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The High Five

  1. ‘Exhaustion has become part of the culture’ – The Oregonian’s eight-month examination found that TriMet allows operators to manipulate work rules to log as many as 22 hours in a 24-hour period, filling open runs and fattening paychecks but crashing vehicles and terrifying riders along the way.

  2. Our response to The Oregonian “TriMet overtime” article The Oregonian has an article they call “TriMet overtime: ‘Exhaustion has become part of the culture’ at transit agency.” We wanted to take this opportunity to provide some further information and to assure you that we have a safe system that you can trust.

  3. State lawmakers praise Gregoire for negotiating skills – Gov. Chris Gregoire may be remembered more for presiding over years of steep budget cuts than anything else. But Democrats and Republicans credit her ability to negotiate compromise amid partisan gridlock.

  4. Factions emerge on bridge proposal – While Salem city councilors and officials from various other jurisdictions mull over details and specifics of the Salem River Crossing project, factions are mounting within the community.

  5. In Colorado, pot is a $200M boutique industry – Vigorous regulation of a thriving medical-marijuana industry in Colorado offers the best glimpse of what is coming to Washington when it launches its voter-approved social-use market. With continuous surveillance, bar-coded plants and strict financial background checks, Colorado’s rules allowed capitalism to be unleased, creating an instant $200 million industry.


The Fiscal Cliff


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The Career Center

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8 Sure-fire Signs You’ll Fail at Job Search –  The two most popular New Year’s Resolutions are to A) lose weight, and B) get a new job.

Why Corporate Boards Need More Women –  Want to improve your company’s performance? One way might be to get more women onto the board of directors.

Making Process Planning Cool Again – Processes are, if not under attack, then falling out of fashion among a certain type of business cognoscenti. Planning is out. “Planning to learn” is in. Little bets, experimentation, just start, iteration, rapid prototyping, lean — these are the cool kids. Process is the dork in the corner wearing mom-jeans and an unironic Christmas sweater.


Do Something

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

A Public Service Gift That Keeps Giving: Mentoring the Next Generation – I am writing to ask for your support in providing a public service gift that is better than money! I urge each of you to consider providing an internship placement opportunity sometime in the new year for our pre-service MPA students who are at the front-end of their public service careers.  These students need 180 hours of required Organizational Experience to meet their degree requirements. Most of these opportunities are unpaid.  If you or your agency can provide an Organizational Experience placement for any of our pre-service MPA students, please contact Linda Golaszewski (lagola@pdx.edu).

Economic forecast breakfast will have cross-industry scope – The event, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Hilton Vancouver Washington, 301 W. Sixth St., will also feature breakout panels on key industries and business trends within Clark County. Each panel will include four speakers with expertise in industry or the local economy.


The World Wide Web

Why You Should Be On Google Plus (Even Though No One Else Is) – Do you ever get the impression no one is on Google Plus? That it’s utterly devoid of the vast audience that makes Facebook so powerful? That’s exactly why you should get involved now, says consultant Linda Sherman, who is also the past CEO of ClubMed Japan.

Facebook argues to protect user content in Portland murder case – Facebook attorneys appeared in a Portland courtroom this week to fight what is becoming an increasingly common demand across the country: Turn over user content that lawyers say they need to defend clients accused of murder, robbery and other crimes.

iPhone Mini — Could This Be Apple’s Next Big Thing? Rumors are circulating that Apple plans to counter Samsung’s ever-increasing control over the smartphone market by releasing a petite version of the iPhone, dubbed by pundits the iPhone mini. Could a ‘Honey I shrunk the iPhone’ version of the smartphone be the next big think to come out of Cupertino?

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