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Ho Ho Ho Hipster: A Portland Santa

ELGL Annual Conference Survey is contemplating offering a one-day conference in Fall 2013. Please take this very short survey to share your opinions about this idea, and to guide the ELGL board as they consider this possibility.

Join ELGL: Free for students; $20 for individuals; $250 for organizations (includes ten memberships). Affiliation is open to current, future, and retired local government leaders.

Upcoming ELGL Forums

Just for fun! :) ♥ #Fun #Funny #Smile #Christmas #Christmastree #Santa

ELGL-Portland Presents Bill Wyatt, Port of Portland Executive Director, January 15, 2013 (note the date change), 7200 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218, 11:45 am – Forum; 1:00 pm – Tour of Port of Portland Headquarters, RSVP to Megan Messmer, ELGL Project Coordinator, oregonelgl@gmail.com.

ELGL-Willamette Valley Presents Triple Bottom Line Decision Making – Come learn about the decision making framework Eugene staff is using to help reach sustainability and human rights goals. Thursday, January 17 at noon.


Santa's payback.

Randy Leonard: A controversial, get-it-done politician prepares to leave the Portland City Council – He commandeered the “Made in Oregon” sign.He helped bring Major League Soccer to Portland’s stadium,public toilets to its streetsand biodiesel to its gas stations. He fought duct tape, spray paint and a notorious adult bookstore.

Ex-city manager files claim for wrongful firing – The former Puyallup city manager who lost his job after sanctioning the mayor and falling out of favor with a slim majority of the City Council has filed a wrongful termination claim against the city.

Hoffman: Study shows advantages of ‘defined benefit’ pensions – It’s probably a product of human nature and financial necessity that the discussion about the ‘cost’ of public retirement plans centers around money.

Camp quagmire – A court limits cities’ ability to clean up makeshift shelters, so Eugene re-evaluates.

For Patsy Cline’s Hometown, an Embrace That Took Decades – A modest tin-roof house stands as a monument to a dropout turned country singer who gained more recognition from Winchester, Va., after her death at 30 than during her life.


Inside Portlandia

ack!! Santa what are u doing!!

Hales gets Adams’ left overs

Occupy Portland movement losing steam — at least in court

Another light rail vote on horizon?


Outside Portlandia

funny santa pics lol

7 years of back taxes a burden on land

Communication issues raised before officials’ firing

United Way Indicators Report hints at tough times for many Lane County

Indirect federal-tax subsidies to help pay for UW stadium


The Fiscal Cliff

I MUST have! A Santa shirt with a Journey reference??? How could you not love this???

Growing support to collect sales tax online

‘Cliff’ Fears Hit Stock Futures


Your Guidance Counselor

the best job ;D

The 40 bizarre job-interview questions – Interviewing for a new job can be tough. It can be even tougher when the person asking the questions starts throwing curveballs at you.

Create a Job for Gen-Y This Christmas – These members of the privileged classes have the contacts to get a Gen-Y Ivy grad into an unpaid internship at The New Yorker, Harpers, or the Charlie Rose Show (intern lawsuit settled for $250,000 which is, frankly, chump change).


Get Involved

Santa's break

We need your help! My name is April Buzby. I am a graduate student in the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management at the University of Oregon. I am conducting a survey of community leaders in Lane County to better understand the region’s ability to come together in local actions towards economic development. These organized local actions, termed as community efficacy, are a vital aspect of a community’s ability to engage in viable and sustainable economic development over time.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! You’re invited to visit a new online planning tool called “Shape Southwest” to show how you would plan Tigard and the Southwest Corridor’s future. How would you invest in things like transit, roads, bikeways, sidewalks, parks and habitat? Explore the ways that these choices affect community health, prosperity, access and mobility.


The Social Network

Santa and Facebook (RAQY- funny for beeline?)

90 percent of young people wake up with their smartphones – Even before a cup of coffee, young people grab their smartphone. A whopping 90 percent of them use their smartphone first thing in the morning, often before they get out of bed, according to the Cisco Connected World Technology Report.

A 140-character letter to Santa? How social media has changed Christmas – Social media has changed a lot of things in our society, including the way we follow news and the way businesses interact with customers.

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