of-mouth. When it comes to recruiting, these three words say it all. There is simply no better source of talent than your own network. But imagine you could move beyond your closest friends and colleagues to harness your entire Facebook network for recommendations for whom to hire for an open position with your company. Well, you soon can.

Tweeting the news: Andy Carvin test-pilots Twitter journalism – NPR’s “one-man Twitter news bureau” on his process, the Arab Spring, and online literacy

Not a Hoax: Facebook Might Have to Give You Ten Bucks – Yesterday a friend told me about the very convincing bit of spam he received from someone posing as Facebook’s legal department telling him he is part of a class action lawsuit. Turns out, it’s not spam.

Google+ moves up to second place in social networks | ZDNet –  Summary: Facebook still has a massive lead, but Google+, with 343-million active users, is now the second most popular.

Why 2013 Is The Year You Need To Get Serious About Tumblr – Social media is undeniably crucial to branding and marketing efforts, but in a multi-network world every marketer has to carefully decide to where to spend her resources. The thinking usually goes, “I know I need Twitterand Facebook, but should I also post behind-the-scenes photos to Instagram or try to inspire on Pinterest? Oh, and what in the world is Snapchat?”

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