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The High Five

  1. Lake Oswego City Council unexpectedly hires new interim city manager with ties to PAC – The Lake Oswego City Council unexpectedly hired a new temporary city manager Tuesday night who is a former assistant manager with Lake Oswego and supported a political action committee that endorsed the city’s new mayor and two of its new councilors.

  2. Do Cities Really Take the Lead on Climate Change? They may tend to adopt easier policies first, according to a new report.

  3. Cornelius uses iPads, technology to streamline city workload – Inside the Cornelius public works department, one room stores 12 file cabinets, 100 or so large rolled up construction plans, and overhead shelves with several additional boxes of paperwork.

  4. Open the taps for Lake Oswego, Tigard – John Q. Public — or, more specifically, John Q. West Linn — can’t toddle over to Lake Oswego and take a dip in the city’s signature water body, a prohibition city leaders cemented last year by barring access even from public property. Gotta look out for public safety, you know.

  5. Hillsboro drops corridor study for broader look at ‘very urgent’ problem of westside transportation – Combining the words “westside” and “bypass” is effectively outlawed in the Portland Metro area, and as Hillsboro officials found out, substituting “corridor” does little to quell concerns.


The Fiscal Cliff


Inside Portlandia


Outside Portlandia

The Career Center

  • One Reason We Really Hate Teams – In today’s world, many of us work in environments where teaming is an integral part of our daily work lives. But, although we certainly see the value of collaborative efforts, many of us struggle with certain aspects of the team process. Some of our reservations arise from worries of sharing our opinions and becoming effective contributors – but other concerns stem from the inherent weaknesses posed by the team process itself.

  • Nine Rules for Stifling Innovation – Innovation has become the holy grail. Finding innovation is almost a sacred quest for the solution that will create growth, and open new eras of prosperity and well-being.Unfortunately, like many things called holy, the concept of innovation is invoked ritually and ceremonially more than it is embraced in practice.

  • Creative office space creates challenges – Until recently, creative office spaces were raw, unfinished office spaces where new businesses and ventures could “incubate” and become established, mature and move up.

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