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‘Portlandia’ duo appears on Sunday’s ‘Simpsons’

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Bill Wyatt, Port of Portland Executive Director

January 15, 2013 (note the date change), 7200 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218

11:45 am – Forum; 1:00 pm – Tour of Port of Portland Headquarters

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The Fiscal Cliff


Damascus residents take first step toward disincorporation – The dream of building a new kind of city, one that provides urban amenities while preserving rural character and beauty, seems to be dying in the rolling hills southeast of Portland.

Metro’s levy plan raises compression challenge and invites legislative action – When jobs were plenty and the economy robust, Portland-area voters told Metro it was OK to go out and buy up natural areas before they were lost to development. A 2006 bond levy worth more than $227 million made it so. And that bond had followed on the heels of another, in 1995, that authorized the purchase of natural areas for the benefit of wildlife and people. The message always was clear: Oregonians loved their wild spaces and, significantly, were willing to pay for them.

People Live and Work in Downtown Pittsburgh. How Can the City Get Them to Shop There?  Rather than trying to lure major retailers onto certain sites, the city is creating places Pittsburghers want to go and hoping business will follow.

Barking Dogs and the Potluck Model of Government – Call it the barking-dog test for good government: When your neighbor’s dog’s incessant barking is annoying the daylights out of you, whom do you call? If you answered, “The city’s animal-control department, of course,” Ted Gaebler has some ideas that might make you want to take another look at that question.

Tom Hughes goes to Hillsboro, faces city council skeptical over proposed Metro levy – Tom Hughes returned to his old stomping grounds in Hillsboro on Tuesday night to advocate for Metro’s proposed five-year local option levy. If approved by the Metro Council, it would hit mailboxes next May.

Bend councilors to choose mayor – for last time? Bend is on the forefront of tourism marketing, neighborhood planning and expanding education. But where it might be considered archaic by some is in one aspect of city leadership — how the mayor is chosen.

Two Laws Are Welcomed After Midnight in Seattle – At 12:01 Thursday morning, the King County administration building here opened its doors to hundreds of couples waiting to apply for marriage licenses, the first day that same-sex couples were able to apply after Washington voters last month approved a ballot measure making it all perfectly legal.

ODOT testing “per-mile” road use fee for new high MPG & electric cars – The way Oregonians pay road taxes could be changing as the state has launched a new pilot program to see if charging drivers “per-mile” is a better route to go.

Inside Portlandia

Outside Portlandia

The Career Center

What’s Your Leadership Style: Woof-Woof or Wag-Wag? That expression seems to sum upMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s disposition when he sent Steven Sinofsky packing. According to Nick Wingfield of the New York Times, Sinofsky irritated many senior executives when he chose not to make a presentation about Windows 8 (the software program he had shepherded to completion), and instead referred attendees to his blog. Sinofsky did field questions but left the retreat early, something that is not in keeping with Microsoft’s corporate culture.

4 Subtle Ways Leaders Can Lose Control Of An Organization – I say “subtle” in the title because there are a number of ways leaders can lose control of organizations that are quite dramatic: disastrous financial results, illegal or inappropriate activities, etc.  But while these latter can make headlines and receive considerable attention when they occur, they’re actually a lot less common than more prosaic issues that, over time, subtly undermine authority.

The Best Gift An Employee Can Get: 8 Steps to Being a Better Boss – It is, as some say, “the most wonderful time of the year.” While workers look forward to festive parties and Holiday gifts, there is one present organizations can provide that rises to the top of the heap.

Do Something

Transit manager wants riders views – A public meeting of the Transit Advisory Committee is scheduled from 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12, at Sandy’s Operations Center, 16610 Champion Way.

Lane County is seeking applicants to fill vacancies on the Lane County Animal Services Advisory Committee.

Public asked to weigh in on three final Eugene City Hall options – the city hall ideas “open house” events are this Friday, December 7th, 2012, from 4 to 6 p.m. and Monday, December 10th, 2012, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Atrium Building on 10th and Olive in downtown Eugene.


The Social Network

Microsoft launches a Pinterest-like social network – Microsoft on Tuesday launched a brand-new social network Socl (pronounced “social”) that gives members a platform to create collages.

Your Anti-Social Media Rant Reveals Too Much About Your Friends – Now, I’ve been on Twitter for a long time, Facebook even longer, though in a more limited capacity. And I’ve never noticed these topics permeating my timeline. Let’s just take a look.

The New MySpace: Here’s How to Get Started – If you signed up for a pre-launch invite to the New MySpace, check your inbox for a happy surprise. The reborn social network is now accepting its first trickle of users, and the site is, in a word, beautiful.

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