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Should Catholics root for Notre Dame?

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The High Five

  1. Connecticut Town to Buy Back, Burn Violent Video Games – According to Polygon one Connecticut town, Southington, is now combining the idea of gun buybacks, where people are paid to turn in their firearms, and the age-old ignorant tradition of book, art or album burning from decades or even centuries past.


  3. Are Some Cities Built to Encourage Drunk Driving? A look at which major U.S. cities have the most fatal car crashes per capita.

  4. Toward the Walkable City – Urban planner Jeff Speck chats with Cities about his latest book.

  5. Is Pennsylvania the New Atlantic City? For the second straight year, the commonwealth’s casinos are on pace to generate more gambling revenue than every other state but one — Nevada.

The Fiscal Cliff



Inside Portlandia

Outside Portlandia


The Career Center

David Kelley on Designing Curious Employees – Design thinking is a process of empathizing with the end user. Its principal guru is David Kelley, founder of IDEO and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (otherwise known as the d.school), who takes a similar approach to managing people. He believes leadership is a matter of empathizing with employees. In this interview, he explains why leaders should seek understanding rather than blind obedience, why it’s better to be a coach and a taskmaster and why you can’t teach leadership with a PowerPoint presentation.

Don’t Get Stuck as Someone Else’s Second-in-Command – Every senior executive would love to have an Allan Taylor on his or her team. And that was the nub of Allan’s problem. For a number of years, Allan has reported to a highly visionary manager, and they made a great team. Allan has ensured consistent execution of his boss’s strategic initiatives — and is quickly falling into what I call the “first lieutenant syndrome.”

Aging Into Creativity – Even amid cognitive decline and dementia, new artistic abilities can emerge in people late in life.


Do Something

A Public Service Gift That Keeps Giving: Mentoring the Next Generation – I am writing to ask for your support in providing a public service gift that is better than money! I urge each of you to consider providing an internship placement opportunity sometime in the new year for our pre-service MPA students who are at the front-end of their public service careers.  These students need 180 hours of required Organizational Experience to meet their degree requirements. Most of these opportunities are unpaid.  If you or your agency can provide an Organizational Experience placement for any of our pre-service MPA students, please contact Linda Golaszewski (lagola@pdx.edu).


The World Wide Web

How to make your social media profiles shine – Unfortunately, whether or not you like it, you should assume that if it’s a potential employer, they are going to check your social media profiles. You want to ensure that the profiles they check show a respectable and trusted individual.

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